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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZED

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Astrology, 41:being so pure and holy that Their forces are in realized contact with Their emanating source. WeAstrology, 206:of the sense of power. When these faults are realized and are overcome, the result is twofold: theAstrology, 240:whilst in manifestation, the creative plan is realized in consciousness. The unfoldment of the planAstrology, 259:purpose for which form life exists begins to be realized and the desire for personalityAstrology, 260:place and the raising up of substance is not yet realized. It is interesting to note that ScorpioAstrology, 300:by astronomers down the ages than has yet been realized, and here you have a case in point. Astrology, 348:lies behind everyone of them - a fact but little realized as yet by astrologers. This will be moreAstrology, 360:struggle which, in a human being, is consciously realized as being between soul and personality.Astrology, 361:human liberation. These facts are being slowly realized in London, ahead of the realization whichAstrology, 381:earlier comments. Scorpio is, as you will have realized, the dominant arm through which the mostAstrology, 457:I wish to refer and it is one which is little realized by the average occult student. I refer toAstrology, 466:hidden within the form of the personality, is realized and the inner, spiritual man institutes theAstrology, 476:The seven centers wherein these results are realized. Let me remind students that all the twelveAstrology, 485:of this dual process can be seen if it is realized that three great signs - Leo, Sagittarius,Astrology, 509:I exist." The dualism of the second ray is first realized in the fifth house by man, the embodiedAstrology, 583:is, therefore, incentive and not impulse; it is realized purpose and not the expression of desire.Astrology, 585:lower self-will, which is the name we give to realized and determined desire. It could then createAstrology, 592:and more than the will-to-be-active. There is a realized achievement from the very start for thisAstrology, 593:The note of synthesis and triumph - realized and complete - persists behind all that we canAstrology, 593:and by occult teachers is distorted unless it is realized that just as humanity strives towards theAstrology, 597:destroys successively all forms in order that realized fruition may eventuate. That is the clue toAstrology, 602:in human polarization and human objectives - realized objectives. Let us now see how these basicAstrology, 623:aspect of the will, which is a point very little realized by the mass of men. It is the will toAstrology, 630:but is none of these phases essentially, having realized them, prior to manifestation. This thirdAstrology, 630:and form and later complete at-one-ment realized between That which is neither consciousness norAstrology, 680:"Certain facts have already been grasped and realized by the average occult student who has beenAtom, 13:out of its calculation much that is known and realized as truth by the average man, even though heAtom, 35:assertions are therefore out of order, for it is realized that perhaps the next discovery mayAtom, 53:in which omnipotence and omniscience are realized: in a word, to the full realization of theAtom, 55:is that which can be felt) contacted, and realized as tangible. Yet in both these interpretationsAtom, 129:feel that it is something we should like to see realized. It is good to remember that the more weAutobiography, 39:I knew exactly where I stood in that crowd and realized that it was my correct place and indicatedAutobiography, 40:and all the Masters are eternally dedicated. I realized for the first time, though in a dim andAutobiography, 52:"eau de vie" and proceeded to publish. Then they realized that those three words are the FrenchAutobiography, 68:of Asia; I needed more protection than I realized at the time; I was prone to do the stupidestAutobiography, 95:ideas as to skill in action. I was aghast, and realized that my marvellous, heroic, spiritualAutobiography, 125:There was nothing that I could do and I realized that I must handle my life alone and do what wasAutobiography, 174:his opposition than Mr. Warrington. The latter realized our sincerity and apart from organizationalAutobiography, 199:which is useful and right, and I have always realized that when people have been too frank with oneAutobiography, 210:talks. One of the things I feel we both deeply realized in that friendship was that under the skinBethlehem, 27:IV, 13.) Initiation is therefore a graded and realized series of expansions of consciousness, aBethlehem, 27:be followed in full waking consciousness, being realized simultaneously by the indwelling divineBethlehem, 74:precede the revelation of the Christ? When it is realized, then we can say with St Paul: "For HisBethlehem, 95:great task of Christ. Through the power of His realized divinity He produced the man who blended inBethlehem, 148:Holy Ghost aspect, and the truth of this can be realized if we study the Christian concept of theBethlehem, 163:life is one with His. This will be increasingly realized and will bring forth into clearer and moreBethlehem, 168:happens is along the line of love. If this is realized as fact and fundamental truth, it illuminesBethlehem, 183:The early Fathers recognized this truth, and realized that the story written in the heavens had aBethlehem, 196:its more material range of activities is also realized, it necessarily follows that a sense ofBethlehem, 254:is that Birth into the Deathless Race may be realized here and now, as it has been realized alreadyBethlehem, 254:may be realized