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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALLY

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Bethlehem, 223:when we can utter the five Words of Power do we really understand the meaning of God and His love.Bethlehem, 225:upon the Crucifixion, let us consider what really was the purpose of Christ's sacrifice. Why did HeBethlehem, 226:teaching - but it is the inner meaning which really concerns us, and this we can sense only when weBethlehem, 248:that immortality is the safeguarding of what we really care about. The factor on which we place theBethlehem, 248:values, we are sure of immortality." What we really care about, then, in our highest moments, whenBethlehem, 271:mystery of man is Christ the God-man. He alone really and finally places human nature in the rightBethlehem, 271:as more than a mere creature. If there is really a God-man there is also a Man-god, that is 'man'Bethlehem, 280:salvation and our own hope of heaven that the really unique things which Christ did have largelyDestiny, 7:situation in the future when the Aquarian Age is really established and the Piscean influences areDestiny, 8:Fascism, and Communism, though they are not really as new as people are apt to think. They areDestiny, 11:war, and of world anxiety and terror does not really mean that you are seeing the picture as it isDestiny, 20:hate and separation. Only a few, here and there, really grasp the vision of the future and realizeDestiny, 24:directing center for the Hierarchy. Little is really known of the will of God except by Those WhoseDestiny, 27:future. This is a fact of great interest and of really practical import. It takes us, moreover,Destiny, 38:true, for we know not yet what divinity really means; in these three, however, we have threeDestiny, 41:of the seventh ray is white magic, do you really understand what I mean? I question it. Have youDestiny, 80:of the people and its emergence into control is really taking place today in Berlin and upon theDestiny, 89:nation's power shifts, as it will and as it now really is shifting from Washington to New York, theDestiny, 101:The next few years will see its gain. What is really happening is a shift in the humanDiscipleship1, 11:out individually in the crucible of experience really penetrate into the living consciousness andDiscipleship1, 13:my brothers. Later, when the group is really established, it should begin to function outwardly andDiscipleship1, 46:you in this particular group in my Ashram as yet really work in meditation upon those levels whereDiscipleship1, 54:will become ever more clear to you what the Plan really is. It is as difficult for me to explainDiscipleship1, 78:standpoint of useful service. I found that I was really serving myself and not humanity. FromDiscipleship1, 87:They are of little technical use to you and really increase your responsibility. If, however, theyDiscipleship1, 88:ideal or theoretical assumption, but they do not really love humanity as a whole. There are limitsDiscipleship1, 129:you. You need to learn to see people as they really are and appreciating, as heretofore, the divineDiscipleship1, 162:builders and the architects of the Plan only really begins when that which they are constructingDiscipleship1, 202:work - must come from the soul. The group is not really working (as does the average healer), withDiscipleship1, 263:this at no cost to your achieved poise nor your really fine efficiency. You will know whereof IDiscipleship1, 289:and questionings of your personality do not really matter in the long run and in the light of soulDiscipleship1, 290:to bear upon the problem. Your analogy is not really in order. I was not speaking in terms ofDiscipleship1, 327:intrinsically are and to portray facts as they really exist, has militated against your power toDiscipleship1, 356:behind the act of breathing and not at all really in the inflation and deflation of the torso. TheDiscipleship1, 386:upon your daily life and service if you can really accomplish this exercise will be far more potentDiscipleship1, 407:The work of this particular group cannot really begin until the personalities of the members areDiscipleship1, 413:if you so desired, but this you do not really seek to do, and the question is whether you wouldDiscipleship1, 417:and humility are present can a disciple really serve. Cultivate, therefore, these qualities andDiscipleship1, 433:and the demands of a physical vehicle, too frail really to handle the force [434] which must flowDiscipleship1, 451:knows the meaning of motive (for that is only really known and comprehended by those who haveDiscipleship1, 453:achieve a steady, forward-looking attitude and really work at future stabilization andDiscipleship1, 458:training. The emerging fact that none of you is really alone. All of you are seen and watched and,Discipleship1, 460:phrases (such as these I oftentimes give) are really untranslatable; I but put them into EnglishDiscipleship1, 461:weeks of preparation, that is of no importance really for the gains will be there and will registerDiscipleship1, 508:progress has been made and your astral body is really quieter. This you know yourself. You areDiscipleship1, 512:you frequently fail to see people as they really are, for you see them through the illusion inducedDiscipleship1, 522:what may eventuate. Naught can occur that can really shatter your achieved balance. Know this.Discipleship1, 590:and thus demonstrate your own idea. 4. Do you really desire to organize a group and feel that youDiscipleship1, 598:the window there is nothing to be seen as it really is. All is distorted. Your problem is theDiscipleship1, 622:well what I would say and, therefore, that I really need not speak. I hear