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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZED

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Fire, 317:clarity of thought will eventuate only as it is realized: First, that all manifestation emanates,Fire, 326:student; this fact - when [326] conceded and realized - serves in a wonderful way to clarify theFire, 326:as the vibratory action of these ethers is realized, and as the details concerning theirFire, 327:only to point out those which can be easily realized as having a correspondence on the buddhicFire, 338:the underlying idea more clearly if it is realized that: The Spirit employs manas in all thatFire, 351:The faculty of acquiring knowledge [351] must be realized as paralleling the development of theFire, 352:atom in that scheme evinces; only when it is realized that a solar Logos is similarly the manasicFire, 353:or the purposeful expression of the realized Identity of some great Self which colors the life andFire, 353:and the truth of this will be seen when it is realized that all our planes form the cosmic physicalFire, 359:unified, this magnetic interplay is little realized, and the psychic flow from one scheme toFire, 370:Logos of Jupiter and His influence will not be realized nor felt until the sixth [371] round is inFire, 386:Certain facts have already been grasped and realized by the average occult student who has beenFire, 397:Factor 2. Manas and Karmic Purpose If it is realized by the student that manas and intelligentFire, 397:the microcosm for momentary study. It should be realized by all students that man is Spirit or theFire, 398:the intelligence or manas, and it should also be realized that the statement of this fact (which isFire, 399:the abstract and the concrete. This is already realized to be true in connection with man, and itFire, 405:process, limited by it. In fact, little as it is realized, the deva evolution controls for theFire, 407:buddhic, by the aid of manas, will gradually be realized. This will be done as manas is transmutedFire, 411:when Their place in the scheme of things is realized and Their relative unimportance is considered.Fire, 420:That which must be emphasized is the little realized concept that this assertion of "I am"Fire, 424:four types of force mentioned above are somewhat realized, and their relationship to the adaptationFire, 429:cosmic ether) will be studied, for it will be realized that the life of those Entities, Whom weFire, 453:them to reveal what they have individually long realized. Etheric vision is comparatively commonFire, 463:should be studied. The following facts should be realized: The powerful vibration of the Lords ofFire, 482:secret of electrical vibration, which is only realized in an elementary way when a man knows theFire, 512:will get a clue to the problems of existence as realized around us, to the causes of the heat ofFire, 529:all substances (as yet but little contacted and realized) lies a third type of force, whichFire, 536:spirillae within that permanent atom. This, if realized, [537] gives a new outlook upon the subjectFire, 548:from one conscious sphere to another will be realized; the method of arousing consciousness on theFire, 548:in human thought (even though this is little realized) through the study of vocational education,Fire, 639:the Logos. Its importance cannot be too strongly realized for it has the effect of transferring theFire, 662:of his physical plane activities. If man only realized it, the devas of the astral plane at presentFire, 674:the cosmic physical. This is a point but little realized. The dense physical body of the planetaryFire, 683:is first felt and the contact between the two realized. Herein lies a hint which will serve aFire, 689:and the producers of individualization or the realized consciousness, the Agnishvattas, the greatFire, 791:at which the solar Pitris are. This (if fully realized by man) will bring him to a very carefulFire, 796:in "animal magnetism" in man, is little realized, while the even more potent factor of the magneticFire, 807:will or purpose of the Ego is now consciously realized upon the physical plane. The three permanentFire, 807:When the will and purpose of the Ego are realized by man in his waking consciousness in theFire, 834:and dense manifestation of the solar Logos is realized, then the place played by the solar AngelsFire, 850:If these words are pondered on, it will be realized that true union exists in the realization thatFire, 850:of consciousness brings man closer to this realized Oneness. Fire, 863:radiation that is only responded to and realized by those who themselves are becoming aware of theFire, 877:factor in manifestation, man, it should be realized that knowledge was inherent in the previousFire, 895:between the birds and the devas be accurately realized by the occult student unless he appliesFire, 900:of the logoic physical body. When this is realized, the work of the deva essence takes due place;Fire, 904:understood and studied, and its true condition realized, the reality of the existence of theseFire, 922:will be confusing to students unless it is realized that we are here considering these aspects onlyFire, 952:plan becomes more vital and apparent when it is realized that one of his main responsibilities isFire, 960:done only becomes possible when two things are realized: Direct alignment. The transmission of theFire, 