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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Patanjali, 12:Inner Man and they hinder his progress and self-realization. He becomes "enmeshed in theirPatanjali, 12:In his right apprehension of this problem comes realization of [13] the practical work to be done,Patanjali, 13:the underlying thought is the hindrance to realization caused by the pairs of opposites. ThePatanjali, 21:is nothing in the aspirant to feed it, and the realization of this enables him to free himself fromPatanjali, 21:the mental process or an assertion of the I-am-I realization, the senses might be active yet thePatanjali, 30:however, be transformed eventually into nirvanic realization. It may be of value to the student toPatanjali, 34:manifestation and its display of energy. This realization carries the aspirant onward to aPatanjali, 34:bliss or joy. Beatitude always follows upon realization of the unity of the part with the Whole.Patanjali, 38:the scientific methods, will the true samadhi or realization be achieved. Patanjali, 39:what that monad perceives. The first form of realization comes to those who are in process ofPatanjali, 40:these stages relate to soul activities, to egoic realization and not to the reactions of the lowerPatanjali, 40:aspect, only in this case the objective is the realization of that which the Christ or soul isPatanjali, 40:in Heaven. First the disciple arrives at a realization of the angel of His Presence, the solarPatanjali, 40:the theory, then the experiment, and lastly realization. Energy. When the theory is grasped, whenPatanjali, 41:the things of the past, but covers the point of realization and the transference of thatPatanjali, 41:of realization and the transference of that realization to the brain where it must be registeredPatanjali, 42:by the raja-yogins and it brings them to a realization of the spirit and to adeptship. There is yetPatanjali, 48:claims against him, and through his subjective realization has entered consciously into the worldPatanjali, 49:as the souls of men are a part of His infinite realization. The soul of the human being isPatanjali, 50:point achieved working forward towards further realization, The overcoming of the difficultiesPatanjali, 53:all are teachers, differing only in degree of realization. For instance: Aspirants to the Path arePatanjali, 56:Word was God." Through its use man arrives at a realization of: His own essential divinity, ThePatanjali, 60:1 - The Problem of Union 29. From this comes the realization of the Self (the Soul) and the removalPatanjali, 61:obstacles transpires after the initial flash of realization. The sequence of happenings is asPatanjali, 61:follows: Aspiration after knowledge of the soul, Realization of the obstacles, or an understandingPatanjali, 64:control by the emotions has to precede any later realization of the need of soul culture. ThePatanjali, 69:inconceivable to man and characterizes the realization of those Existences Who manifest through thePatanjali, 86:is largely sensuous. One is racial and group realization, the other is relative to the not-self andPatanjali, 86:image as a form, through which a new realm of realization may be contacted, once the dreamer canPatanjali, 87:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 40. Thus his realization extends from the infinitely small to thePatanjali, 90:five realizations man arrives at mastery, for realization entails certain factors which might bePatanjali, 90:Experiment, Discovery, Identification, Realization. The adept can identify himself with or enterPatanjali, 92:the form. The two are then one and complete realization is the case. This can be cultivated in aPatanjali, 94:atom or of a humming bird, or he can expand his realization in another direction and know himselfPatanjali, 100:necessary and must precede any more spiritual realization. The mind of man is not in itself soPatanjali, 101:In the above fourfold elimination, the stages of realization are hinted at - those stages whichPatanjali, 102:is reached, the Yogi acquires pure spiritual realization through the balanced quiet of the ChittaPatanjali, 102:signifying the attainment of pure spiritual realization. Contact by the soul with the monad orPatanjali, 104:of his being. From that point of pure spiritual realization, he can increasingly work in thePatanjali, 104:future. Through practice, he strengthens that realization, and all life, work and circumstances arePatanjali, 104:affect him; he is lost in the bliss of Self-Realization. Patanjali, 107:in the ultimate primordial atom, or expand his realization until he knows himself as the life ofPatanjali, 112:those methods which will bring about the realization of spiritual consciousness. The objective hasPatanjali, 123:universal or cosmic Ishvara; it deals with the realization of the soul in man that it is anPatanjali, 147:matter causes bliss or pleasure - the joy of realization. Evil causes pain, for just in so far asPatanjali, 150:and parallel the awakening of the real man to a realization of his heritage. SubliminalPatanjali, 164:of thought. Its premise is based upon the realization that all that we behold are modifications ofPatanjali, 167:personal self, not of the spiritual Self. This realization of the lower nature is part of the greatPatanjali, 167:evolutionary process but must be followed by a realization of the other polar opposite, thePatanjali, 169:the period spent in the Hall of