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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Psychology2, 247:is the sole world of reality for humanity. This realization will, in its turn, bring about twoPsychology2, 248:the aspirant, tensed for revelation; a sudden realization of a color, a beauty, a wisdom and aPsychology2, 319:battle is successfully fought, and there is a realization in consciousness of the nature of thePsychology2, 329:the world of human affairs. When this conscious realization is established and the soul hasPsychology2, 332:soul, incarnate in a human form, arrives at a realization of the futility of material ambition, itPsychology2, 344:humanity has travelled far towards the period of realization; the other period lies far ahead. WePsychology2, 346:and awareness, leading to an eventual realization. This purpose and truth, when grasped, bringsPsychology2, 364:energy or intuitional awareness. It is this realization which will provide adequate incentive forPsychology2, 364:or sense of oneness is not in any way a mystical realization, or that of the mystic who putsPsychology2, 383:The motive of service, in response to a sentient realization of humanity's need. The motive ofPsychology2, 392:For the bringing about of this progressed realization the great expansions of consciousness, calledPsychology2, 396:detail of the manifested Life will be The realization of the true significance of Light and thePsychology2, 407:this point that humanity stands today. Hence the realization of the human problem in terms ofPsychology2, 414:the form aspect as much as with the conscious realization of the dweller in the body. It is in thisPsychology2, 415:The latent group-consciousness, which brings realization of the greater Whole, is quiescent for thePsychology2, 426:the normal development of the man, comes to the realization that there are cleavages. This ObserverPsychology2, 436:in one or other of these various focal points of realization or awareness: Unrecognized by the manPsychology2, 449:the results will be factual and proven; by a realization that what men seek in their millions isPsychology2, 543:thus bring relief, peace, understanding and the realization of divinity without and within, plusPsychology2, 560:Atmic plane 1. Beatitude 2. Active service 3. Realization 4. Perfection 5. All knowledge 5th 6thPsychology2, 561:the reason being that they mark a degree of realization which is the property of initiates ofPsychology2, 189:Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. The Fourth Sense - Taste. Physical taste.Psychology2, 562:of totality, the synthesis of all, the realization of the One in Many, the first Logos. The Law ofPsychology2, 563:the work of the Self for the not-self. Sight - Realization. Recognition of the triplicity needed inPsychology2, 565:higher things and towards the world of mystical realization (in contradistinction to that ofPsychology2, 565:(in contradistinction to that of psychical realization), they interpret some episode, which theyPsychology2, 602:of the past are never lost. The inner spiritual realization remains latent in the content of thePsychology2, 619:of silence, of loving appreciation and a wise realization and understanding of the problems withPsychology2, 634:can now emerge, - an aristocracy based on a realization of divine origin and goal, which knows noPsychology2, 654:of all parts of the life of our world. This realization will bring about a reciprocal interplay inPsychology2, 670:by fear or by a feeling of futility, and by the realization that the work to be done is soPsychology2, 685:and disciples who can train themselves to the realization of an increased spiritual responsibilityPsychology2, 693:of the Forces Who can aid at this time. This realization is of paramount importance. The arrangingPsychology2, 697:effort sweep the entire group to an intensity of realization that would otherwise be impossible.Psychology2, 699:plane happenings, dependent upon the conscious realization of the men of good will in, or out of,Psychology2, 745:be present in everything that can be known. This realization and this approach to life through GodRays, 4:upon his day's experience and contacts with the realization that he is only the Observer, theRays, 5:the sublimation of personal feeling into group realization or consciousness, and when carried outRays, 5:realizations will be found necessary: A realization that all moods, all display of sorrow, of pain,Rays, 10:midway between the pairs of opposites. In the realization of the nature of this world of form, in aRays, 11:and not one proceeds onward into fuller realization without benefiting the entire group. A fewRays, 18:unitedly and simultaneously to achieve the great realization which is the result and the reward ofRays, 34:of the Service of the Plan. This distinctive realization can only come when his fused and blendedRays, 40:third initiation) is to bring to the disciple a realization of the "great heresy of separateness,"Rays, 41:after the first two initiations, this is not the realization. It is simply the adhering to an oldRays, 41:initiatory experiences, but in the life and realization of the initiate-soul, they are not. AfterRays, 47:and working with planned purpose. The realization then grows that intelligence and love are notRays, 47:off place for the recognition of a new state of realization, which is not consciousness at all, asRays, 59:is visioned, even if not understood, will the