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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZE

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Discipleship2, 10:the scope of the intended communication. Do you realize, my brothers, that as you extend your powerDiscipleship2, 16:can attempt to enter into my consciousness. I realize that it may not always be possible for you inDiscipleship2, 16:of consciousness. Then initiate a new effort. Realize that, on my side, I also stand steady,Discipleship2, 22:We are basically occupied, little as you may realize it, in compiling an elementary manual forDiscipleship2, 34:in physical bodies because I seek to have you realize the unity of all life, the identity ofDiscipleship2, 39:These personal instructions are, as you may realize, exoteric instructions within the field ofDiscipleship2, 45:point out these factors because I would have you realize that this is group work, and that it isDiscipleship2, 46:part of the group; only two or three of you realize - briefly and fleetingly at times - the closeDiscipleship2, 66:wide-reaching than is generally believed. Do you realize wherein the strain consists, apart fromDiscipleship2, 68:many disciples are today prone; they need to realize that world affairs are not and cannot beDiscipleship2, 70:which is for you the next step forward. Do you realize the import of what I am saying? ThisDiscipleship2, 72:That I frankly tell you. You can undoubtedly realize and reap the benefit of the group results, forDiscipleship2, 72:of the disciple's way and enable him to realize that he travels not alone. Above and beyond yourDiscipleship2, 78:of our outer communication. As you may well realize (or do you?), my inner relation to you remainsDiscipleship2, 94:must grasp. At the same time the aspirant must realize that the ideas are of no real importance toDiscipleship2, 100:I look back over those years, I am forced to realize how relatively little you have profited byDiscipleship2, 107:which is very apt to be forgotten. It is wise to realize that an Ashram is composed of disciplesDiscipleship2, 129:consciousness with the soul consciousness, and realize that they are one. II. From that point,Discipleship2, 130:faithfully to instructions, you will consciously realize sure gain. I suggest ten minutes' broodingDiscipleship2, 136:of the fourth initiation. Will you endeavor to realize the factual nature of this great, living,Discipleship2, 153:recorded. I have been working, as you can now realize, upon a definite plan and (if you have doneDiscipleship2, 170:That is why, consequently, it is necessary to realize that it is one network, composed of two typesDiscipleship2, 178:and at some point you (the incarnated soul) must realize the factual nature of your dual life as aDiscipleship2, 179:the point where all the lines meet, endeavor to realize yourself as the one at the center,Discipleship2, 180:so with intensity. You should also endeavor to realize not only your individual reaction, but toDiscipleship2, 186:generally recognized; scientists will begin to realize that it is the true source or fount of allDiscipleship2, 190:light on the matter if you will definitely realize that your daily life is based on a verticalDiscipleship2, 211:would have you bear this in mind and endeavor to realize, as disciples, that your meditation - bothDiscipleship2, 215:on Meditation - Part XIII Little as you may realize it, all these expressions of human meditationDiscipleship2, 220:of many fourth ray disciples, if you could but realize it, and their point of meditative focus isDiscipleship2, 227:Then ponder upon the reappearance of the Christ; realize that no matter by what name he may beDiscipleship2, 227:and to spread love in your surroundings and realize that in so far as you can do these things youDiscipleship2, 231:and magnetic unit in the Masters' plans. Realize the occult Law that "to those who give shall beDiscipleship2, 233:upon the general Plan and thus (if you could but realize it) each initiate and disciple finds hisDiscipleship2, 269:clarity of perception will come to you if you realize that the conditional demands of the InitiatorDiscipleship2, 298:self-will and one-pointed attention. He does not realize that the will is that divine aspect in manDiscipleship2, 299:and the use of the will together and to realize that a cultivation of this first ray perception isDiscipleship2, 300:If you will pause and consider, you will realize that the task of the Master in the past, as heDiscipleship2, 304:and application of occult hints. I wanted you to realize the essential simplicity of all divineDiscipleship2, 306:- Part V Points of Revelation Little as you may realize it, these words "Points of Revelation"Discipleship2, 308:knowingly for light; they will be shown how to realize what will happen to them before they takeDiscipleship2, 310:three for a short reflective period. You should realize that all phases of training - those thatDiscipleship2, 318:to his goal, he finds himself beginning to realize that the entire technique of this unfoldmentDiscipleship2, 327:you. It is not easy for the average aspirant to realize that progressive stages upon the PathDiscipleship2, 328:in all forms of the hierarchical life. Do you realize in any measure what that statement means orDiscipleship2, 329:into an Ashram, and later, for initiation, must realize that their limitations, their relativelyDiscipleship2, 329:their lives. This limitation, as you may realize, has handicapped the ashramic plans, and those whoDiscipleship2, 346:or four groups of presented ideas. Even though I realize that I am repeating what has been earlierDiscipleship2, 373:than the mental, and the initiate must not only realize the significance of the revelation but mustDiscipleship2, 375:first initiation. This becomes clear when you