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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALITY

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Magic, 461:to the inner idea and the spiritual subjective reality. The point I seek to make is that theMagic, 463:with the Law" is en rapport with the inner reality within himself, with the soul. It is essentialMagic, 464:out of major effects. Just as for us such a reality as pure reason is totally incomprehensible andMagic, 473:are diverse in their nature, yet one in ultimate reality. Act as the thinker, and learn it is notMagic, 484:until it is so large that it will shut out reality from him, or it will be so dynamic and potentMagic, 490:of no one else. He can be so convinced of the reality of his own embodied concept of what the truthMagic, 503:in such a close relation that they will in reality constitute one plane. Just as an at-one-ment hasMagic, 507:failure and finds that his inner grasp of reality does not necessarily result in correct creativeMagic, 523:suffice to convey a temporary picture of divine reality. Magic, 527:certain activities can be instituted. It is in reality the brain of the planetary Deity, its manyMagic, 527:that focused attention and mental quiet wherein reality can be contacted, the true and theMagic, 528:humanity on the physical plane, the nature of reality will be revealed; the true and the beautifulMagic, 528:in nature which will enable the inner spiritual reality to emerge. Magic, 530:and brings about that illusory appearance of reality which we call manifestation. Magic, 535:mean but little or nothing in comparison with a Reality which can only be sensed by any human beingMagic, 538:the glamor around him and let in the radiance of reality. When large numbers of the sons of men canMagic, 549:be remembered that from the point of view of Reality what we call the dense physical body, tangibleMagic, 574:bring about the loving purposes of the spiritual Reality. He will be busy and active and his wordMagic, 582:a vehicle, adequate for [582] the expression of Reality. This involves, we noted, right type,Magic, 583:opened eye which sees at will into the world of reality. Magic, 585:truth in all things. Only thus will the reality be arrived at and the true Self known. 3. Pay noMagic, 592:and throat centers. These etheric webs are in reality disks, rotating or revolving at specificMagic, 594:and inspiration from contact with the reflected reality, but it is not the Master and does notMagic, 612:the enveloping maya is produced. There is, in reality, no such thing as water; the watery sphere,Magic, 624:their service, and construct a form which in reality embodies what they desire, what they think toMagic, 630:whilst he endeavors to make that vision a reality; he aims to achieve what, from the standpoint ofMeditation, 36:goal be reached, will the vision become reality, the longing fructify into satisfaction, andMeditation, 169:other, though having their points of contact. In reality - apart from the illusion that mind alwaysMeditation, 249:true psychic. The science of numbers, being in reality the science of color and sound, will alsoMeditation, 261:and recognition, illusion is dispelled and reality is known. The practice of meditation and theMeditation, 261:to the value and true use of form. Thereby reality is contacted and the three worlds can no moreMeditation, 281:we have tried to bring the Masters and Their reality nearer to the student, and thereby facilitateMeditation, 300:the world of men that the subjective is the true reality and that the lower is but the steppingMeditation, 300:stepping stone to the higher. This subjective reality being universally admitted will, therefore,Meditation, 344:soul's best endeavor; or a realization of the reality of the Masters of the Wisdom, and a strongMeditation, 357:working through any particular globe is, in reality, the personal God of the planet. PrakritiPatanjaliaccomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality. 4. Up till now the inner man hasPatanjali, 11:accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality. This might be described in the followingPatanjali, 11:of the soul, Identifies himself with the inner Reality, and no longer with the concealing forms,Patanjali, 19:form. It is the "being" that is the essential reality, and all beings are struggling toward truePatanjali, 20:in order that he may not mistake these for reality. An illustration might well be given here, inPatanjali, 34:upon, that it is but a symbol of an inner reality, our whole tangible objective world being builtPatanjali, 35:He becomes consciously identified with the one reality, and this in his physical brain. He findsPatanjali, 44:the aspirant arrives at a knowledge of the reality of spirit. This is the way of least resistancePatanjali, 47:the picture of the spiritual man as he is in reality. His relation to the three worlds is shown.Patanjali, 57:The constitution and nature of those forms, The reality of consciousness, or the relation of thePatanjali, 61:them, A sudden flash or vision of the soul Reality, Fresh aspiration and a strong determination toPatanjali, 61:to make that fleeting vision a permanent reality in the lower plane experience, The battle ofPatanjali, 66:religious or scientific. Only thus can the reality be found and the truth be seen. "When thy SoulPatanjali, 73:or qualities where the truth regarding reality or God can be known. All forms exist in order toPatanjali, 75:express as a part or aspect of the one truth or