Learning. Realization, expansion of consciousness andPatanjali, 170:of the means of yoga or union, Initiation, Realization, Union. Patanjali, 171:from the three worlds. Based as it is on a realization of the essential duality of nature, andPatanjali, 174:life of service which leads eventually to a full realization of the significance of groupPatanjali, 177:equally the sixth modification is overcome and realization of the true nature of divinity and utterPatanjali, 177:and utter bliss takes its place. Full self-realization is the next and final stage. The initiatePatanjali, 203:the laws of the spiritual life. This produces a realization of the nature of the psyche or soul,Patanjali, 207:and despair, he clarifies his path by the quiet realization of life as it is and a directPatanjali, 212:and through the contact, to come [212] to a realization of the unity of that self with all selvesPatanjali, 230:of the pineal gland, so that man's point of realization is centralized in the region between thePatanjali, 234:powers are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in thePatanjali, 246:(Naradiya Purana LXVII. 54-62.) It is the realization of the necessity for "objects" inPatanjali, 248:This condition is followed by one in which his realization travels inward on to the subjectivePatanjali, 250:desire and from lower concrete mental substance. Realization of oneness with all souls, subhuman,Patanjali, 250:the idea, just as separated consciousness, or realization of one's own individual identity,Patanjali, 252:is yet a higher consciousness than this, that realization which is covered by the term unity, butPatanjali, 256:then inadequately) by such terms as unification, realization, identification, nirvanicPatanjali, 262:ideal condition is that of being in a state of realization all day every day. The ability at willPatanjali, 264:reality behind the form. This is the true occult realization, but it is not the realization of thePatanjali, 264:the true occult realization, but it is not the realization of the object so much as a realizationPatanjali, 264:not the realization of the object so much as a realization of unity with, or identification withPatanjali, 294:upon the heart life and service, and the realization that the heart center is the reflection in manPatanjali, 297:emanating cause of our solar system will come a realization of the seven states of being." ThePatanjali, 323:Atmic 1. Beatitude 7th 2. Active service 6th 3. Realization 5th 4. Perfection 4th 5. All knowledgePatanjali, 323:Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. d. Fourth Sense - Taste. Physical taste.Patanjali, 323:powers are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in thePatanjali, 336:word and of the second aspect, arrives at the realization of hearing. This might also be graspedPatanjali, 339:disciple has worked out into his life in correct realization the various means of yoga dealt withPatanjali, 340:of the mind, and the other to the state of realization which is achieved when a man has freedPatanjali, 342:perception, i.e., the intuitional and spiritual realization. With these, however, the present sutraPatanjali, 345:aspirant. They are as follows: "Thus his realization extends from the infinitely small to thePatanjali, 345:is the attaining of the vision and the inner realization of God; then the complete subjugation ofPatanjali, 345:of the senses and their organs so that the realization becomes fact in physical plane experience,Patanjali, 347:of the yogin to achieve his goal, to extend his realization to any locality, to reach anything orPatanjali, 357:him a still vaster and wider experience and realization. He can begin to expand his consciousnessPatanjali, 358:on this process of unfoldment. The first great realization which the aspirant has to achieve isPatanjali, 369:and liberated, and can say with full conscious realization of the significance of the words: MyPatanjali, 369:of Raja Yoga are carried forward into group realization and it is seen that they produce universalPatanjali, 369:of Karma (the "four wheels" of Ezekiel) have a realization beyond that of our solar system. LesserPatanjali, 378:powers are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in thePatanjali, 386:this stage is arrived at, there comes the great realization of illusion. The consciousness awakesPatanjali, 395:him. When this becomes possible he awakes to the realization that those desires which drive andPatanjali, 403:twisted from their right use, and it was this realization that led the disciple in the Book of JobPatanjali, 405:line of thought deals more specifically with the realization aspect, or with the condition ofPatanjali, 406:as follows: [406] On what level of being or of realization (for the thought is identical to thePatanjali, 406:matter? Am I in a transition period, wherein my realization is being transferred from the lower toPatanjali, 420:tendencies, and build in the habit of a constant realization of one's true divine nature. When thisPatanjali, 420:of one's true divine nature. When this realization is achieved, the need for such exercises ceasesPatanjali, xii:in his physical brain consciousness, at a realization of these two states of being; he hasProblems, 5:of the growth in human consciousness and in a realization of the distinction obviously existingProblems, 12:must pass eventually to a more beneficent realization and come to the point where they regard their
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