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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATION

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Rays, 421:and become exclusive in a new realm of realization; it is an exclusiveness which has in it noRays, 447:that the line of demarcation between intuitive realization and the forms of the higher psychism mayRays, 455:self. The fourth initiation marks the complete realization of this relation by the initiate. ItRays, 459:picture. Individual application and future realization have to be worked out by the disciple in theRays, 459:to the Spiritual Triad, with consequent monadic realization and the opening up to the initiate ofRays, 466:mental plane. In humanity, however, the major realization to be grasped at the present point inRays, 468:The personality is also arriving at the realization that there is in reality no such thing asRays, 469:of consciousness, leading to initiation, realization and identification. These are the three stagesRays, 470:establishing the first stage of his process of realization; he is establishing in his ownRays, 471:in terms of the mental consciousness, the realization of duality is only to be found in the threeRays, 473:the type of implied awareness can work, or the realization of that true Self-consciousness whichRays, 485:a flash of the spiritual intuition or the sudden realization of the will-to-good in a dynamic andRays, 492:state of bliss and of ecstasy because it is the realization of another divine aspect, hiddenRays, 494:but is in the nature of a Flame of Light, a realization of liberation, and a recognition of theRays, 503:"jewel in the lotus." When these three stages of realization have been completed as far as theRays, 505:inviolate its own identity. This latter realization is the result of aeonian work, carried forwardRays, 516:"All-Seeing Eye," is the expression. It involves realization of the light of the divineRays, 518:a kind of instinctual reaction to a new realization which is coming into the consciousness ofRays, 529:lost to consciousness in the sea of universal realization has also been made clear; that the stateRays, 530:and of his own position in relation to it. This realization he symbolizes to himself - successivelyRays, 531:by the mind (with its ability to reduce realization into symbolic form) and thus transmitted to theRays, 542:occur as a consequence of a growing divine realization within these forms of intelligent activity,Rays, 554:of humanity, from the angle of a spiritual realization of the presented opportunity, was theRays, 570:ends, will be at war with the new and inner realization; the "carnal" man (to use the words ofRays, 577:being left behind and subordinated to the higher realization is slowly dominated by energies whichRays, 577:for many the worst time of distress, difficulty, realization of problems and the constant effort toRays, 581:water; it fixed in the human consciousness the realization that "men are as fishes, immersed in theRays, 583:ray produces two major results: An embryonic realization of the will nature which determines theRays, 583:conflict between the emotional nature and true realization. This brings about a basic reorientationRays, 584:say usually) takes place without the conscious realization of the physical brain. This firstRays, 651:paralleled by an equally steady growth in mental realization, he passes from initiation toRays, 651:- both his material and also his spiritual realization - have been renounced. He stands entirelyRays, 651:revelation," transmuting it into that definite realization which will enable him to live by meansRays, 652:by the will in its two lower aspects. Realization, implemented by the will in its highest aspect.Rays, 653:that revelation produced and which leads to realization. Ashramic responsibility, constant serviceRays, 662:the effort which such a task entails, plus the realization of the consequences initiated andRays, 666:considered major initiations. In the mystical realization there is naturally and normally anRays, 674:decisions. This is so dominantly so that the realization which the mind could reveal and of whichRays, 678:about things as they are and an agonizing realization of failure. It is at this point that theRays, 679:There must also be humility and a voiced realization of the divinity in all men. To theseRays, 706:the Mount of Ascension, is equipped with a full realization of the past, with a sound appreciationRays, 713:prepared Him. The revelation must be followed by realization and recognition: He realizes that theRays, 743:come through a dictator or dictating groups. A realization of the manner in which the hierarchicalRays, 754:war, with all its attendant disasters. [754] The realization of what was happening did moreReappearance, 26:sight in the greater vision. It is this living realization of Being and of identification with theReappearance, 27:moments wherein this universal or monadic realization showed itself. Let us look at each one ofReappearance, 28:My will but Thine be done," thus indicating His realization of divine destiny. The meaning of theseReappearance, 29:It was an exclamation, evoked surely by His realization of the universal implications of HisReappearance, 57:Him to accomplish His purpose. Their major realization is that of a cyclic crisis in the spiritualReappearance, 99:referred to as "the Father's House"; it was this realization which led to His comment that HisReappearance, 132:Four Noble Truths; they must be brought to the realization that the cause of all sorrow and woe isReappearance, 134:of a human being" is gained, the realization will come that when "the body is full of light" (LukeReappearance, 134:(having reached maturity) can "enter into realization" and consciously take part in the work ofReappearance, 137:than ever before. This is said with a full realization of the generally accepted idea that theReappearance, 160:or with rejection of the idea and the consequent realization that we are not concerned. What weReappearance, 170:the best, but with no sense of coherency or any realization that it must be the "one world for theReappearance, 175:of security. This, the right use of money and a realization on the part of many of their financialReappearance, 185:of humanitarian intent - we shall awaken to the realization that there is on Earth today a body ofSoul, 33:we ourselves must help to bring about that realization. Hence the purposive behavior of whichSoul, 58:the Soul, the Self, and will next awaken to that realization. The three higher planes require noSoul, 84:But the whole remains intact, and our realization of this Reality grows as we become inclusive inSoul, 90:into a new state of being, into a fuller realization of power, and into a truer appreciation [91]Soul, 107:of all states, since it is the perfect realization (sadhana) and totalization of the being; it isTelepathy, 68:This Plan is contingent upon imminence, atmic realization [69] and pure reason, as the HierarchyTelepathy, 69:by advanced humanity. The words, "atmic realization" are most interesting, for they refer to theTelepathy, 140:that man is electrical in nature, and the realization that even the atom in apparently inanimateTelepathy, 141:as well as the astral. This was due to the realization of the fact that the astral body was doomed
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