976:physical plane means. This is becoming more realized, but until the race has reached a point ofFire, 979:to make the most progress. This has ever been realized by all leaders of occult movements. ThatFire, 979:reticence. It might be of value here if students realized that every good speaker is doing a mostFire, 1013:physical manifestation. This point is but little realized by the average thinker, but the parallelFire, 1030:of the work of the builders. If they but realized it, the key to much that is connected with theFire, 1118:the circulation of the fires is (as may be well realized) sevenfold in nature according to theFire, 1123:of their fellow men. All this must be somewhat realized and visioned before a man on the physicalFire, 1180:things. These should be carefully considered and realized as the subject is studied. They mustFire, 1184:and seen in their true radiance, it will be realized that the point of attainment of our solarFire, 1199:being so pure and holy that Their forces are in realized contact with Their emanating source. WeFire, 1210:till the true function of the etheric body is realized. It is the attractive agent for those livesFire, 1216:immolation and sacrifice of that which has been realized. This is crucifixion, the basic law of allFire, 1216:that eventually a relation between that which is realized as part of the group and the unit isFire, 1218:lead them on to the point of sacrificing that realized self so that divine purpose and will may beFire, 1218:will become an active expression of His self-realized purpose. The final two laws concerning groupFire, 1258:a clue to the secret may be gained if it is realized that in a peculiar and esoteric sense the sunGlamour, 22:produced when both glamor and illusion are realized on etheric levels. It is that vital unthinkingGlamour, 22:on the Threshold is illusion-glamor-maya, as realized by the physical brain and recognized as thatGlamour, 23:weight of the world glamor is increasingly [23] realized, and hence the vital necessity for rightGlamour, 39:its part and the Dweller is seldom adequately realized. I would here remind you of a stupendousGlamour, 42:and their use and control have always to be realized and worked out in full consciousness upon theGlamour, 42:levels of the astral and mental planes must be realized in the brain consciousness. It is thereGlamour, 43:and their purpose and activity have to be realized in the brain consciousness of the disciple as heGlamour, 55:But the uniqueness of the experience in the realized content of the mind of the disciple leads himGlamour, 72:which envelops humanity at this time must be realized as a definite substantial thing, and must beGlamour, 75:and only when men stand with empty hands and a realized new standard of values do they againGlamour, 85:the astral plane, though this is as yet little realized) you have the battle of a pair of [86]Glamour, 125:is the initial revelation, and it is when he has realized the implication of this and has [126] setGlamour, 161:condition of the situation which underlies the realized dualism. [162] Their approach to theGlamour, 170:of great unrealized truths - truths which can be realized in great measure and for the first timeGlamour, 213:united effort upon the physical plane is being realized today on a large scale, and the war effortGlamour, 216:[216] The stage in which these three lights are realized to be one unified light - a searchlight,Glamour, 226:the idea of the work being group work firmly realized and with a steady recognition of the membersGlamour, 231:of all sounded forth by the group soul (the realized unity of the souls of all the group members)Healing, 32:the world of physical plane life [32] are seldom realized or discussed. This is a somewhat newHealing, 59:are sharing with them. This is beginning to be realized. So close, however, is the relation betweenHealing, 61:the cure of cancer, and this will eventually be realized. I am using this phrase not onlyHealing, 69:truth, ancient but new in application and today realized for the first time. The increasedHealing, 111:result of right timing by the soul. It must be realized by students that the physical form is anHealing, 121:to the disease. This is a fact little known or realized, but explains why disciples and advancedHealing, 174:are his aims directed? What is the nature of his realized ambitions? To what does he aspire?Healing, 233:blows out his brains. This is seldom realized, but the truth will become increasingly apparent.Healing, 237:doing will gradually be stamped out. It will be realized that all crime is founded upon some formHealing, 316:are far more abstruse than is [316] generally realized. From the standpoint of the esotericist,Healing, 349:good. There is everywhere, little as it may be realized, an abundance of good karma of a potencyHealing, 370:a source outside the physical body is not yet realized, but it will embody one of the new modes ofHealing, 412:essential immortality will be demonstrated and realized to be a fact in nature. - Page 96. WithinHealing, 437:wishful thinking, a hypothesis or an urge. It is realized as an innate necessity and as inevitable.Healing, 480:When the psychological basis of disease can be realized and its factual nature is admitted by theHealing, 496:presentations of truth. If, however, it is realized that time is not known apart from physical
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