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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Healing, 501:are not so potent; sensitivity to inner soul realization grows until the time is reached when theHealing, 512:the purpose of its aggregated life is to induce realization in consciousness of the spiritualHealing, 516:The second reaction of the soul, once this realization has been focused and admitted, is that -Healing, 537:man who has arrived at soul expression and at realization of the Christ consciousness. What isHealing, 538:of healing and who base their activities on a realization of a present (though usually unexpressed)Healing, 633:similar attitude in the orthodox group, plus the realization that even the spiritual healer willHealing, 680:it is intended to convey: we will thus gain some realization that death itself is a part of theHealing, 681:between the hearers and those who see. A realization of the difference would lead to basic changesHealing, 683:progress may not be brought through into full realization or expression when rebirth again takesHealing, 690:constitutes a mode of penetrating into realms of realization beyond our planet altogether. In orderHercules, 4:dawning on the human consciousness, a growing realization of innate divinity and that man is inHercules, 7:newer aspect of the goal, and a wider vision and realization. Concentration upon the personalHercules, 8:picture is given us of an unfolding divine self-realization. In the study therefore of Hercules theHercules, 11:the heart of all religions." This is the mystic realization and the object of the search thatHercules, 18:the other was the son of Zeus. This is the great realization that comes to every developed andHercules, 18:be soul in body and not soul and body, and this realization has now to color all his actions.Hercules, 68:blazes forth before the initiate, signifying his realization of his identity with the universalHercules, 70:and a consummation, glorious beyond all present realization. Were all religions and all scripturesHercules, 71:of illumination, and lo! it is gone; as a sudden realization of truth, so elusive, so fleeting,Hercules, 81:desire, in Taurus, and having arrived at the realization of his essential duality, in Gemini, theHercules, 84:and extending the intellect and bringing realization. Then instinct is subordinated to both. [85] Hercules, 123:in Gifts of the Spirit, is to have "a clear realization that no truth is complete or even realHercules, 152:into a fuller life, fuller experience, fuller realization and scope. It is the death of theHercules, 177:universal by individual experience; only that is realization. You cannot learn by hearsay. As hasInitiation, viii:of evolution is therefore to bring man to the realization of the Egoic aspect and to bring theInitiation, 5:His vision is fourth and fifth dimensional, His realization of the place of time in eternity mustInitiation, 7:of the truth. The student will then awake to the realization that after all the study and toil heInitiation, 11:its various stages) it may be described as the realization of the "Kingdom of God within," and theInitiation, 13:point of polarization to another, entails the realization of an increasing unity with all thatInitiation, 24:the individual need; yet at the same time their realization of the liberation to be achievedInitiation, 26:and brain, and the seeker will awaken to the realization that the whole trend of evolution has beenInitiation, 38:grasp of the great plan, and a wise uniform realization as to the work of that great group ofInitiation, 43:and produces his results through his perfect realization of that which has to be accomplished,Initiation, 44:destinies of men, and the development of the realization within each human being that he is a childInitiation, 51:of any particular school of thought, and the realization that those whom they thus know personallyInitiation, 65:being, comes comprehension of the Self, and a realization of the basic laws of the system.Initiation, 74:physical plane expression as now, will come the realization of that true love which unites thoseInitiation, 77:in the three worlds, but on that inner realization of existence apart from the not-self, anInitiation, 81:careful study of the foregoing will lead to the realization that the difficulties between thinkers,Initiation, 91:of initiation is the method of: [91] Force realization. Force application. Force utilization. TheInitiation, 93:before cause. Goodness and altruism grow out of realization and service, and holiness of characterInitiation, 97:grows through expansions of self-conscious realization, self-initiated and self-imposed. It is theInitiation, 100:that which lies back of the objective form. This realization will save the student from much laterInitiation, 101:manifestations of increased growth and conscious realization in himself, then the truth of hisInitiation, 110:in words strictly dealing with self-conscious realization: Politics Religion Science. GovernmentInitiation, 113:and unreality, there is growing up in his mind a realization that he himself is an immortalInitiation, 119:to do, and having awakened in him an unshakable realization of the oneness of the fundamental lifeInitiation, 120:apprehension you have portrayed the gradual realization that is his during the process of the fourInitiation, 126:we have naught to do; it concerns expansions of realization beyond even the ken of the highestInitiation, 133:moment for the initiate, and