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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Astrology, 102:of birth, of beginning and of renewed cyclic realization. Aries, the "birthplace of divine Ideas,"Astrology, 139:energy which brings this Hierarchy to subjective realization. Uranus gives innate spontaneousAstrology, 230:dual consciousness in Gemini or the soul-body realization; the processes of physical incarnation goAstrology, 230:the state of human evolution and conscious realization is that of a recognized duality; it is onlyAstrology, 311:this thought and the objective result of this realization is summed up for us in the two wordAstrology, 361:being slowly realized in London, ahead of the realization which is more slowly awakening in theAstrology, 390:mind which is much needed in the processes of realization, and which must be called into effectiveAstrology, 448:of an increased individualism and self-conscious realization will be subordinate to the appearanceAstrology, 495:the intuition. Cancer Incarnation experience of realization. Leo Self-consciousness mode ofAstrology, 514:three worlds and the inner life of subjective realization will appear. This mode of superimpositionAstrology, 593:sought to convey an idea of a vast subjective realization. What I am hinting at in reality is theAstrology, 594:possible for man to understand this synthetic realization. The will which brings fulfilment is theAstrology, 597:Today, as regards humanity, its highest realization is initiation. Astrology, 597:apart from the consciousness of relation or the realization of unity. It is the fact of unificationAstrology, 608:will serve to bring into clearer light, the realization that our solar system (and consequently outAstrology, 613:of consciousness. This leads inevitably to a new realization of being. In this statement, you haveAstrology, 613:has effected in his life. Beyond this realization, he cannot go, but it holds for him the cosmicAstrology, 622:attempted to awaken humanity in the West to a realization of the Hierarchy [623] are the MastersAstrology, 691:thrown upon the obscurity of the matter by the realization that just as the Logos has (in theAtomstates of being, and thus to bring to them a realization of the universality of the evolutionaryAtom, 14:much which is inexplicable; he awakens to the realization that he himself is not simply anAtom, 17:our point of view. I hope we shall come to the realization that the man who is only interested inAtom, 21:It involves the idea of a gradually increasing realization, of the developing response of theAtom, 25:the human being it corresponds to his awakening realization of responsibility, and to hisAtom, 27:practical step ahead for those who come to this realization? How can we make practical applicationAtom, 27:Our first aim should surely be self-realization through the practice of discrimination; we mustAtom, 53:omniscience are realized: in a word, to the full realization of the Absolute of God." This proceedsAtom, 64:the crystallization of the form, and the man's realization of its inadequacy. Then comes the happyAtom, 67:consciousness, the development of the faculty of realization, the production of the powers of theAtom, 70:as time progresses the scope of his present realization may also be ours, and for His, as for allAtom, 92:So for him comes the struggle to evolve the realization which is that of the solar Logos. Thus canAtom, 106:value to every unit of the human family. The realization of this, therefore, will surely lead usAtom, 107:has always been there, but there has been no realization. So it is with the graded expansions ofAtom, 110:The stage at which a man awakens to group realization, and becomes a conscious participant in theAtom, 114:Their aid, a man will gradually awaken to the realization that is Theirs. There is great interestAtom, 127:consciously function, with full continuity of realization, upon the physical, emotional, and mentalAtom, 145:in which you and I now are, to a realization of what is meant by group consciousness, something asAtom, 148:out of, the "I am" stage into the "I am that" realization; the life and purpose of the great EntityAtom, 154:might call God consciousness. Our self-conscious realization is as far removed from that of theAutobiography, 8:must precede the occult way of intellectual realization and divine perception. It always has in theAutobiography, 11:will remain; above everything else will come the realization that what we have so badly built mustAutobiography, 18:to bring people into some measure of spiritual realization, it is largely because she loved meAutobiography, 178:they do not change the trend towards occult realization and they hurt nobody but themselves. Autobiography, 182:them could attain a certain measure of spiritual realization if they cared enough to do so, butAutobiography, 182:at all of the person who furthers a spiritual realization at the expense of their family orAutobiography, 272:of the teacher. It is the subconscious realization of this that has led the mediocre leader toAutobiography, 289:Plan of Evolution and proves to be a developing realization of all who attempt to practice theBethlehemas all those with forward-seeing vision and a realization of the rapidly emerging beauty andBethlehem, 11:and general application, leaving one with the realization that Christ had not only passed throughBethlehem, 13:the individual but to humanity as a whole. This realization will bind us more definitely to theBethlehem, 18:his effort