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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALITY

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Discipleship2, 255:superstructure will be based on such a sound reality that it can stand the impact of the newDiscipleship2, 266:and matter, into one living whole, the ultimate Reality. These are some of the more obviousDiscipleship2, 276:brother of mine? Into that light, that reality and that life the initiate penetrates. In that lightDiscipleship2, 276:life the initiate penetrates. In that light of reality and life, he polarizes himself, and fromDiscipleship2, 276:himself, and from that point of universal life, reality and light he works. Discipleship2, 282:difficult voyage of discovery; you will discover reality progressively and arrive at whole areas ofDiscipleship2, 293:and for revelation (for that is what they are in reality), the thought of struggle is the first oneDiscipleship2, 311:understanding reveals to the initiate one major Reality - the fact of Being. Therefore, thisDiscipleship2, 318:teaching from the enquirer. Their method is, in reality, threefold: The presentation of thoseDiscipleship2, 321:threefold aspect of the Sun, the unity of the reality and the dual nature of the antahkarana. MoreDiscipleship2, 322:of a triple relation between an inner reality and the outer man, the disciple on his own plane; youDiscipleship2, 322:exoteric attitudes and expressions. In reality, you have here a phase of the working of the Law ofDiscipleship2, 322:and because of the existence of the inner reality, you have the three corresponding stages ofDiscipleship2, 345:alignment. Revelation of the group antahkarana. Reality revealed by an aspect of the mind. FormulaDiscipleship2, 359:trite statement, and that is because it gives in reality only a general idea and synopsis of theDiscipleship2, 359:as aspects of his mental determination. But in reality he is at fault, and the case as he visionsDiscipleship2, 365:from the unreal to the Real. The nature of reality. Creation in time and space as understood in theDiscipleship2, 370:is, however, far greater than appears, and is in reality related to the unfolding purpose of theDiscipleship2, 375:of his Master, but learns later that it is - in reality - the energy generated by his Master'sDiscipleship2, 379:of the significance of sacrifice is based, in reality, on human revolt and on human refusal to seeDiscipleship2, 386:of revelation and of enlightenment. In reality, the period of time at which the final initiation isDiscipleship2, 388:with the nature of a hint, because a hint is in reality and when properly considered, the seed orDiscipleship2, 396:these energies are moving in space and are in reality the life-aspect of the space-entity; all areDiscipleship2, 422:is the practical angle of the above mentioned reality. The initiate consciously includes in hisDiscipleship2, 425:of the will and the right place [425] and proper reality of sacrifice in the divine scheme ofDiscipleship2, 432:field of divine activity. Occult obedience is in reality the ability to work with these energies inDiscipleship2, 435:thought. But the revelation accorded is, in reality, related (until the sixth Initiation) to GodDiscipleship2, 435:heart, and to that veiled and hidden supreme Reality which motivates all existence and which is forDiscipleship2, 437:of that which is ever present; it is not in reality the revelation of something new and hithertoDiscipleship2, 444:life tendency towards the realm of spiritual reality, but in the field of manifestation and ofDiscipleship2, 445:but you lack not courage, and the sense of inner reality will hold you true to the goal and steadyDiscipleship2, 447:can do is to indicate an approach [447] to reality, and then leave you to arrive at right decision,Discipleship2, 448:Are you cooperating with the Plan, or in reality with your plans? Again a question of importance. ADiscipleship2, 449:you do, away from that act of doing (which is in reality only an effect of an initiating cause orDiscipleship2, 451:These phases of registered consciousness are in reality points of detachment. They mark the cyclesDiscipleship2, 459:of difficulty and a mixture of glamor and reality. Disciples work hard (as you have ever done) toDiscipleship2, 467:the same time the knowledge that the phenomenal reality and the spiritual reality were one and theDiscipleship2, 467:that the phenomenal reality and the spiritual reality were one and the same reality. Thus theDiscipleship2, 467:and the spiritual reality were one and the same reality. Thus the Atlantean attainment establishedDiscipleship2, 469:get a faint glimmer of light as to that vibrant reality of which the heart is the reflection. OneDiscipleship2, 470:no loss of your spiritual grip upon essential reality or of your spiritual vision; your strengthDiscipleship2, 472:more than he can bear. The Fixed Cross becomes a reality, and he begins to learn its true meaning.Discipleship2, 496:That you, this angelic Being, are essentially Reality, manifesting through three aspects. ThatDiscipleship2, 496:an indication of your needed line of approach to reality. [497] Discipleship2, 497:to yourself. Such is not, however, the case in reality. You have walked ever under my watchful eye,Discipleship2, 506:triadal three. Keep notes of all the thoughts of reality which come to you;. watch the reactionsDiscipleship2, 511:only serves to distract his attention from the reality to an imposed glamor surrounding theDiscipleship2, 514:is dominant, the glamor of devotion can veil the reality of any existent ambition. The presentDiscipleship2, 517:and service; the two basic energies in reality constitute one great expression of divine planningDiscipleship2, 556:is