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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Discipleship2, 141:the individual disciple, leading him to a later realization that he too is but a link, and thatDiscipleship2, 142:and consideration) would lead him to a realization of the need for the evocation of the Will, theDiscipleship2, 144:as you use them to open the door to a month's realization and inspiration, plus the consequentDiscipleship2, 162:about by: [162] The deepening of man's spiritual realization through reflective meditation,Discipleship2, 180:more. Nothing was left to the sufferer but the realization that all men everywhere were in aDiscipleship2, 190:no barriers present, and there is also no realization of difference, the disciple can "tune in" onDiscipleship2, 195:in the light, because the antahkarana is a realization to the disciple, and because the mind isDiscipleship2, 295:by me, should be susceptible to some increased realization along these lines. Humanity - as has oftDiscipleship2, 297:redundant phrase) in order to bring about a realization upwards into kingdoms hitherto unseen andDiscipleship2, 301:I am not discouraged, because apart from my realization of the inevitable limitations whichDiscipleship2, 311:with initiate training, is the impending realization for which any opening cycle attests itsDiscipleship2, 321:to rightly orienting your thinking lies in the realization of the threefold aspect of the Sun, theDiscipleship2, 358:to the Ashram the registered sense and the acute realization of the basic changes in the humanDiscipleship2, 367:formless and also within form, and the closer to realization, the more subtle and devoid of formDiscipleship2, 372:of thought and of its consequences - objective realization. We are to concern ourselves with thatDiscipleship2, 386:a climaxing, triumphant demonstration of the realization and purpose of all past experiences; it isDiscipleship2, 396:most important hints it has ever received. The realization of the existence of this entity leads toDiscipleship2, 414:and of the higher modes of knowledge and of realization are given. The disciple then passes throughDiscipleship2, 423:center of its meaning the germ of an expanding realization. Keep this thought ever in your minds asDiscipleship2, 424:worlds, because men are slowly coming to the realization of the nature of the will and the rightDiscipleship2, 467:the status of adeptship, produced the mystic realization, the unfoldment of the lotus of the heartDiscipleship2, 467:the development of the head center, and the realization of [468] unity. "I and the Father are One."Discipleship2, 468:first of our humanity to achieve the complete realization. This point is of vital interest. OurDiscipleship2, 468:them and the Christ is that he added to this realization the capacity to be a channel, pure andDiscipleship2, 474:to this, and - if you will carry this realization in mind for the remainder of this incarnation -Discipleship2, 488:New Age and in the next life cycle, and their realization is often bigger than the presentDiscipleship2, 503:to stand steady in a preservation of realization - if I may use such a phrase. This steadiness mustDiscipleship2, 506:individually refound, reawakened and reinspired realization that the work, planned and intended byDiscipleship2, 507:which you need to bear in mind as you work. A realization of this peculiar combination of rays willDiscipleship2, 513:on to the plane of knowledge. The power of sense realization must become divine wisdom throughDiscipleship2, 532:make no further progress, waking up later to the realization that creative living is a spontaneousDiscipleship2, 539:results in such a manner that you come to a realization as to whether they were good enough toDiscipleship2, 539:you will find that you can do so with a full realization of what should be the theme of your nextDiscipleship2, 541:upon the Path of Initiation." Let this affirmed realization show itself forth in the quality ofDiscipleship2, 554:It is closely related to the blinding light of realization, but ever precedes it because itDiscipleship2, 579:a process of deepening, carried forward through realization, silence, loving understanding andDiscipleship2, 611:recognition of adequate reward supersedes the realization of pain. The Law of Sacrifice and the LawDiscipleship2, 619:and conditions everything you do and say. The realization of this is not evident in your mindDiscipleship2, 624:and, later, thought. But thought is a later realization and reveals emotion; it is not howeverDiscipleship2, 626:Such is the glory of the great Eternal One. This realization is the soul's aspiration and the goalDiscipleship2, 627:so doing and drive out of your consciousness the realization that you are an emanating center ofDiscipleship2, 637:is a peculiar difficulty connected with the realization that there are relatively only a few yearsDiscipleship2, 638:which prevent the sensible and happy realization of the future transition: The tendency to settleDiscipleship2, 638:and have an enterprise which will count in the realization (I use [639] not the word manifestation)Discipleship2, 648:doing the work, link up with as much conscious realization as possible with your soul, yourDiscipleship2, 649:comes from a deep impersonal love and from the realization that, in the light of the eternalDiscipleship2, 652:this sense of the eternal, coupled with the realization of essential unity, marks all dwellers inDiscipleship2, 666:a server and a teacher. The vision is the realization of the goal (embodied by the particularDiscipleship2, 667:love. Take the four words: Dream, Vision, Plan, Realization, and make them the theme for yourDiscipleship2, 672:- but distinctly undesirable. It evoked in you a realization that was false