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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALLY

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Astrologyunprovable. As yet, however, astrology has not really proved itself to the world of thought andAstrology, 63:or the place of the Sun in the heavens, do not really coincide. When we state, for instance, thatAstrology, 84:eternal soul, and the Cross of the Spirit. This really means that he has passed through threeAstrology, 86:for that now holding sway. This new astrology really embodies five sciences: [87] The Science ofAstrology, 125:all that we can intelligently comprehend) begins really in Pisces; though impulsed (if I may useAstrology, 201:race to our present Aryan race will we begin really to understand the significance of the processAstrology, 229:Lamb) and those ruled by Capricorn, the Goat. It really marks the distinction between the ordinaryAstrology, 238:is related in that ancient scripture of India really took place in the first instance inAstrology, 255:Hierarchy, the human. This, however, we are not really in a position to study, because when theAstrology, 309:for the lower more material aspects of life have really no great appeal to him; he is thenAstrology, 341:cross of initiation - one which will only become really clear when the final stages of the path areAstrology, 527:The next few years will see it gain. What is really happening is a shift in the human consciousnessAstrology, 615:and that which finally overcomes death. Death is really deterioration in time and space and is dueAstrology, 666:and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire "Neptune does not really belong to our system, in spite of itsAtom, 28:or brothers whom we can succor and assist. It really involves the conscious contacting of the idealAtom, 36:a quality, and where you have a quality you are really considering the field of psychic phenomena.Atom, 42:circumscribed degree. Have we not, therefore, really got back to what might be termed the "psycheAtom, 54:to consider somewhat the question of what a form really is. If we turn to a dictionary we will findAtom, 99:and of these three it is only possible, really, to define two in any way with clarity. [100]Atom, 104:quickly, while others we call stupid. It is not really that one is more or less essentially stupidAtom, 110:misconception these days as to what meditation really is, and there is a great deal of so-calledAtom, 113:greater Identity of which he is a part. This is really what all advanced men are beginning more orAtom, 134:himself with that group. This is all that is really meant by the teaching given about the Path inAtom, 139:means of color and sound, are others. All that really concerns us at this time is that we shouldAtom, 158:of the life to all that is around, that really matters; and, above all, the effect that we areAutobiography, 1:in Scotland who said that he felt that I would really render a service if I could show people how IAutobiography, 6:going to do nothing for ever and ever. Now that really would be hell and I don't want to go there.Autobiography, 12:and hoping. Yet I was 35 years old before I really discovered that I had a mind and that it wasAutobiography, 31:at school; I was good at history and literature, really very good. I had been given a goodAutobiography, 38:Now I know that I participated in something that really took place. At the time of this dualAutobiography, 42:Who could be met everywhere and touched and really known, Who truly loved all beings - good and badAutobiography, 43:doing what I could to save their souls. I had a really deep knowledge of the Bible, good taste inAutobiography, 43:knowledge of the Bible, good taste in clothes, really good looks and a most profound and completeAutobiography, 44:look shocked sometimes when you should. That is really serious. I decided that you did not know anyAutobiography, 51:is most wonderfully kind." But - it was not a really kind God that I proclaimed. God was kind to meAutobiography, 56:that if I was truly interested in my topic, if I really loved my audience and not Alice LaAutobiography, 56:that word then) I might get away with it and be really useful. Curiously enough I have never hadAutobiography, 56:and learnt to like speaking, so that now I am really happier on a platform than anywhere else.Autobiography, 57:touch of swelled head. I decided that I must be really good if intelligent men like that cameAutobiography, 57:like that came Sunday after Sunday to hear me. I really let myself go. At the close of the seriesAutobiography, 59:most, I believe, because I discovered that she really loved me. I shared her bedroom in the funnyAutobiography, 59:Once she gave me a real shock and started, I really believe, the cycle of interior questioningAutobiography, 69:taking over from her. My major trouble really was that I was too young for the responsibility.Autobiography, 69:matter much seemed to be quite appalling, and really [70] serious things did not strike me thatAutobiography, 70:and taking it by and large, I do not think I really did so badly. I was at first almost stunned byAutobiography, 76:Moody and Sankey's hymn book which, from its really lovely, lilting tunes, has its points but asAutobiography, 77:the moments in my life (now far behind) when I really was preposterously conceited were coming outAutobiography, 78:of passing on to other work. Subconsciously I really never did believe in hell, and a lot of theAutobiography, 79:this wasn't done in my day and my conduct was really quite outrageous from the angle of Mrs.Autobiography, 82:name right, but it is of no moment. I believe he really loved me. He was an ancient gentleman