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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALIZED

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Psychology2, 563:of sight. Extract 4 Hearing - Beatitude. This is realized through the not-self. Touch - Service.Psychology2, 563:through the utilization of the not-self and its realized adequacy. Smell - Perfected Knowledge. ThePsychology2, 600:goal, so that it is no longer seen but is realized as fact, has never yet killed anyone. It isPsychology2, 602:of duality must eventually be transformed into a realized mental clarity; dualism must give placePsychology2, 621:will have a subjective result little grasped or realized by the average student and all these workPsychology2, 641:causes have not been touched, even when realized by a few. The attempt has been made to rightPsychology2, 650:problems are perhaps the most easily handled and realized, because they are the most easilyPsychology2, 677:present, even if weak and as yet but little realized. The second function of the New Group of WorldRays, 10:comprehended by the sons of men. If they but realized that by a disposition to fall under lunarRays, 10:assume their just responsibilities; if they realized that by the constant attempt to impose theRays, 22:and these the group must know. When this is realized and the Law of the Supplementary Seven isRays, 42:Once alignment has been achieved, it will be realized [43] (remembering the symbolism of the head,Rays, 45:form experience. It is being oriented towards a realized unity and identification with the lifeRays, 77:state of personality consciousness has to be realized at the very center of man's being; there theRays, 86:expressed will of the Christ Child when He realized in the Temple that He must be about HisRays, 99:thinking, an hypothesis or an urge. It is realized as an innate necessity and as inevitable. ItRays, 104:body which proceed upon their work without any realized consciousness on the part of the man). HisRays, 106:level of the intelligence of the aspirant) it is realized that there is no identity apart fromRays, 108:with it, proceeding stage by stage from one realized purpose to another higher one, each stepRays, 118:him with an occult perception hitherto not realized as existing - a perception which permits him toRays, 148:and these the group must know. When this is realized and the Law of the Supplementary Seven isRays, 171:of "well - Being," esoterically understood is realized, for it is comprehended as the will-to-good.Rays, 193:to which Paul testified later in his life. He realized the nature of the Law, as his later epistlesRays, 198:participates in the experience, subjectively realized, of the disciples whom He has prepared forRays, 208:proved in any way satisfactory, was early realized by the Hierarchy. However, it has takenRays, 218:establishing of a point of tension upon slowly realized higher levels, carried on until theRays, 223:can be more easily understood if it is realized that it means the extension of the point of tensionRays, 237:as a whole. Millions of years ago, the Hierarchy realized that such a time of crisis and ofRays, 299:cannot be lost or disproved. Once seen and realized, it becomes as much a fact in its possessor'sRays, 300:We have life in activity but love, based on realized unity and leading to expressed synthesis, isRays, 305:known to every sincere aspirant, or one which is realized for what they are at a lower level ofRays, 314:but Thine be done," indicated His monadic and realized "destiny." The meaning of these words is notRays, 332:failed in their divinely assigned tasks. It is realized everywhere that new life must be poured inRays, 357:or solar manifestation. It is therefore to be realized that the Hierarchy is definitely under theRays, 364:assumption will be discarded, and it will be realized that all activity which drives the humanRays, 365:third initiation is taken, and still another is realized at the time of the seventh initiation.Rays, 371:activity and - little as you may have realized it - it is this constant inflow which aids in theRays, 385:initiation. The Hierarchy for the first time realized the complete success of the vast work,Rays, 392:conditioning decision - in line, consciously realized, with divine Purpose and entailingRays, 407:other group of Masters in training. It must be realized that the Buddhas of Activity, of Whom thereRays, 414:at one of the higher initiations and it is then realized by the initiates that there is a good andRays, 418:the [418] same. Until more divine attributes are realized as existing and recognized as aspects, itRays, 466:or blending; only when this is intelligently realized can the disciple begin to weave the threadsRays, 515:but knowledge and conviction, and upon this realized conviction the disciple rests, acts andRays, 516:antahkarana is the stage first consciously realized by the disciple. I am faced with difficulty inRays, 542:in the world today; the intention behind this realized fusion and tension is to enable humanity (asRays, 557:all the existences within our planetary Life are realized and consciously used for the working outRays, 565:tension and governed - in a sense not hitherto realized - by the Law of Cause and Effect. This LawRays, 574:life is potent in the extreme; this is easily realized, owing to the fact that his mind and hisRays, 579:large group of aspirants (far larger than is realized) will pass through the experience of theRays, 597:Some of this success is due also to a little-realized function of this fifth ray energy - that ofRays, 598:factual recognition, but is only progressively realized by the evolving spiritual man. It is wellRays, 633:produces serious conflict and one that is little realized by those who cannot penetrate into theRays, 666:sense of the term, for it is seldom accurately realized or consciously prepared for, as is the caseRays, 668:in their truest connotation and with a correctly realized objective, at the birth of the "new man."Rays, 679:that of the national angle. It is everywhere realized that the demagogue, for instance, who swaysRays, 685:by a series of disillusionments which, when realized and comprehended, leave the aspirant no choiceRays, 685:freedoms. This basic aspect of initiation - when realized by the initiate - ties his experienceRays, 698:to a far greater extent than is at present realized, is also under control - a control which isRays, 723:defined as something akin to "immersion in a realized state of Being," because the initiate is aRays, 728:him the quality of the solar system. When it is realized that our planetary purpose is mysteriouslyReappearance, 18:responsibility of government; it is, therefore, realized by the Hierarchy that before the cycle ofReappearance, 69:of the Christ and His disciples, it must be realized that the point of crisis which is responsibleReappearance, 94:will be seen; the love that never ceases will be realized, and the radiance, deep concealed, willReappearance, 108:being much discussed; it is being increasingly realized that it is a major human need, and the onlyReappearance, 124:failed in their divinely assigned tasks. It is realized everywhere that new life must be poured in,Reappearance, 169:love of God" has full play. There, it is fully realized that (in the words of St. Paul) "the wholeReappearance, 170:this uniformity of spiritual intention and of realized demand, then there is only one thing whichReappearance, 188:era of goodwill and understanding. It must be realized, however, that it is no millennium for whichSoul, 33:hope - we know, however, that if it is to be realized, we ourselves must help to bring about thatTelepathy, 20:of this kind of communication than is now realized. People today do not know whence various mentalTelepathy, 91:initiation after initiation, the divine WHOLE is realized by man. The method is impressed from a
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