in many ways, but youDiscipleship2, 691:open up to you a group and mental approach to realization, and that is the way for you to proceed.Discipleship2, 696:highest moments - that that Transition means realization without any physical plane limitations. MyDiscipleship2, 722:rhythm into your physical plane life. It was the realization of this which prompted A.A.B. to begDiscipleship2, 757:therefore, brother of mine, should be the unique realization which this particular incarnationDiscipleship2, 758:upon them from the angle of your subjective realization as a soul; [759] for the second six monthsDiscipleship2, 762:it results in two realizations: first of all, a realization of your exact point on the ladder ofEducation, 12:of the mind to a wider and wider field of realization and awareness. These expansions ofEducation, 15:Reading is concerned essentially with the realization of a clothed idea of some kind, whereasEducation, 19:development is self-consciousness, which is the realization by the soul that (in the three worldsEducation, 34:to assist you towards a greater definiteness of realization and expression; this should in no wayEducation, 34:gained. In the past the mystic expressed his realization through love and practical kindness,Education, 76:sentimental form of love but is based upon a realization of the potentialities of the child as anEducation, 87:or in piling up instances. What is needed is a realization of the immediate opportunity, plus theEducation, 105:the race must eventually emerge. It is the realization of this which has produced in some nationsEducation, 115:of understanding which will result in a realization of Brotherhood. Thus thoughts play their part,Education, 123:of selfish desire, should not prevent the realization that the spirit of idealism is growing in theEducation, 128:but they have brought mankind also to a realization of the various human group relationships ofEducation, 134:imagine. Again, we have evidence of a growing realization of the race along this particular line;Education, 134:of the race along this particular line; that realization is as yet distorted and much misunderstoodExternalisation, 7:of people into a new and deeper spiritual realization; it has opened a door through which many willExternalisation, 20:flow through him consciously, leading him to a realization of brotherhood and of his oneness inExternalisation, 34:in the stage of accepted disciples. It was the realization of the need for a bridging group whichExternalisation, 78:future. There must, at the same time, be a realization by the Jew and Gentile of equalExternalisation, 81:more potent than you realize. If you add to this realization the recognition that you are not aloneExternalisation, 115:but it is beneficent and needed. It is this realization of the passing of a civilization whichExternalisation, 170:humanity (as a planetary center) to activity and realization and the other serves to aid theExternalisation, 181:causes producing the necessity; there must be realization of the general guilt and a sharedExternalisation, 186:beauty, to discover the secrets of nature; some realization of divine responsibility lies behindExternalisation, 211:right international relations. I call you to the realization that in this work no one is futile orExternalisation, 216:consciousness of every single individual. The realization of this may enable you to grasp andExternalisation, 221:world war will, it is hoped, awaken men to the realization that the form side of manifestation,Externalisation, 236:of the German war machine. It will emerge into realization when there are enough people in theExternalisation, 238:for the Allies, of the need of change, the realization of the coming world order and the humbleExternalisation, 241:races and all nations, and upon the fundamental realization that "God hath made of one blood allExternalisation, 241:not in a separative isolation, but in the realization that the many aspects of human unfoldment andExternalisation, 268:All these attitudes are obliterated by the realization of an overpowering love and its consequentExternalisation, 322:tyranny or a mystical and impossible dream. The realization of a general outline of that comingExternalisation, 333:- the strain of prolonged inner contact and realization, plus the effort to use skill in action andExternalisation, 335:energy of divinity, and that the greater the realization and expression of love, the freer will beExternalisation, 335:pointed out three difficulties. Add to this the realization that a right handling of the broadExternalisation, 340:them to a proper sense of values and to the realization that individual and national differencesExternalisation, 360:of a human being" is gained, the realization will come that when "the body is full of light" thenExternalisation, 361:(having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" and consciously take part in the work ofExternalisation, 376:awakened also to their weaknesses and to the realization that true democracy does not as yet exist,Externalisation, 377:to it, but that each and all should develop the realization that they are organic parts of oneExternalisation, 387:The best is yet to be. We can rest back upon the realization that the history of the human race hasExternalisation, 391:facts of the historical record, we must add the realization that "as He is, so are we in thisExternalisation, 391:of possibility opens. We can come then to the realization that in times of intense human urgency,Externalisation, 395:which is today stalking the Earth. That realization is good and will help the needed reorientationExternalisation, 409:and are taking on a new form. Man's inner realization of his own innate spiritual potency and the
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