you laugh at times andDiscipleship1, 638:here you can begin to do the life work that is really yours. Have patience, therefore, for a yearDiscipleship1, 657:1937 I wonder, brother of mine, if you have ever really grasped the truth that the sense of beingDiscipleship1, 657:attitude. When, therefore, your second ray soul really dominates, that sense which now controlsDiscipleship1, 657:Never, my brother, for a single second do you really disappear from the picture, even in what youDiscipleship1, 657:theory outstrips your performance. Hence your really profound unhappiness and disappointment. WhatDiscipleship1, 660:caused by an inner tension and tautness which is really quite unnecessary. To offset that, I wouldDiscipleship1, 661:and successes. You would then be in a position, really, to sense the importance of the work, theDiscipleship1, 661:of your opportunities at this time, and your really strategic position. But you are too full ofDiscipleship1, 709:separate him from his fellowmen. When he has really learnt these three things, he is initiate. Discipleship1, 711:and essentially, the disciple's attitude is not really of much importance in comparison with theDiscipleship1, 735:of an issue and of the intense aspiration really to love. It does not indicate the inflow ofDiscipleship1, 736:upon his innate realization that he does not really love in the spontaneous, free way of theDiscipleship1, 736:Yet all the time none of these attitudes is really true love nor is their result a lovingDiscipleship1, 743:those who are at this stage of discipleship will really comprehend what I say and profit by theDiscipleship1, 752:and "sphere of influence." What the clairvoyant really contacts is an impression which the mindDiscipleship1, 752:is entirely true in many cases, but what he has really recorded is the quality of a sphere ofDiscipleship2, XII:especially in terms of what modern discipleship really is, and the practical realistic attitudeDiscipleship2, 9:Remarks August 1940 Some of you have really studied my previous instructions; others have givenDiscipleship2, 10:not connote synthesis. I wonder if any of you really grasp the extent of the effort which I have toDiscipleship2, 12:your prevailing glamor. You may ask, what do I really mean by that phrase? I mean that aspect ofDiscipleship2, 48:others too may understand. Humanity has never really lived up to the teaching given to it.Discipleship2, 219:freedom of thought (does such democratic freedom really exist, my brother?) - is forcing men toDiscipleship2, 258:regards as most unusual intuitions. All that is really happening, however, is that he is becomingDiscipleship2, 264:my brother, but "subjective." To be an introvert really means that you, as a thinking personality,Discipleship2, 381:Isolated statements and interesting details are really of no major importance. It is the entireDiscipleship2, 383:stages of discipleship or initiation? What you really mean when you ask this question is: Is theDiscipleship2, 414:of his exact point of attainment before he can really know what the next step is which he mustDiscipleship2, 430:served. This must not be forgotten. It is really not the fault of the individual that he warps andDiscipleship2, 430:Where are you polarized? And what do you really mean when you use that word? What is [431]Discipleship2, 436:name of the "light of the intelligence." It is really the light of what we call the light of theDiscipleship2, 447:difficulty. In some ways, the war has not really touched you very profoundly, even if you retaliateDiscipleship2, 485:your own conclusions and knowledges. What I am really doing, my brother, is indicating to you theDiscipleship2, 486:are of small importance. Few of you are really young; some of you are quite old, though none of youDiscipleship2, 557:What, in your life, would happen if you really acted as if the soul were sounding the 0M? If youDiscipleship2, 575:psychic exercises are undertaken in order really to produce feeling in the centers and so make theDiscipleship2, 594:or want to get close enough, to a person to really know him. You may remember the episode when theDiscipleship2, 600:attitudes is, in your case, essential. You are really cosmopolitan. But in your life demonstrationDiscipleship2, 601:can then take intelligent action. You have not really liked my reference to racial limitations andDiscipleship2, 614:such complete innocence is far from likely. What really lies at the root of your reaction? Let meDiscipleship2, 619:do which surrounds you as a wall, for that is really not the trouble. It is the fact that youDiscipleship2, 620:you. Having pointed this out to you, is anything really clearer in your consciousness? I doubt it,Discipleship2, 680:traveled much and seen the need. This you cannot really know as your life circumstances and yourDiscipleship2, 682:you truly agree with what I said, nor have you really freed yourself from the prejudices to which IDiscipleship2, 691:to you, my beloved brother, that what I am really doing is training you for a special piece ofDiscipleship2, 740:of freedom; he needs to learn that no one is really free, a disciple least of all. [741] You, myDiscipleship2, 763:trust themselves to see their fellowmen as they really are, for fear of a critical spirit - so hardEducation, 33:physical to the vital or etheric body. This is really an extension of the life thread between theEducation, 41:the two great civilizations about which we can really know anything - the Aryan [42] and theEducation, 67:the centers, as many students think. Esotericism really is training in the ability to functionEducation, 73:is a fruitless task and will do little really to help him. It is for this reason that a careful
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