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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALITY

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Fire, 1255:come more prominently before the public is in reality a subjective one. The science of the soul inGlamour, 3:the light." This is the "Light of the World," a Reality which is eternally existent, but which canGlamour, 6:realities, and when facility in discovering the reality behind any specific form has been gained,Glamour, 6:must ever work from the standpoint of reality, from the inner nucleus of truth and must "take theirGlamour, 6:behind the form and to arrive at the subjective reality. [7] It tends to bring about a closeGlamour, 9:nature of the symbol, with the nature of that reality which the symbolic form veils. It is thisGlamour, 15:the power to visualize, Train the mind to intuit reality, Rightly interpret that which is seen,Glamour, 20:This, in its turn, is likewise a travesty of reality. [21] Illusion is regarded rather the sameGlamour, 21:it and as refusing to see it as it is in reality. We consider this misinterpretation asGlamour, 21:definitions, however, give a true idea of the reality. I would point out here that (generallyGlamour, 27:"Dweller on the Threshold" is applied. It is in reality a vitalized thought-form - embodying mentalGlamour, 29:are subject to illusion. This illusion is in reality a condition wherein the aspirant is beingGlamour, 42:in time part of his quality equipment. He is in reality integrating and synthesizing experience inGlamour, 45:plane. A hard won truth and a principle of reality can be grasped, and then around it the discipleGlamour, 54:the center of his consciousness and the major reality in his existence) becomes aware of this newGlamour, 67:intuition. The intuition is that recognition of reality which becomes possible as glamor andGlamour, 70:seen and where the fog hides not a dimly sensed reality - though what that reality may be they knowGlamour, 70:not a dimly sensed reality - though what that reality may be they know not. Still others, such asGlamour, 71:the realization of (and identification with) reality. An extension of the above idea into what weGlamour, 73:and is, in itself, not wrong but an aspect of reality. This realization necessarily complicatesGlamour, 80:complex, and all the various distortions of reality which a man encounters upon the Path, whichGlamour, 82:medium of isolation - comes into touch with the reality in all forms, hidden hitherto by the veilGlamour, 82:real. They produce eventual identification with reality, through insulation of oneself against theGlamour, 85:the world of force becomes a consciously sensed reality to the struggling aspirant. It is for thisGlamour, 95:world of appearances is not identical with [95] reality as he had hitherto supposed it to be. FromGlamour, 96:as a whole. Men are still so ignorant of the "reality which shines under the envelope whichGlamour, 97:to the truer values and to the world of reality. It is this conflict - successfully waged - whichGlamour, 100:They see the Form of God and the indwelling Reality within that Form and are arriving at theGlamour, 101:truths, between knowledge and wisdom, between reality and illusion. When this stage has been passedGlamour, 103:in mind that none of these three stages are, in reality, divided off from each other by clear linesGlamour, 109:distract the attention of the aspirant away from reality. May I again re-emphasize that, at thisGlamour, 111:is the reaction of the aspirant to the truth, to reality when he first becomes aware of that whichGlamour, 122:of view. The glamor of the form which hides reality. The glamor of organization. The glamor of theGlamour, 127:countenance, because it throws into vivid reality the nature of the Dweller who is himself. HeGlamour, 127:he is then prepared to pass on to the higher reality, that of the integrated Self (personality andGlamour, 128:I say "substance" and not "form" for it is in reality substance which controls spirit for a long, aGlamour, 131:pledges himself to a partial aspect of reality or of the Plan and not to the truth as far as it canGlamour, 132:visionaries. Such illusionary picturing of reality and such visionary showing forth of the idea hasGlamour, 133:become objectives towards which the subjective reality, man, reaches and with which he identifiesGlamour, 133:between the man in incarnation and the reality which is his true Being. There is no need for meGlamour, 134:towards the attainment of immediate and imminent reality which it is the goal of the man or theGlamour, 138:into a known unity, and their preoccupation with reality and their deep love of humanity haveGlamour, 140:here dealing with the illumination which reveals Reality, or the nature of the soul or which makesGlamour, 155:is gradually overcome; its orientation towards reality and away from the Great Illusion is madeGlamour, 160:ray. It [160] is the shadow or distortion of reality, now sensed for the first time on a largeGlamour, 167:glamor - the one by the intuitive recognition of reality by minds attuned to it, and the other byGlamour, 172:Illumination dominates and the vision [172] of reality can be seen. This technique is related toGlamour, 175:out of the world of phenomena into the world of reality. The lower use of the mind and itsGlamour, 176:impelling force behind all revelation and is in reality God Immanent, striving ever for recognitionGlamour, 177:as the truth; they regard this