realize the untold numbers of those who areDiscipleship2, 382:and - if you study them with care - you will realize that they are of fundamental importance. It isDiscipleship2, 395:space." I wonder, brother of mine, if you can realize that a hint is not a hint as long as it failsDiscipleship2, 410:to which you belong are far more common than you realize. The Masters are all working in a similarDiscipleship2, 424:of five hierarchical laws; it is interesting to realize that only the first point of revelation hasDiscipleship2, 428:is appropriated by mankind. I wonder if you realize the gravity and the importance of thisDiscipleship2, 432:of a great energy distributing group. You will realize, therefore, from the above, that these threeDiscipleship2, 450:instructions and the previous one, you will realize the significance of your life events in a newDiscipleship2, 460:spiritual sensitivity. This again I think you realize, and you know also that this spiritualDiscipleship2, 464:accorded you (greater than perhaps you realize) enables me to reach you more easily at this timeDiscipleship2, Esoter:through that true wisdom comes; they came to realize that in [473] enlightening others the radianceDiscipleship2, 480:Future - your future and its goal. You begin to realize yourself as a pledged, devoted servant.Discipleship2, 480:immediately confronts you? Disciples seldom realize the responsibility that a Master shoulders asDiscipleship2, 482:other people. Yet, my brother, little as you may realize it, those relationships with others, and aDiscipleship2, 490:yourself at the "door of exit" in the head. Realize that that point is one from which you can lookDiscipleship2, 495:upon me." Then pause a minute, endeavoring to realize the full significance of this undertaking.Discipleship2, 496:the three aspects of the personality, quietly realize three facts: That you are now face to faceDiscipleship2, 498:know that we are not unmindful; I would have you realize that the work which you do is planned byDiscipleship2, 507:liberation one of peculiar difficulty. Do you realize, my brother, that you have been drawing theDiscipleship2, 507:good cheer. Your work is more fruitful than you realize and in some life you will see the resultsDiscipleship2, 512:aids suffering personalities. I think you realize the significance of my remarks. Your intenseDiscipleship2, 517:You have thus no easy time, my brother. This you realize, and I too know it, and stand by. It wasDiscipleship2, 526:up. This is a very different matter. You should realize, therefore, that my rating of you is high.Discipleship2, 539:your next earthly experience. I would have you realize that this is no morbid or unwholesome lineDiscipleship2, 543:you out. Your work in the future, as you well realize, lies with the Arcane School, and your fieldDiscipleship2, 553:which I gave you last year, I think you will realize that there is little that I need add to them.Discipleship2, 555:finds for contact with the Master; he comes to realize the extent of [556] the Master'sDiscipleship2, 571:own concerns - in order not to think, not to realize and subconsciously to evade doing anythingDiscipleship2, 578:humanity at all. This means but little to you, I realize. This karma working out in Shamballa has,Discipleship2, 587:I have worked with the aid of A.A.B. Did you realize, as you carried out my request, that I wasDiscipleship2, 601:you. The issue lies in your own hands. Do you realize, my brother, that a week's perfectedDiscipleship2, 601:particular problems and tendencies, may fail to realize that they are (or rather have been) asDiscipleship2, 617:advanced work. It is hard for disciples to realize what of beauty and opportunity lies ahead whenDiscipleship2, 618:of false humility and a desire to have people realize that you are not proud and so that they willDiscipleship2, 619:my brother, you stand peculiarly alone. As I realize this, I find myself wondering in what manner IDiscipleship2, 623:of discrimination which enables the Observer to realize that he is undergoing an emotion, orDiscipleship2, 628:you will pay no attention. I wonder if you can realize, my brother, what this means to the MasterDiscipleship2, 635:you. I enjoined you in ray last instruction to realize the need of achieving a pinnacle ofDiscipleship2, 636:from pillar to pillar, even if you did not realize it. You will discover the [637] quality of yourDiscipleship2, 649:has been at your disposal. People often fail to realize the nature and the potency of that strengthDiscipleship2, 656:the problem is then very real. This you realize, but in moments of service you are apt to fall intoDiscipleship2, 663:indifference is your quality objective. Do you realize the importance of those two majorDiscipleship2, 673:in an earlier instruction? Today, few disciples realize that the Christ has two relationships toDiscipleship2, 682:sincere desire. I wonder, my brother, if you realize that the basis of your feeling lies in yourDiscipleship2, 683:enough to deal with it yourself or at least to realize the truth of my criticism of your attitudeDiscipleship2, 696:she was saying, but I wonder if you yourself realize the esoteric values of steadfastness andDiscipleship2, 696:to the point of expression; I would have you realize it and count upon their registration in theDiscipleship2, 696:love. In your hours of loneliness, and when you realize that life for you is mainly a waitingDiscipleship2, 702:tie between yourself and me, your Master. Do you realize what is the task that confronts me whereDiscipleship2, 707:of the organization. Have you the perception to realize what an esoteric school essentially has toDiscipleship2, 710:a second ray mental nature. This enables you to realize theoretically what should be your attitude
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