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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZE

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Intellect, 242:care and slow procedure. It is essential that we realize that meditation can be very dangerous workMagic, 7:the truth of many of its statements and will realize the subjective working out of many of theMagic, 58:his equipment and the method of approach. Let us realize from the start the simplicity of the ideaMagic, 59:becomes aware of his lower nature and begins to realize the extent of his imprisonment and (asMagic, 62:to the tides of the soul life he begins to realize that there is ever a flowing in, a vitalizingMagic, 102:would say to him, forget all past achievements, realize fervor, and concentrate upon the Plan. ByMagic, 114:Their concern is with the evolving life. Realize that all events are brought around by the BrothersMagic, 134:them to a point where they are beginning to realize three things: The reality of the unseen worlds.Magic, 138:love intact. This counts perhaps more than men realize and a man who can stand for principle andMagic, 142:of the God of the waters be heard. People seldom realize the potency of a word, yet it is stated,Magic, 170:personality on the physical plane. He begins to realize that his Master works with his soul andMagic, 190:It is easy to generalize. It is difficult to realize. It is simple to grasp the informativeMagic, 200:and let me enjoin upon you the need there is to realize in some measure the responsibility entailedMagic, 200:ere now before the Portal of Initiation? Do you realize that truth has to be wrought out in theMagic, 245:is a symbolic way of saying that he needs to realize two things: That states of feeling are quiteMagic, 246:Withdrawing to the midway spot, he endeavors to realize his divinity and then, having done so, heMagic, 260:Now this is changed. I want to charge you all to realize this and to work to substantiate thisMagic, 288:of the soul to their higher repositories. I realize that the teaching given here is both deep andMagic, 288:from that point of sentient Life, let the soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word goMagic, 288:and all lines gather into One. Let the soul realize the One in Many, and let the word go forth inMagic, 289:aspiration end. The search is over. Let the soul realize that it has reached the goal, and fromMagic, 308:the veil which hides the splendor of Divinity. Realize that the One Life pervades all forms so thatMagic, 338:interests of the separated self but he begins to realize the need for adjustment to [339] and inMagic, 344:own place, influence. A real problem, as you all realize, lies in the achieving of utterMagic, 345:that hinders. Continue this process until you realize that the needed work is accomplished. AtMagic, 348:to the goal, though perhaps the aspirant may not realize it. Magic, 349:us who watch and guide on the inner side of life realize more than perhaps you who bear the burdenMagic, 350:each of you at this epoch. If you could but realize it, the time is short, and rest, joy and peaceMagic, 351:study the hidden laws of nature, you will realize the need for the price paid. The spiritualMagic, 362:major head centers vibrating in unison also. I realize that this is all intricate and technical. ItMagic, 367:That involves a capacity in a faint measure to realize the archetype on which the Lodge isMagic, 480:soul to sound forth and be heard exoterically. I realize that that which I have imparted here isMagic, 487:more than the average man of the street, will realize that that so called wrongdoing may be but theMagic, 494:long a time as possible. Death, if we could but realize it, is one of our most practicedMagic, 499:they are really old conditions, if he could but realize it. Once men have lost the fear of deathMagic, 543:magician? I would say one thing: - all students realize that certain requirements must be met if aMagic, 602:to occupy temporarily and to employ. He must realize his unity and lines of contact with allMagic, 612:sphere, the astral plane, is, could you but realize it, an illusory effect and has no realMagic, 614:from the illusions of the astral plane or realize the state of awareness of those forms of lifeMagic, 619:useless, even if not dangerous. They fail to realize that the motivating impulse is primarily dueMagic, 624:both to need and to the theory of the plan; they realize their truly valuable assets and know theyMagic, 629:of progress in full awareness. Students need to realize more deeply that the whole process is aMeditation, 10:things, to aspire to that which is unknown, to realize and sense within himself the pairs ofMeditation, 55:such that it is difficult for you in any way to realize that effect. It demonstrates as far as youMeditation, 62:of the centers. In so doing let him deliberately realize that he is a Son of God, returning to theMeditation, 83:difficult for you to comprehend, and I fully realize it. The difficulty lies in the fact that soMeditation, 93:built up endures forever. Aim at regularity. Realize always that the true spiritual effects are toMeditation, 95:body and extending much beyond it, and if you realize that through that ovoid are constantlyMeditation, 96:the mental ovoid. Let him then at the close realize that the mental body is free and clear ofMeditation, 100:phenomena of the earth are - as you will realize, if you think clearly, - under the control of theMeditation, 102:task ahead of everybody is to take