realization come to the struggling disciple that theRays, 61:of these simple words. Identification is realization, plus esoteric experience, plus again anRays, 64:Triad), he arrives at a great and basic realization. He knows that he must return (if such aRays, 71:for initiates, demonstrates that this mystical realization finally goes; the sense of separationRays, 75:some moment still a long way ahead a period of realization, constituting both a point of crisis andRays, 75:a point of crisis and a point of tension. That realization will summarize, in effectiveRays, 79:the initiatory process is to admit mankind into realization of and identification with the will orRays, 79:which is the agent or medium through which this realization comes and by which the consciousness isRays, 83:and is vitality itself. [83] This initiate realization is all brought about by the suddenRays, 103:is here needed to make possible this shift in realization away from form and consciousness to theRays, 104:those of you who read these words; it is for the realization of Being, immovable, immutable, livingRays, 106:of the universal apart from the individual realization, and this realization of identification withRays, 106:apart from the individual realization, and this realization of identification with both the partRays, 108:of apprehension which is not consciousness or realization, as the mystic feels it, orRays, 110:dynamic, powerful and effective; it is based on realization of the plan and on reaction to theRays, 111:As more and more disciples come into group realization it will become increasingly possible for theRays, 117:Leading to personality integration and self-realization. Climaxing on the Path of Initiation...theRays, 129:A larger but similar concept lies in the realization that the human family, the fourth kingdom inRays, 131:possibility of his own higher nature, a realization of his divine connections and the possibilityRays, 138:to grasp the truth and arrive at some true realization of the subjective situation which everRays, 169:of participation, and of synthetic realization - lovely euphonious words, but meaning little to theRays, 172:theory as to essential unity becomes definite realization, then the realm of synthesis is entered.Rays, 172:realm of synthesis is entered. For that type of realization, language as we now have it has noRays, 173:enunciated as best He could the extent of this realization, in the words so familiar to Christians,Rays, 173:to impersonality, to group work and to realization, plus a growing absorption in the Plan are someRays, 174:"darkness is pure spirit." This recognition, realization, apprehensive, comprehensive (call it whatRays, 174:the spirit at rest in its own center. The only realization left is that of pure Being Itself. ThisRays, 174:left is that of pure Being Itself. This realization necessarily comes to the disciple through theRays, 177:now cooperate with it; He has reached a point of realization which enables Him to fathom what liesRays, 194:the time, but can today form a true part of the realization of humanity. Law, Love, Union orRays, 195:over the windows of vision. They prevent realization of that which lies beyond the room or area ofRays, 197:paragraph [197] of stated truth and of condensed realization. I would remind you that concentrationRays, 214:of words, if they are the result of a realization that what is to be said is wrong, or undesirable,Rays, 226:to invoke divinity, followed by a united group realization that "God is Fire." The stage ofRays, 226:the lesser fires through the means of the above realization, and the establishing of a definedRays, 227:now becomes clear to him, not only through the realization induced by his illumined mind, butRays, 228:years. I would have you ponder on this, for in realization you will here have the formula for theRays, 259:Initiation is, in the last analysis, the realization, the recognition in the brain consciousness ofRays, 270:- as a whole - has reached a similar point of realization and [271] has together touched theRays, 271:is the instrument of the former. The event of realization takes place via the triad formed by aRays, 291:was now revealed to Him. It is this living realization of Being and of identification with theRays, 297:The fusion of the two attitudes - inclusive realization and specialized service - renders the taskRays, 299:principle; it is an incontrovertible fact in the realization of the intelligent man. Rays, 299:a flash of wondrous informative and instinctive realization and then steadies down, as progress isRays, 312:not become an established fact and functioning realization until after the third initiation;Rays, 314:future. It is an exclamation evoked by the realization of monadic awareness and the focusing of theRays, 315:personality and soul, there is also an awakening realization of the Father aspect, of the nature ofRays, 357:state. The key to your understanding lies in the realization that our seven planes are only theRays, 389:undertakings which lie outside my own personal realization. But in spite of this truth, just as youRays, 400:case. Their response and decision is based on a realization of cosmic need - a need of which youRays, 420:mode of approach, technique and type of realization: First ray souls have to negate their "isolatedRays, 421:in an [421] entirely newly apprehended world of realization, whilst the inclusive has to master the
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