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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Discipleship1, 69:that wisdom itself is a force. It is this realization which makes a person seek out another personDiscipleship1, 69:clarity the way that he should go. It is this realization which drives the members of the humanDiscipleship1, 85:barrier, separating him from truth and from the realization of a truer vision. So I would beg you,Discipleship1, 86:work, the reflective, works out in an increasing realization and expression of intentional livingDiscipleship1, 104:you the following words: Waste not time in the realization of the years spent in occult work, norDiscipleship1, 106:still remains and hinders you on the way of realization. One thing I would remind you and thisDiscipleship1, 116:[116] I mean that you should work in the realization that - because of this definite acceptance -Discipleship1, 123:to them in a very real manner. Next, the realization that "both eyes are focused on the world ofDiscipleship1, 125:awareness, the inclusiveness of the life realization should bar out insularity. For this you mustDiscipleship1, 135:via the physical brain, the riches of realization, of understanding and of wisdom which are yourDiscipleship1, 159:Servers - e'en when they work without mental realization (not as you do, for you know somewhat ofDiscipleship1, 159:as with all the members of my group, there is a realization of the Plan and an inner determinationDiscipleship1, 159:thought. Recognition of the Plan. Clear-cut realization. Steady Will. For you, meditation is anDiscipleship1, 160:you constructively embody it. This is being or realization. The purpose becomes your purpose andDiscipleship1, 160:Plan. Upon this quality you must meditate. Realization of the nature, the purpose and the qualityDiscipleship1, 178:personal forces of greater importance. This realization will produce automatically two techniquesDiscipleship1, 196:life! But there is slowly dawning upon you the realization that by "standing in spiritual being"Discipleship1, 213:- Blessing the world. Interlude - 8 counts - Realization of work done. Later we might increaseDiscipleship1, 214:movements. Together we go forward to a wider realization and my work with you as an individual isDiscipleship1, 218:longing for soul contact, for illumination and realization and for conscious contact with hisDiscipleship1, 226:my influence subjectively that led you to the realization that the deepening of your love natureDiscipleship1, 227:the soul and a definite conscious polarizing of realization as high in the head and as high on theDiscipleship1, 228:steady rhythm of your service, high moments of realization and of exaltation become relativelyDiscipleship1, 229:achieve a constant inner growth and progressive realization and your [230] consequent capacity toDiscipleship1, 286:flowing in two directions. What is needed is the realization that - given right motive and trueDiscipleship1, 288:organizing of the bodies and not so much the realization of the unseen. That realization is for youDiscipleship1, 288:not so much the realization of the unseen. That realization is for you somewhat easy. Its bringingDiscipleship1, 288:of mind when last I wrote to you, and it was the realization of what that would be that colored allDiscipleship1, 295:that the past year has greatly strengthened your realization. Speaking symbolically, the Path ofDiscipleship1, 295:a sannyasin lies ever in the realm of increasing realization. He has to become aware and consciousDiscipleship1, 302:of contact, and upon your sensitive subjective realization. This will take time, my brother. ButDiscipleship1, 309:Continue to serve and to work and leave realization with its results and effects to take placeDiscipleship1, 311:the little ones upon life's way, and a greater realization of the nature of the whole. Learn,Discipleship1, 322:knowledge. Avoid the glamor which comes from realization of pure motive - and that you have. YourDiscipleship1, 322:- a teaching which, if followed, will lead to realization. I have today but little to add. Will youDiscipleship1, 323:inner path of reality signifies. Such cycles of realization must inevitably be succeeded by periodsDiscipleship1, 324:Ponder on this, for its acceptance and realization will open a door for you that has hithertoDiscipleship1, 327:to work on abstract levels, involving ecstatic realization. This reacts on the lower man andDiscipleship1, 329:fellow disciples with renewed strength and inner realization of the sources of power this year. ItDiscipleship1, 329:silence and in confidence and in a growing inner realization must lie your strength and theDiscipleship1, 339:get focused too high in the region of buddhic realization (which is the exercise of the intuitiveDiscipleship1, 342:to expand. This is your constant endeavor and realization, for you ever serve. But, equally, thereDiscipleship1, 360:discouragement arise? It is to be found in your realization that your inner knowledge far outstripsDiscipleship1, 385:occupied and brings to you refreshment and realization of the subjective world. Leave care andDiscipleship1, 389:of various "techniques" for achieving [389] the realization of this Presence, of inspiration, ofDiscipleship1, 390:of the Presence. Your problem is to deepen this realization, and to know yourself to be the Angel,Discipleship1, 399:day? Joy is the quality which grows out of self-realization. Am I able to forget the fragmentaryDiscipleship1, 417:being, remembering ever that to be is a greater realization than to know or to act. The constantDiscipleship1, 417:inner work will produce a greater magnetic realization but less physical plane activity. This isDiscipleship1, 418:there to be fewer communications and more inner realization of