illusion as reality; they fail to grasp the significance of theGlamour, 190:work from above downwards. The method is in reality a repetition of the involutionary arc in whichGlamour, 190:to be but symbols of an inward and spiritual Reality. Glamour, 191:within all forms and atoms. The inner world of reality stands visible to him as light-substance (aGlamour, 191:him as light-substance (a different thing to the Reality, revealed by the intuition). He can thenGlamour, 198:the lighted sphere of the focused radiant light, reality will issue forth triumphant." It isGlamour, 198:plane, leading them to mistake them for the Reality. This imprisonment by glamor can be ended byGlamour, 198:conception and recognition of the nature of Reality. This particular work of dissipation is ourGlamour, 200:occultly been said, "Man only becomes aware of reality when he has destroyed that which he hasGlamour, 200:and must not be permitted to hide the Real. That Reality will precipitate itself at the rightGlamour, 208:I have earlier told you that the astral plane in reality does not exist. It is the phantasmagoricGlamour, 210:aspirant, the power to meditate upon spiritual reality and to contact the soul offsets the dangersGlamour, 211:be able to distinguish between glamor and the reality. These often closely resemble each other on aGlamour, 221:lives. In that sphere he learns the fact that reality is "none of these but only the One and theGlamour, 223:The moment that the Angel of the Presence is a reality to them, their response to illusion weakensGlamour, 230:shoulders is the sign of matter. It signifies in reality the third Aspect. The Cross which theGlamour, 231:are all symbolic ways of registering the inner reality and are an attempt to externalize force, forGlamour, 234:They endeavor to see it disintegrating and the reality emerging, doing this by an effort of theGlamour, 240:and indicating likewise the steps whereby Reality can be known and all veiling forms disappear.Glamour, 240:of Being, of Existence and of essential, initial Reality. That is the reason that Christ stood muteGlamour, 240:veil, and consequently control man's approach to Reality. Through illusion, he becomes aware of theGlamour, 244:that in these three activities of that Reality which is not identified with appearance, the will ofGlamour, 246:Trinity and that this Trinity is - for him - the Reality. He understands that [247] mind, emotionsGlamour, 247:being are intended eventually to manifest that Reality. In the last analysis, he knows that if thatGlamour, 249:wherein he is in a position to find out the reality and the work of the seven centers which provideGlamour, 262:of this word "indifference"? It means in reality the achieving of a neutral attitude towards thatGlamour, 262:be identified with anything save the spiritual reality as far as that is sensed and known at anyHealing, 15:governs all this. Karma must be regarded in reality as the effect (in the form life of our planet)Healing, 15:trace in relation to disease and death are in reality only the working out of certain basicHealing, 22:a fleeting and inadequate glance at a glorious reality. Uncontrolled minds and unreleased andHealing, 73:with the spleen. These form one center in reality, but such a center is formed by the two beingHealing, 74:to certain and definite physical causes - is in reality those causes, plus an inner condition ofHealing, 82:basis for unity. If you were to ask me what, in reality, lies behind all disease, all frustrations,Healing, 85:The endocrine system whose various glands are in reality the externalization or materialization ofHealing, 91:world of thought and fewer still in the world of reality. When they do, the result is inevitably aHealing, 94:appearance of disease to wrong thinking. But in reality, humanity must some day learn that it isHealing, 96:weaknesses. [96] You will note that, in reality, the mental body, and the power of thought, have inHealing, 100:by the Great White Lodge. The work is, in reality, that of the judicious use of energy, appliedHealing, 104:the value of visualization comes in. It is in reality the etheric externalization of the creativeHealing, 104:your attention on him so that he becomes a reality in your consciousness and close to you. When youHealing, 111:divinity, or succumbing to evil. It is, in reality, the resolution of the form nature into itsHealing, 112:of forming the outer expression of the inward reality. This constitutes, therefore, a unique andHealing, 117:all he sought to do, was his true self, the one Reality. He recognizes then that assimilation intoHealing, 117:into and identification with that one reality enables duality to be transmuted into unity and theHealing, 118:that they are but distortions of a great reality. This leads to the transference of the attentionHealing, 119:and to focus them upon the soul, the divine Reality within the form, and the Christ consciousness.Healing, 120:of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within the substance of itsHealing, 126:whose basic goal is identity with the One Reality, the disciple progresses from one unification toHealing, 134:of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within the substance of itsHealing, 136:be summed up in the statement that there is in reality nothing but energy to be considered, and theHealing, 140:with each other. Every human being is, in reality, like a miniature whirlpool in that great ocean
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