reality, he becomes aware of the inadequaciesPatanjali, 104:that all which he has hitherto regarded as reality is but illusion. He has pierced the great MayaPatanjali, 106:the man is one with that internal spiritual reality which is his true self, the particularPatanjali, 108:forms are in themselves distortions of the reality, and express only those lower impulses andPatanjali, 130:he does this through a finding of his own inner reality as latent in his personality. He learnsPatanjali, 132:three sheaths in their totality) as himself, the reality, He cannot dissociate himself from hisPatanjali, 134:self on the physical plane a recognition of the reality and the sense of identification with thePatanjali, 135:his guru seems to have left him alone. Only one reality is left, that spiritual reality which isPatanjali, 135:alone. Only one reality is left, that spiritual reality which is himself, and his desire then turnsPatanjali, 146:that which relates to the one principle, to the reality indwelling all forms, to the Spirit of manPatanjali, 157:real thinking man; they demonstrate his active reality and are the sum total of the physical factsPatanjali, 158:are the sum total of the facts demonstrating the reality of a cosmic incarnation. "The Word is madePatanjali, 158:It is this which produces the sense of personal reality and of one's being a separated unit ofPatanjali, 169:different form and the soul itself searches for reality. It might be expressed thus. IdentificationPatanjali, 171:then intellectual but later assumes more reality and enters into the happenings of the emotionalPatanjali, 172:he knows not only the form but the subjective Reality which produces or causes the existence of thePatanjali, 178:carried on, the sheaths or bodies which veil the reality become attenuated and no longer act asPatanjali, 182:the forces or shaktis of the body. It leads in reality to the organization of the vital body or thePatanjali, 184:The very first command to be harmless is in reality a summation of the others. These commandmentsPatanjali, 195:on the physical plane of as much of the divine reality as the stage in evolution and the mediumPatanjali, 196:which will convey the truth as it is. This is in reality the first two stages of the great creativePatanjali, 196:effectiveness of all words and acts to convey reality or truth as it is. This sutra gives the cluePatanjali, 197:is understood. A steady endeavor to see the reality in every form. This literally involves a studyPatanjali, 207:the nature of the soul. He gets a vision of the reality which is himself, and finds out the truthPatanjali, 207:and henceforth his desire is for ever towards reality and away from the unreal and the world ofPatanjali, 213:sees the vision of things as they are, contacts reality and "knows God." Following upon this comesPatanjali, 228:of the material forms which hide [228] the reality. This does not mean the wasting away of thePatanjali, 234:the chitta becomes absorbed in that which is the reality (or idea embodied in the form), and isPatanjali, 248:the chitta becomes absorbed in that which is the reality (or idea embodied in the form), and isPatanjali, 250:Form is no longer seen, and the vision of the reality, veiled by all forms, is revealed. LiberationPatanjali, 252:to pierce through all veils and contact the reality behind. He has achieved a working knowledge ofPatanjali, 254:"see into" a form, to arrive at that subjective reality which has made the objective sheath what itPatanjali, 254:and arrive at that which they veil, because that reality is identical with the reality in oneself.Patanjali, 254:veil, because that reality is identical with the reality in oneself. 4. The illumining of thePatanjali, 261:But assurance has been gained; a glimpse of reality has been registered on the brain and thePatanjali, 263:upon a specific object, and primarily upon the reality or subjective life, veiled by the form ofPatanjali, 264:is also aware of its identification with the reality behind the form. This is the true occultPatanjali, 265:nature. Every object is but the symbol of a reality. The difference in the development of the formsPatanjali, 265:of the forms which symbolize or embody that reality is the guarantee that at some future date allPatanjali, 272:outward and objective is usually recognized as reality. This is the great maya or illusion and canPatanjali, 273:to the higher correspondence of this, to the reality of which the lower is but the shadow, he is inPatanjali, 281:hearing. It is this fact that demonstrates the reality of the hypothesis that there is nothing butPatanjali, 321:with the father and the fact that we are, in reality, the indwelling self. Second, that the purposePatanjali, 354:The mind need no longer be used to apprehend reality, the senses need no longer be employed asPatanjali, 362:is what constitutes evil; that reverse aspect of reality forms the great illusion, and with thesePatanjali, 367:become for him meaningless terms. The only true Reality is seen to be the great central life force,Patanjali, 369:to be. 12. The past and the present exist in reality. The form assumed in the time concept of thePatanjali, 386:the kingdoms of nature is found the subjective reality which is essentially a unified whole orPatanjali, 398:12. The past and the present exist in reality. The form assumed in the time concept of the presentPatanjali, 399:but is withdrawn, and fixed one-pointedly upon reality. This is first attempted through the control
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