that body, realize its defects and requirements, and thenMeditation, 141:built by that human being in his endeavor to realize and know, - a form built for the very purposeMeditation, 142:of consciousness which enables a man to realize not only his egoic group affiliations but his placeMeditation, 169:time and before perfection is achieved he must realize the synthesis of the whole. He must grasp itMeditation, 174:They are the essence of things, if you could but realize it. They are the elemental things of theMeditation, 232:apprehended sufficiently to permit the pupil to realize the absolute necessity of steadily refiningMeditation, 269:equip himself emotionally and mentally, and to realize and prove that he has somewhat to impart toMeditation, 277:be astounded and perhaps discouraged, could they realize how seldom they provide the rightMeditation, 293:first, the details of that contact, he may not realize the appearance of the Master or the wordsMeditation, 318:be compulsory but voluntary, for each pupil will realize the necessity and will render obediencePatanjali, 17:method. The student of Raja Yoga has to realize that the mind is intended to be an organ ofPatanjali, 35:commentaries. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to realize its meaning is to remember that [36] thePatanjali, 91:of form is found. The occult student has to realize that forms are diverse and many, but that allPatanjali, 95:the sound to express the idea. Students should realize that this covers the earlier meditativePatanjali, 124:factors which it is valuable for the devotee to realize. A capacity to decentralize oneself, toPatanjali, 140:the first work of the aspirant to yoga. He must realize the nature of the obstacles and then set inPatanjali, 144:causes. In relation to himself, he comes to realize that the primary cause of the phenomenon of hisPatanjali, 248:way in which to comprehend this sutra is to realize that every form or object is a manifested lifePatanjali, 259:simplest way to understand this thought is to realize that the man in his physical brain is awarePatanjali, 295:the Path itself. Perhaps clarity will come if we realize that part of the path is within ourselvesPatanjali, 358:to achieve is that of omnipresence; he has to realize his unity with all, and the oneness of hisPatanjali, 363:non-cessation of the glow thereof. When we can realize that an atom and a moment are one and thePatanjali, 403:the bringing in of spiritual force, he will also realize the point in evolution at which hisProblems, 16:which have hitherto motivated her? Does she realize that she has to regain the respect of the worldProblems, 17:faced and which certain of her finest thinkers realize. Can France learn to think in terms of andProblems, 22:peoples view Russia with expectation; they dimly realize that from her will come some new thing,Problems, 31:in the intrinsic worth of humanity? Will they realize that the entire trend of the evolutionaryProblems, 34:man. There are wise and good churchmen today who realize this and who are [35] steadfastly workingProblems, 39:a genuine possibility. Will cultured people realize their opportunity? Will our civilized citizensProblems, 60:and understanding are developed and if educators realize that "where there is no vision, the peopleProblems, 61:Besides imparting academic knowledge, he will realize that his major task is to evoke out of hisProblems, 62:It will be only common sense, however, to realize that this integration is not possible for everyProblems, 69:powerful nations, little as they may like to realize it, are not in so strong a position; they haveProblems, 73:enough to read the signs of the times; they realize that the capitalistic system cannot continueProblems, 87:so that men everywhere are beginning to realize that unless something is fundamentally changed,Problems, 93:we must see it in its true colors and must realize that if the best possible steps, spiritual andProblems, 94:and planning in terms of humanity, and who realize that those who form the various groups -Problems, 94:far too great) and are usually transient. They realize that the only true hope is an enlightenedProblems, 97:is apt to forget; if he remembered it he would realize that the Eastern approach to truth andProblems, 108:trained responsibility; they must be taught to realize that Africa can belong to its own people andProblems, 121:and in line with the divine plan; let them realize that the solutions of the critical problems withProblems, 146:over the hearts and lives of men. Men will then realize that the word "spiritual" has littleProblems, 148:goodwill towards men". They have failed to realize and, therefore, to teach that only as goodwillProblems, 148:on earth can come; they have failed also to realize that there is no glory to God until there isProblems, 155:in the world. The churches in the West need to realize that basically there is only one church butProblems, 170:The masses of men in every land are beginning to realize that they are largely responsible for whatProblems, 175:in the various nations will be forced to realize this and will also be forced to substitute theProblems, 178:and hate with which they are confronted. They realize that there is as yet no systemized spread ofPsychology1, xix:and learns control; the third, could you but realize it, details in some measure the methods andPsychology1, 8:that knowledge an analysis which enables us to realize that the physical body is reacting
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