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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZE

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Discipleship1, 22:anxious that you should realize this. Will you realize, for instance, that any differences ofDiscipleship1, 28:what needs to be done. [28] I would have you realize that there is no haste in the work which aDiscipleship1, 46:much of your meditation work is selfish. Do you realize that? Is not your attitude very often to beDiscipleship1, 55:of a disciple is done. The disciple comes to realize that because of this detachment he is (for theDiscipleship1, 58:it. The courage and the strength to know all, to realize all and to love with patient wisdom andDiscipleship1, 64:of the third degree. Prior to that, they seldom realize the distinction between the imposition ofDiscipleship1, 69:to work wisely, to think with wisdom and to realize that wisdom itself is a force. It is thisDiscipleship1, 74:objective. It is wise for human beings to realize that mankind is free. Even the Hierarchy ItselfDiscipleship1, 76:with surety then what now you dimly sense, and realize the wonder of group love, of group intuitionDiscipleship1, 94:of his appeal. I am also assuming that you realize that the so-called "appeal" is the quality ofDiscipleship1, 98:a consecration of the thought-life (do you realize what that would mean, my brothers?) and aDiscipleship1, 101:than his temporary agony. Little as you may realize it as you think of Us in Our so-called safeDiscipleship1, 108:more important than he himself? Do you not now realize that your mental ability to grasp hisDiscipleship1, 108:you more than his troubled soul? Do you not also realize that your deep desire to find the MasterDiscipleship1, 122:the goal and this I think you are beginning to realize - much to your own surprise at times. TheDiscipleship1, 125:take no joy nor find any rest. Should you not realize the truth of what I say, I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 135:victims and not the users of these powers. Few realize how stupendous are the energies upon whichDiscipleship1, 140:prepare yourself. This, I believe, you already realize. It is, however, in the use of the spiritualDiscipleship1, 145:and love because they recognize your wisdom, realize your inner link with the Hierarchy and lean onDiscipleship1, 167:in full measure. There are those also who do not realize the urgency and are unaware of theDiscipleship1, 173:in my writing my personal instructions to you. I realize, however, that you have much real patienceDiscipleship1, 181:interior strain predominantly. I believe you realize that you are the better for it. Only in theDiscipleship1, 186:by much external and interior upheaval. This you realize. It may be of some help and comfort to youDiscipleship1, 186:It may be of some help and comfort to you if you realize also that this is known on the inner sideDiscipleship1, 186:esoterically form one group. I would ask you to realize that in this work which we are planning toDiscipleship1, 194:of the perceiver. This you are beginning to realize, for I note in you a closer attention to theDiscipleship1, 200:during the coming instructions, so that you can realize your individual problem more easily and,Discipleship1, 212:Then exhale for six counts and as you do so realize that these forces are pouring out through theDiscipleship1, 213:living, say the following words, endeavoring to realize their significance as you say them: "IDiscipleship1, 215:be for you a still greater achievement. As you realize the status of your soul, you must come toDiscipleship1, 220:soul through the practice of alignment. You must realize: The soul is light. Light is reflected inDiscipleship1, 225:you, and this I believe you are beginning to realize. Your soul ray, my brother, is the first, andDiscipleship1, 238:because your fatigue is greater than you realize. You need rest and care. This is owing toDiscipleship1, 243:a hint and your future success. I think you will realize whereof I speak. In conformity to soulDiscipleship1, 249:MY BROTHER OF OLD: I am anxious that you should realize that at the time of the full moon this yearDiscipleship1, 250:this, I state to you your [250] problem. I realize that you love your co-disciples and that youDiscipleship1, 265:not, whate'er betide. It means more than you can realize to your co-disciples. Discipleship1, 299:from another life, as is your case), to realize the one-pointed intention (using this word in theDiscipleship1, 306:group of students which you are training for me. Realize that as you do this two things happen:Discipleship1, 310:goal. One thing, my brother, I feel you need to realize more definitely; that is that a life ofDiscipleship1, 321:the meaning of the flame and of the wick and realize that there needs must be a wick to demonstrateDiscipleship1, 346:this should succeed a moment wherein you seek to realize that that which the soul has done is aDiscipleship1, 351:have served the group well, e'en if you do not realize it yourself. But I have seen and known. ItDiscipleship1, 373:personality far more [373] strongly than you realize. Therefore the age-old separateness of yourDiscipleship1, 377:of World Servers. It is interesting for you to realize that the Plan exists in four states ofDiscipleship1, 383:to follow my directions and I think you realize that much has been achieved. You have a greaterDiscipleship1, 388:which is negligible in results. I know you will realize the reason for my remarks and that you willDiscipleship1, 389:the Presence? Answer these three questions and realize that for you the contact with that PresenceDiscipleship1, 396:and loss is weighing heavily upon her. She must realize that she is on her way to a greatlyDiscipleship1, 397:limited and curtailed. When the group