relationship. You are getting theDiscipleship1, 431:my emotional poise? We are told that self-realization is our immediate goal; in view of this, whatDiscipleship1, 440:feeling of futility and a constantly wearing realization of incomplete service. This is mostDiscipleship1, 444:sense is a faculty which grows out of Self-realization. Am I able to forget the fragmentaryDiscipleship1, 454:that to which it is consecrated; neither must a realization of your failure to achieve your highDiscipleship1, 459:meditation is to be followed with the cultivated realization that you are the soul, the ChristDiscipleship1, 461:are you) must transmute phenomena into spiritual realization; then instead of the constantDiscipleship1, 473:past period has seen much inner progress towards realization... You are much freer, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 505:steadily upon your way. You have to make the realization of an hour, the habit of a lifetime. AsDiscipleship1, 521:few months is to stand steadily in spiritual realization. This will necessarily involve a closeDiscipleship1, 544:the needed sense of proportion, the necessary realization as to the basic essentials of theDiscipleship1, 546:conform to my suggested technique for you and realization may eventuate as time elapses. For a yearDiscipleship1, 548:and rest back. But I would ask you to bring that realization into your every day consciousness byDiscipleship1, 554:their subjective value and their objective realization: 1st month - The Way of Love is the lightedDiscipleship1, 555:a personality, what is the next recognition or realization which your soul seeks to have your brainDiscipleship1, 558:and seek to feel their significance. Thus will realization come. Phrase I. Like a golden butterfly,Discipleship1, 560:which is strongest in your consciousness is the realization of our ancient link and tie. You haveDiscipleship1, 560:having discovered to what purpose is this realization or what you can do to be of definite service,Discipleship1, 571:be so trained that the field of subjective realization can take the place of exterior and objectiveDiscipleship1, 582:you may ask but, if I can awaken you to the realization of the necessity for "spiritual limitation"Discipleship1, 636:- unless you emerge into a more mental type of realization - you will crystallize into a high gradeDiscipleship1, 693:such a depth of consecrated love and such a realization of today's opportunity that the personalityDiscipleship1, 702:idea and its sequence of effects in the realization that the Master (spirit or Monad) reflectsDiscipleship1, 704:and when followed sanely and wisely leads to the realization of the true, persistent, inner levelDiscipleship1, 706:with an understanding of their problem, with realization of the call of their souls to yours andDiscipleship1, 734:terms of the Ashram as a whole. The key to this realization, little as you may think it, isDiscipleship1, 736:that of the will-to-love, coupled to a deep realization of the handicaps to the expression of loveDiscipleship1, 736:on by the aspirant is based upon his innate realization that he does not really love in theDiscipleship1, 742:relationship is always brought about through a realization of tension. There has been much given toDiscipleship1, 747:is not a group of people seeking spiritual realization. It is a center of group activity, swept byDiscipleship1, 753:at this point that the disciple awakens to the realization that his three bodies or vehicles -Discipleship1, 767:heart of the Hierarchy. The closer one gets to realization, the clearer becomes the concept thatDiscipleship1, 768:it is the attainment of the innermost point of realization, called esoterically "within the heart."Discipleship1, 769:Have you the deep humility - based on a realization of the Plan and the glory of the goal - and notDiscipleship2, 27:effects, reactions, and the registering of any realization must be noted for the two daysDiscipleship2, 51:leads to a Technique of Approach, based upon the realization of the above objectives, to an effortDiscipleship2, 54:analysis hinders group recognition and true realization. This is a point to be considered andDiscipleship2, 54:work done and the subsequent contact. That realization would be facilitated by an inner attitude ofDiscipleship2, 56:become possible. These are two in number: [56] Realization one: That entrance upon the Path ofDiscipleship2, 56:groups, and for humanity as a whole, as a unit. Realization two: That energies, not usually orDiscipleship2, 57:he was simultaneously occupied with a constant realization of retreat inward, a heightening of hisDiscipleship2, 59:of humanity. You will all awaken some day to the realization that the Science of Service is ofDiscipleship2, 69:and emphasize the ancient landmarks. [69] A realization of these few points which I have chosen toDiscipleship2, 74:with undimmed aspiration, and with the realization that this present life is but a minute in theDiscipleship2, 81:some of them descending into the very depths of realization - depths where world iniquity and worldDiscipleship2, 95:work, and for these you must be prepared. The realization of the inevitability of these necessitiesDiscipleship2, 96:richness (again using a peculiar word) and a realization of possibility which may greatlyDiscipleship2, 123:the mantram which eventually leads to the realization of unity. 2. With the focus of theDiscipleship2, 130:mental brooding. In this way, your subjective realization can become an objective happening. DoDiscipleship2, 141:you will not only greatly increase your own realization, service and understanding, but you willDiscipleship2, 141:would develop in the disciple's consciousness a realization of a living world of Intelligences,
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