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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZATIONS

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Atom, 107:with the graded expansions of consciousness and realizations that lie ahead of man today. In theseAtom, 109:study of psychology they will arrive at certain realizations which will prove invaluable to theDiscipleship1, 29:side, or they may work out in certain specific realizations and even phenomena on your side. IDiscipleship1, 50:and personal must be transmuted into the realizations of universality and impersonality; the astralDiscipleship1, 548:far more than the virtues, characteristics and realizations usually regarded as spiritual. SomeDiscipleship1, 751:it - through the medium of three vibratory realizations: He reacts to the vibration, the note orDiscipleship2, 19:personality, indicating certain brain and mind realizations which are essential for the rightDiscipleship2, 55:mentally grasped by the group: 1. That certain realizations become possible. These are two inDiscipleship2, 161:the sources of all revelation and of all human realizations - cultural and leading to what we callDiscipleship2, 424:or love aspect; they embody the fundamental realizations which the united group of Masters of theDiscipleship2, 762:be faced and understood, and it results in two realizations: first of all, a realization of yourEducation, 93:and attitudes of the old age. When these two realizations - responsibility and relationship - areEducation, 115:race towards its destiny, towards those deeper realizations which mould the racial types, and toExternalisation, 88:syntheses and to bring humanity to certain realizations and decisions. A close study of thisExternalisation, 288:to the spiritual growth and the progressive realizations of divinity by man. All else found underExternalisation, 377:and carries with it great responsibility. These realizations, when intelligently developed andExternalisation, 395:from evil and admission into good. One of the realizations emerging out of this war is the factExternalisation, 404:in the consciousness of these four fundamental realizations. But they are steadily taking shape inFire, 688:aspires; he will have to rise to still greater realizations, and again by occultly "putting hisFire, 688:"putting his foot upon" them these higher realizations will become possible. In this solar systemFire, 739:possible, and has secured all the intended "realizations" and "revelations"; he can no longer beFire, 1216:Magnetic Impulse. The law governing the primary realizations by any atom of its environingFire, 1270:of translating them correctly; they concern realizations far in advance of the comprehension of manGlamour, 42:is there that the application is made. As these realizations and inner activities become practicalHealing, 510:the Soul And whilst all these phases, stages and realizations are taking place in the life of theHealing, 517:and evocative center. None of the above realizations may be registered in the brain consciousnessInitiation, 23:three aspects in manifestation. One of the great realizations which come to those who enter intoInitiation, 91:He then is permitted, by gradually expanding realizations, to contact and - under guidance - toInitiation, 118:the mind of the initiate the following basic realizations: His faith for ages is justified, andInitiation, 122:brings the initiate through a series of graded realizations to the portals of the fourthInitiation, 176:initiation into spiritual existence. These realizations, or apprehended expansions ofIntellect, 33:limitations and reorients his mind to wider realizations. He will discover the soul as the greatIntellect, 66:of the mind, which orientation brings about realizations and recognitions which become formulatedIntellect, 72:and an understanding of [72] the wonder of the realizations and gifts which will be his, when hisIntellect, 138:from thence to the physical brain, some of the realizations and concepts of the Spirit aspect.Magic, 84:Overcoming of the Hindrances Certain paramount realizations must precede this work of removingMagic, 278:remains basically the same, and the rules and realizations may be summed up in the followingMagic, 294:him to wider and ever widening contacts and realizations. Here also lies the safeguard for theMagic, 582:to arrive at an understanding of the next realizations which lie ahead of the human mind whichMeditation, 150:He rises from fire to fire, and from graded realizations of the indwelling Fire till he touches theMeditation, 282:ever-increasing frequency awake to some definite realizations. These realizations will be the outerMeditation, 282:awake to some definite realizations. These realizations will be the outer recognition of innerPatanjali, 16:evidence). One of the most revolutionary realizations to which the occult student has to adjustPatanjali, 23:known. This memory concerns several groups of realizations, either active or latent; it deals withPatanjali, 24:are the total of the knowledge contacted and the realizations evoked by the right use of the mindPatanjali, 90:of spirit. Through. the medium of these five realizations man arrives at mastery, for realizationPatanjali, 366:is no sequence of events and no succession of realizations is to speak in a language of mystery.Patanjali, 380:being the synthesis and sublimation of the realizations achieved on the astral and mental planes.Problems, 125:and to the need for spiritual revaluations and realizations. The appeals going out should be madePsychology1, 72:of thought may be set in motion, and some new realizations be grasped and held. These concern atPsychology1, 181:race towards its destiny, towards those deeper realizations which mould the racial types, and toPsychology2, 48:phrases are an attempt to express some of the realizations of the true initiate when he stands - atPsychology2, 91:human beings and to the intuitive [91] realizations of those who are beginning to function asPsychology2, 115:plane happenings, dependent upon the conscious realizations of the men of good will in, or out of,Psychology2, 174:when the aspirant has achieved certain definite realizations, and knows certain ideals as facts inPsychology2, 175:God. The disciple in training for these higher realizations is urged to practice the faculty ofPsychology2, 440:and used by the man. These potencies and realizations are called in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali byPsychology2, 513:of World Servers. The healing power of such realizations is immense. Certain potencies and outerPsychology2, 534:produce the at-one-ment. The result of these realizations in consciousness leads inevitably toRays, 5:To transmute emotion into love the following realizations will be found necessary: A realizationRays, 83:of higher revelation. This is concerned with the realizations of the over-shadowing Christ as HeRays, 246:inner experience, and has permitted those inner realizations to affect his outer experience andRays, 393:of such a planned crisis will hasten certain realizations. Forget not that humanity grows throughRays, 443:into ever higher states and leads to ever higher realizations. This faculty eventually invokes theRays, 651:Aspirant and the Major Initiations All his past realizations - both his material and also his
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