here and now, as it has been realized already by those of humanity who have beenDestiny, 32:of time, both to space and to event. It will be realized before long that time is entirely a brainDestiny, 66:something as yet little known or intelligently realized. What I give you, therefore, under thisDestiny, 75:Science or knowledge, via [75] Venus. In this a realized cooperation with the soul ray, which isDestiny, 79:principles. The need for this assertion is realized by many in Germany but the negative PisceanDestiny, 148:right human relations; it is also the desire - realized or unrealized - of humanity, and we knowDestiny, 149:will be the distinctive keynote. It is seldom realized that hundreds of thousands of people inDiscipleship1, 15:the right kind of impression. This can only be realized after much time has elapsed and muchDiscipleship1, 18:from their own free choice and because they have realized the immediate and coming need of humanityDiscipleship1, 23:see the link of pure love and of soul relation, realized and utilized in group form and work isDiscipleship1, 29:results will be - if any are to be objectively realized. The results may be sensed by me alone onDiscipleship1, 31:materialize in this present life time. Have you realized, however, my brothers, what occultDiscipleship1, 68:and even weeks for the impression to be finally realized and consciously registered on theDiscipleship1, 113:be. You have seen the need to serve and have realized the field of service which is for you theDiscipleship1, 143:once the nature of the problem is seen and realized. There is the method of a sudden and drasticDiscipleship1, 153:and adjustments which have been your inner realized goal for some long time and which can be moreDiscipleship1, 158:are very close - closer than either of you have realized. Weakness for you both lies in the failureDiscipleship1, 179:itself predominantly as devotion to duty as realized, and to responsibility as recognized, and notDiscipleship1, 186:out, and also by responding steadily and in realized loneliness to the call of duty and service.Discipleship1, 215:with your fellow disciples and this you have realized and it has troubled you. The difficulty isDiscipleship1, 218:and the powerful vibration of your aspiration is realized. Let devotion now be transmuted into anDiscipleship1, 254:soul and your sixth ray personality. You have realized that for you (in this incarnation) only loveDiscipleship1, 285:be the emergence into being of that which can be realized as the externalizations of your innerDiscipleship1, 295:with it joy, but responsibility; discipline but realized gain. The work to be done by a sannyasinDiscipleship1, 310:loneliness has oft beset you, yet you have realized at the same time that that type of lonelinessDiscipleship1, 310:a finer and more clear-cut and clearly realized detachment is for you, therefore, a majorDiscipleship1, 323:since I last instructed you and have learnt and realized much of what the inner path of realityDiscipleship1, 323:perhaps cease and the work will go on with no realized tensions and, consequently, with no momentsDiscipleship1, 325:not know he lacks them. The inner, dynamic and realized goodness of a first ray disciple can beDiscipleship1, 331:is, in your case, based upon three things: A realized sense of divinity, of the beauty of the lifeDiscipleship1, 401:the non-essential. This I think you know. Having realized this, a future of constructive beautyDiscipleship1, 408:and a more established peace. This you oft have realized you need. Give the next few months to aDiscipleship1, 452:must be fought out in the mind and on realized mental levels; that is for you definitely a mentalDiscipleship1, 457:- D.I.J. January 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: Have you realized how intense has been the testing time toDiscipleship1, 474:inner side, even if this intent is not correctly realized by the physical brain consciousness. NowDiscipleship1, 477:was noted and recorded. Those who watch have realized that your determination is as strong as everDiscipleship1, 477:purification. The need for this you have realized and you have demanded to be purified. The work isDiscipleship1, 519:and can break through to a deepened and more realized knowledge if you can train yourself inDiscipleship1, 531:in fact. It is this hidden something that I have realized and sought to draw forth. Your lifeDiscipleship1, 594:in the Ashram of a Master is something little realized by the average disciple. Whilst this type ofDiscipleship1, 654:you. You are the theme of all you say. Had you realized this, my brother? I think not. We need youDiscipleship1, 694:a Master's group and his Ashram. This is seldom realized. Many people can be found in a Master'sDiscipleship1, 706:disciples than you are - little as this may be realized. They are - consciously or unconsciously -Discipleship1, 752:his point of view) quite unexpectedly to the realized vibration of the Master as he functions atDiscipleship1, 757:can be included. Some day, it will be all "realized Hierarchy" for the Hierarchy is but a state ofDiscipleship2, 50:of the desired inner contact was based upon a realized group relation. It was intended to be anDiscipleship2, 62:this stage in humanity's history. Once they have realized that, they are already being absorbedDiscipleship2, 107:slowly being gathered together. Have you ever realized (I seek here to make you think and reason)Discipleship2, 116:done mentally. When this has been achieved and realized, there follows next the concentration ofDiscipleship2, 121:practically entirely quiescent and only become a realized activity as the soul establishes
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