withAutobiography, 84:burning to a crisp in hell fire. Now that really did seem unfair to me. They had not asked to beAutobiography, 85:if God was as I had pictured Him and if I really understood God and what He wanted, could He be GodAutobiography, 85:you cannot believe in Me that's too bad, for I'm really worth believing in, but I cannot and willAutobiography, 88:to be of such aristocratic connections (and they really were) that the possibility or theAutobiography, 93:tried. I only remember laughing twice and then I really did laugh. We got off at Avignon for a mealAutobiography, 97:lace [97] when quite a young girl and it was really beautiful. For several years I had made herAutobiography, 98:into his hands. He was a brilliant man and really understood me. I went to him terrified over myAutobiography, 101:when I wanted without a single [101] thought. I really had had no personal difficulties to face.Autobiography, 104:except on religious views. He knew nothing really of my background and I knew less of his. We bothAutobiography, 111:all the gossip and talk emanated. The climate is really lovely, though very hot and dry in theAutobiography, 112:was born in August 1912 and it was then I really woke up to the astounding fact that it was not theAutobiography, 113:People began to find out what Walter Evans really was. I was up on the ninth day after Mildred'sAutobiography, 129:men and little by little I won them, so that I really had a good time. I never lacked for fish toAutobiography, 132:were absent at the front. It never seemed to me really logical, because the man at the front or theAutobiography, 133:is not. I hope to show, if I can, what it really is. This marked the opening of a new spiritual eraAutobiography, 140:talked about Christ [140] and His Church I was really speaking of Christ and the planetaryAutobiography, 141:There are only two other theories which [141] really warrant attention. One is the "mechanical"Autobiography, 142:unthinking. It dawned on me, too, that there was really no reason because a priest or teacher sixAutobiography, 143:under the Law of Rebirth, the present really happy situation between my three girls and myselfAutobiography, 146:points; I cannot be turned from my purpose; I really love people; I'm not a bit proud. I have aAutobiography, 147:and used to be very critical but I am not really critical any more because I have a knack of seeingAutobiography, 147:most irritating. They pose as if they were really the anointed of the Lord; as if they wereAutobiography, 151:I should be rich, for neither poverty nor riches really matter? Who am I that I should have perfectAutobiography, 166:and that I had the opportunity of doing a really valuable piece of work. He told me that it was He,Autobiography, 177:my husband, Foster Bailey, and, for another, no really decent and self-respecting woman would liveAutobiography, 188:the world, and their education, therefore, was really a very broad one. All this time Foster wasAutobiography, 196:eliminative, only keeping those who would really work hard and who showed signs of true mentalAutobiography, 205:all the swimming and clamming they needed. I'm really a great hand at clam chowder. Thanks to theAutobiography, 206:no matter what the subject was, and never really benefited from anything they heard. The time,Autobiography, 206:of the greatest deprivations. My doctor does not really sanction it and my husband worriesAutobiography, 214:to the modern generation. But those of us who really studied it and arrived at some understandingAutobiography, 226:and admirably suited to her. It is one of those really happy marriages that are satisfying toAutobiography, 232:them as their horoscope indicated. What they are really saying amounts to - I am an entirelyAutobiography, 263:non-essentials and isolate the truths which are really occult and thus vision clearly the goal ofBethlehem, 70:nowhere else can it be paralleled? Can anything really happen on this "ball of dust" of such vitalBethlehem, 70:what happens to us in the realm of consciousness really does matter in the cosmic scheme. We knowBethlehem, 108:would have been our attitude to Christ? What really took place in the consciousness of Christ whileBethlehem, 121:health may be ultimately true when divinity is really expressed, but it is not expressed byBethlehem, 124:battle between two branches of the same family - really between the higher and the lower self - andBethlehem, 140:vary in their presentation of divinity. Some are really subhuman as yet. Others are simply human,Bethlehem, 169:supreme value for us to realize that what Christ really did was to usher in the era of Service,Bethlehem, 179:is of importance for us is what part Christ really played as the World Savior, and what constitutedBethlehem, 181:a question which, interesting as it is, is not really very important. The main thing being that theBethlehem, 187:briefly and succinctly, what it would appear really transpired when Christ died upon the Cross. HeBethlehem, 190:the certainty that it is inclusive enough to be really divine. Sin exists, and there is sacrificeBethlehem, 193:for us, there has been a revolt; and in this really wholesome reaction there is the normal tendencyBethlehem, 204:a fundamental law of God. What we are really doing is breaking the Law of Love, which knows noBethlehem, 208:It was predetermined from the beginning, and really dated from the time when, after the BaptismBethlehem, 208:visioned. In none of these respects was Christ really unique. But His suffering was based upon HisBethlehem, 211:the beloved Apostle, the one closest to Jesus, really understood; and in his Epistles the emphasis
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