brings to him a realization of the literal absolute truth of theInitiation, 135:on the three planes with full inner realization. Initiation, 140:the three fires. Upon his ability to retain that realization, and himself to apply the law, willInitiation, 147:and a solemn declaration as to his realization, coupled with a promise to reveal no part of theInitiation, 151:to the sound of the Word, and with conscious realization collaborate with the one who has breathedInitiation, 156:needed, - a very different matter. It involves a realization of cycles; of times and of seasons; itInitiation, 160:of these facts, [160] and in their conscious realization, may be known the true occultist. TheInitiation, 176:awakening is instantaneous at the moment of self-realization for the first time, and is alwaysIntellect, 4:fusion is leading towards some most significant realization. Edward Carpenter says that: "We seemIntellect, 14:contacts. They bear witness [14] to a personal realization and to a phenomenal manifestation andIntellect, 27:led out and into a deeper and wider future and realization. It must be equipped to meet and handleIntellect, 27:always be led from lower to higher states of realization, and the faculty of awareness must beIntellect, 30:the part of the teacher. There is an increasing realization among educators of this need to liftIntellect, 34:human states of awareness, and the wonder of the realization that humanity has produced suchIntellect, 52:The consummation of the work is the conscious realization of union - called, in ChristianIntellect, 67:prayer. Prayer for illumination and for divine realization. It will be seen from a study of theseIntellect, 67:that of the intellect, of reason, and eventual realization. Prayer, plus disciplined unselfishness,Intellect, 72:has shifted into higher realms of thought and realization. What are the definite results of thisIntellect, 72:of God, have faded away in the knowledge and realization of unity. Dualism has given place toIntellect, 79:of the human consciousness into that of soul realization and soul awareness is effected is that ofIntellect, 79:must eventually be superseded by realization of immortality, and [80] "dwelling ever in theIntellect, 81:the word "union," which have a place here. "The realization of this identity is effected by Yoga,Intellect, 81:and nothing else... It should be noted that this realization ought not strictly to be regarded asIntellect, 92:we struggle and fight and anguish to achieve a realization to which the saints have testified andIntellect, 94:Stages in Meditation We start with an emotional realization of our goal and from then pass on,Intellect, 116:result of meditation with seed. It involves the realization of these three aspects of the divineIntellect, 126:body of humanity. He is beginning to get some realization of group relations. But more remains.Intellect, 132:of Contemplation We are entering a realm of realization now which is much handicapped by twoIntellect, 133:are either undergoing the joy and ecstasy of realization that lasts but a fleeting moment, or theIntellect, 138:in the academic language of occultism, is the realization of the mystic. Cardinal Richelieu [139]Intellect, 155:of the mind with knowledge and with a realization of union with Deity and its apprehension of theIntellect, 157:will live his life as 'life', that is, as self-realization and self-completion, with theIntellect, 165:men and brought them forward along the path of realization from the stage of animism and fetishismIntellect, 168:and a rapturous going-out to the source of the realization are ever present, and a carefulIntellect, 173:and they carried that knowledge down into full realization in physical incarnation. They areIntellect, 181:in another kingdom in nature with as much realization and facility as we function as men? TheIntellect, 182:of separateness; hence the union with God is a realization of a fact in nature which has alwaysIntellect, 187:is after all essentially the affirmation and realization of Unity. In the same essays we find theIntellect, 191:withdrawal from the mind consciousness, and the realization of unity. This tends to steadyIntellect, 205:the interested investigator will awaken to the realization that there is a real work to be done andIntellect, 214:of the pineal gland, so that man's point of realization is centralized in the region between theIntellect, 231:of mind should be avoided. A certain amount of realization and experience is necessary before suchIntellect, 234:a clear picture of the value of the results, a realization that the goal can be achieved andIntellect, 249:whether it is not more constructive to build the realization of their immortal destiny into peopleIntellect, 266:with one another through the power of a unified realization. This integrating group of mystics andMagicor subjectively known. It is this state of realization which produces changes in form andMagic, 10:perfected soul, whose nature is light and whose realization is that of a self-conscious identity.Magic, 11:and his horizon enlarges, he comes to the realization that a law is but the spiritual impulse,Magic, 21:as we shall see later, is a gradually growing realization, shifting ever into more esoteric andMagic, 22:triplicity of ideation to express an intuitive realization, there is warrant for the usage. ThatMagic, 28:terms and are interchangeable. Only in the realization of this can we arrive at the reconciliation
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