to achieve unity or at-one-ment. The realization of this duality is a most needed stageBethlehem, 20:of consciousness, and lead man on to a practical realization of brotherhood. It is interesting toBethlehem, 22:that path [22] vision and hope give place to realization. Initiation after initiation is undergone,Bethlehem, 27:of his higher and his lower nature; it is this realization which marks St. Paul as one of the firstBethlehem, 48:After the Transfiguration He entered into a full realization of what lay ahead for Him, and HeBethlehem, 48:of suffering and of sacrifice. Finally came the realization that He had accomplished what He hadBethlehem, 71:A. MacLaren, 3rd Series, pp. 71, 72. The realization of this is needed today. Christ in God. God inBethlehem, 74:is found. within every birth chamber. The realization of this awakens the deepest and mostBethlehem, 75:indication of His vocation, and evidenced the realization that a mission was preordained for Him.Bethlehem, 76:Temple, where that intuition led Him to a new realization of His work. There is no sign that HeBethlehem, 80:a distance, we have been so preoccupied with a realization of His achievement that our ownBethlehem, 95:of the human to the divine. The result of this realization must surely be, under the evolutionaryBethlehem, 111:to us of His thought and determinations, His realization and consecration at that time. Alone, HeBethlehem, 124:self, yet full of dismay and terror from the realization of what obedience to the Higher Self mustBethlehem, 127:triumph must have been known to Him, and this realization carried in itself the seeds of the finalBethlehem, 127:of power, the knowledge of achievement, the realization of capacity and the sensed ability to ruleBethlehem, 141:in His consciousness to the realm of inclusive realization, and the ordinary rules governing theBethlehem, 143:translated by Charles Johnston, p. 128. This realization is far from the average man, and stillBethlehem, 143:Himself the collective consciousness, the human realization and the divine Totality. Some day weBethlehem, 148:and truth, there will come to the mystic a realization of a subjective world whose characteristicsBethlehem, 152:and wonder which Christ revealed. From this realization he passes on to the discovery of the divineBethlehem, 155:When feeling and thought meet in a moment of realization, there is a simultaneous precipitation ofBethlehem, 168:upon all world events. The majesty of this realization cannot be over-emphasized. We need toBethlehem, 189:sons of men have already achieved, through the realization of their divinity. It is of interest toBethlehem, 191:kingdom of God." Who can say that it is not this realization, dim and uncertain as it may be, whichBethlehem, 197:even in infant humanity, gives rise to this realization, but it took nearly two thousand years ofBethlehem, 199:one another, and so transgressed a dimly sensed realization of human relationships and intercourse,Bethlehem, 205:general destiny casts us. This brings us to the realization that, in the last analysis, sinBethlehem, 212:of the living immediate Christ. It is the realization of the fact of the presence of God in theBethlehem, 213:of intensest agony, finding relief only in the realization of the Fatherhood of God and itsBethlehem, 216:of Christ. "Lord," he said. And he also had a realization of what Christ's mission was - to found aBethlehem, 219:carried to the highest point of its capacity for realization and for consequent suffering. At theBethlehem, 219:carried to a very high state of perfection and realization. Then for three long hours He wrestledBethlehem, 223:He had succeeded, so that, with full realization of the significance of the statement, He couldBethlehem, 243:form; and this brings clearly to our minds the realization that when we speak of death we areBethlehem, 248:compensation for what we have endured, and the realization that everything has had a purpose andBethlehem, 250:of the race cannot all be hallucination. The realization of God must have some basis in fact. HumanBethlehem, 254:consummation of Christ's work, and bringing to realization His vision. [255] Bethlehem, 265:adjustments and sacrifices which would render realization possible. People ask for guidance; theyBethlehem, 268:more rapidly disappear. Love is essentially the realization of brotherhood. It is the recognitionBethlehem, 271:the founding and expressing of the kingdom. The realization must come to us that "the highest,Bethlehem, 282:the Center from which the Word goes forth is a realization of the deep and distressing need of ourDestiny, 34:of holding before the people of the Occident the realization that those [35] who recognized theirDestiny, 114:there is a steady expansion of requirements, of realization and then of reorientation. TheDestiny, 133:division and cleavage, producing eventually a realization of the necessity for a consciouslyDiscipleship1, 25:cycle. When that Plan is sensed, there comes the realization of the unity of all beings, of theDiscipleship1, 25:and there is no lost motion. It is the partial realization of the Plan and its interpretation atDiscipleship1, 29:a personal contact. Enter upon the work with the realization of your group relation with yourDiscipleship1, 57:the forms of soul and personality. This inner realization grows with the development of power inDiscipleship1, 62:of illusion and of separateness, and the realization of fusion, will assume correct proportions in
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