members realize this fact more clearly, then they willDiscipleship1, 401:words flow with ease from your pen, even if you realize it not. I commend this to you for yourDiscipleship1, 404:your release, my brother, and this I know you realize. This year has been one of supremeDiscipleship1, 413:so many things that you need not do and fail to realize that perhaps it does not truly matterDiscipleship1, 416:They will follow automatically e'en if you realize them not. Study what I say to you and meet theDiscipleship1, 418:My word to you today is brief. I think you will realize that the reason lies in the fact that theDiscipleship1, 420:and to suggestion, should have no place. I realize that this is also your point of view and thatDiscipleship1, 424:little do disciples, even the most intelligent, realize the effect, in the early stages, of theDiscipleship1, 424:of the higher forces upon the lower! They realize much more clearly the ultimate goal and ideal,Discipleship1, 463:produces severe reactions. Yet it you could but realize it, the severing of outer physical planeDiscipleship1, 464:back in your mind and consciousness and seem to realize it not. I have put the truth thus bluntlyDiscipleship1, 487:and held the ground gained e'en though you realize it not. But so great is your psychic fatigueDiscipleship1, 502:are seeking to do, the key to all success is to realize that you are only a channel. I give you,Discipleship1, 509:of inner freedom will be so strong that you will realize that the things which affect theDiscipleship1, 510:soul pour upon you and flood your life; may you realize the uses of joy and of caring nothing aboutDiscipleship1, 512:disciple's life and into your life than you can realize. Consequently, you frequently fail to seeDiscipleship1, 516:our own but also that of those we love. Do you realize that? As you live and love those in yourDiscipleship1, 518:life this past two years, more than perhaps you realize. We, who look at all of you from the innerDiscipleship1, 524:thirty years ago is that then you did not realize what it was all about and now you do. Then youDiscipleship1, 524:of motherhood is not upon you. You have to realize now that you have no such responsibility.Discipleship1, 545:the illness of the past summer. This I know you realize. Such tests produce an inner unfoldmentDiscipleship1, 547:personality, then pause in your meditation and realize - quietly and silently - that: You are nowDiscipleship1, 548:close attention during the past four months. I realize that your major need at this time isDiscipleship1, 548:This, I would ask you to remember and strive to realize. You have two things, my brother and myDiscipleship1, 550:a key to your life: direct knowledge. Do you not realize that in the quiet of your own room andDiscipleship1, 554:These are divine assets. As you yourself well realize, you hinder their divine expression through aDiscipleship1, 570:your acceptance of your soul's demand, did I not realize that the way of the soul and theDiscipleship1, 575:and I use the word "risk" with intention. You realize it for yourself, I know, but re-emphasis onDiscipleship1, 576:in expression upon the physical plane. This, I realize quite well, you yourself know. One of theDiscipleship1, 576:this time. You have so much knowledge and you do realize that your major problem is the rightDiscipleship1, 580:of this statement and will you endeavor to realize the need and call of your soul for such aDiscipleship1, 581:within the periphery of one's consciousness, to realize the clear light which is sometimes thrownDiscipleship1, 582:you reply to them yourself. I would ask you to realize the wide scope which your fertile,Discipleship1, 582:bring this matter to your notice if I did not realize that such an inclusive mind, developed to theDiscipleship1, 586:Need I enlarge upon this? I think not, for I realize that it is dawning upon your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 605:own stage. Then endeavor to contemplate or to realize yourself as the soul, as divine, as theDiscipleship1, 628:possible. With these ideas before you, you can realize the need I felt for right understanding onDiscipleship1, 632:to me and endeavor to sense my vibration. Try to realize at the same time the vibration of my groupDiscipleship1, 642:of service is opening up. I would ask you to realize your potency in healing, and with care toDiscipleship1, 650:and hindrances, and consequently lost time. I realize that there have been times when the temperDiscipleship1, 650:say no more, save that it hurts you e'en if you realize it not, but you are hurt because there isDiscipleship1, 655:to be done is for you to discover yourself, and realize the impression you make on people. You mustDiscipleship1, 655:I believe that it is, and you know and must realize that, in love, I stand by, and will not failDiscipleship1, 658:to give you. Is this not so? When you can realize that in these days of human crisis (when the callDiscipleship1, 658:of spiritual force which at present I know you realize it is not. Your mental body is on the fourthDiscipleship1, 663:to me and to your group brothers so that you may realize that you have only to establish the outerDiscipleship1, 665:"suggestions" advisedly, for I would have you realize from the very beginning of your work that IDiscipleship1, 684:I want all disciples who read my words to realize that initiation is not something which theyDiscipleship1, 692:aspirants to discipleship today do not know or realize this law; they do not give freely and fullyDiscipleship1, 702:As you ponder on this, I would ask you to realize that an Ashram is not a group of people, workingDiscipleship1, 739:of me without criticism and with silence? Do I realize exactly where I stand? Whom I can help? And
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