one of the most occult of practices. It in reality presupposes the imposition of the highestDiscipleship2, 566:this subject are apt to be far removed from the reality; the understanding of the will is aDiscipleship2, 567:"lifting up the heart unto the Lord" thereby, in reality, ignoring the existence of the astralDiscipleship2, 576:stages of the forming of the groups, are in reality ray meditations and can be so adapted andDiscipleship2, 583:brother, for that is incidental). Perception of reality. Creative manipulation. These four phrasesDiscipleship2, 586:the world of form with the world of spiritual reality. I have no fears for you, my brother. You areDiscipleship2, 587:seeking the aid of your one-pointed attitude to reality? Or that I needed the assistance of some ofDiscipleship2, 587:and to your group brothers that an Ashram is in reality a dynamic spiritual thought-form, vitalizedDiscipleship2, 645:of view and interest, but the awakening into reality of that which your mind already has receivedDiscipleship2, 652:to your place within my Ashram. This place is a reality and not a dream or a figment of wishfulDiscipleship2, 653:in your case and urge you to make the Ashram a reality in your life and to count with greaterDiscipleship2, 659:has prevented them from a steadfast pursuit of reality. This capacity leads them to judge withDiscipleship2, 672:I believe you will immediately recognize its reality. My last instruction to you is distant andDiscipleship2, 675:of the Christ. Your whole life has been in reality a preparation for the work which it is hopedDiscipleship2, 691:Humanity... What does humanity mean to me in reality? What new development faces the human family?Discipleship2, 691:power to recognize the new, the divine, and the reality which is already here? From theseDiscipleship2, 705:would disappear. Another lesson which in reality grows out of the above is the avoidance of theDiscipleship2, 719:registered by the physical brain. It does not in reality affect the inner spiritual man. Could youDiscipleship2, 719:his own soul is seeking to have him register. In reality, you have had the instructions at closerDiscipleship2, 749:This is possible because every problem is in reality a vital thought-form, effective for good orDiscipleship2, 755:process is also highly scientific for it is in reality the manipulation of radiant solar energyDiscipleship2, 762:of these two things. A false humility, which in reality borders on a lack of truthfulness, [763]Education, 9:cause and their relation to the world of reality of which the phenomenal world is but the symbol.Education, 9:knowledge of a door leading into the world of Reality and through which he may pass at will andEducation, 16:though their true meaning is divorced from reality and the right significance is entirely lost. AllEducation, 19:the life tendency is correctly oriented towards reality. The right direction of the will should beEducation, 31:about a still higher union with that triple Reality which uses the soul as its medium ofEducation, 49:world. The college or the university should in reality be the correspondence in the field ofEducation, 59:God, the Christ, the Beloved) and therefore, in reality, with that which satisfies the hunger ofEducation, 60:into the world of forces and energies, is in reality a true esotericist - even if, in his effort toEducation, 63:that which is spiritual. All that exists is, in reality, spirit in manifestation. The masses todayEducation, 64:of the cosmic physical plane and which are, in reality, aspects of the qualified life energy whichEducation, 66:into the larger world of meaning. This, in reality, concerns the true Science of the Centers toEducation, 87:take form when men everywhere are regarded in reality as equal; when boys [88] and girls are taughtEducation, 96:be applied to every possible life process. In reality, this science is a subsidiary branch,Education, 105:hierarchical structure is a basic and eternal reality, but the concept has been so distorted and soEducation, 113:of meaning, the subjective world of the emerging reality. The power to love and to go out to thatEducation, 113:man to seek, search for and demand that unknown reality. It is the mystical tendency which hasEducation, 116:no impediment to the contact with the world of reality and of inner truth. They will notEducation, 117:integration and (if you will but believe it) the reality of their soul contact, by emerging out ofEducation, 125:of truth as expressions of a basic subjective reality, and - relinquishing no part of the truthEducation, 125:or personal psychology, yet recognizing the reality, potency and usefulness of the point of view ofEducation, 129:misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is in reality the sense of synthesis or of identification andEducation, 146:[146] Between the realm of subjective beauty and reality and the outer tangible world of nature.Education, 146:group. Later, when the divine Plan has become a reality to him, between the fourth kingdom (theExternalisation, 30:ideal; a man had a great ambition which was, in reality, a dim grasping of a part of God's generalExternalisation, 33:the groups of idealistic esoteric seekers after reality. These latter are the glory of every ageExternalisation, 33:equally awake and active upon the inner plane of reality and of spiritual living. Externalisation, 52:who, being by that time convinced of the factual reality of the soul and wise in the uses of theExternalisation, 55:great Approaches will be made to the world of reality, also around two periods of massed ApproachesExternalisation, 60:of the world. This is an interesting subjective reality to have in mind. A study of the processes
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