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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALLY

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Education, 74:and fine and imposing, but what do they really mean? I have suggested that the textbooks beEducation, 77:is laid upon petty little things that are not really wrong but are annoying to the parent orEducation, 96:to the Science of the Antahkarana. It is really the true science of occult bridge building orEducation, 99:no service to you to do so, and I am unable to really aid your thought if I jump you forward twoEducation, 112:to be feared; the work of the Destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable. I say this to you whoEducation, 140:incomprehensible and impossible. What is really taking place is the hastening of the processes ofExternalisation, 8:form of what we call "the animal soul," which really corresponds to the Holy Ghost aspect in theExternalisation, 23:to yourselves with quietness and sincerity. Do I really and in truth desire the establishment ofExternalisation, 31:whether there is, in the last analysis, anything really new in them. I will give you further onExternalisation, 93:kingdom and the Forces of Materialism do not really coincide today, for the one works through theExternalisation, 94:nature of a tentative move to see if the time is really ripe for the distribution of such seedExternalisation, 145:second aspect of divinity, and only the soul can really employ these Words and sounds and thusExternalisation, 259:and natural cataclysm - will be employed will really be decided by humanity through its use orExternalisation, 300:Bible is full of such Appearances, but little is really understood about Them. The above are theExternalisation, 376:to end the old and horrid ways of life. Nothing really effective had been done, prior to the war,Externalisation, 379:or general training which would enable him really to grasp the problems or contribute to theirExternalisation, 381:this for several reasons. Frequently they do not really desire to make the sacrifices which suchExternalisation, 381:the outcome of the war, then the one thing that really matters is for man to play his part, toExternalisation, 452:policies. The main reason why there is no really free press is based on two factors: first, theExternalisation, 562:of humanity - can take place, not prematurely really, but securely and in the fullness of time;Externalisation, 592:world in thrall, even though relatively few have really attempted to demonstrate the same qualityExternalisation, 625:general overhead, and only a percentage of it really goes into the teaching of the people, into aFire, 98:the entire system. The etheric body is really a network of fine channels, which are the componentFire, 146:of the first aspect of will or power as it really is. We know it now as will to exist, manifestingFire, 187:and that it is the third root-race which is really human for the first time. Counting, therefore,Fire, 266:occult meaning. - S. D., II, 652. That there are really six not seven principles. That there areFire, 274:deep in the greater concept of karma, which is really the law that governs the matter of the solarFire, 287:that the esoteric aspects of knowledge are really those zones of consciousness which are not yetFire, 353:b. Will and Ordered Purpose Thus all that we can really predicate anent the origin of manas is thatFire, 353:of free-will and of responsibility. Manas is, really WILL working itself out on the physical plane,Fire, 513:is following the lines of least resistance and really might be considered as bearing upon hisFire, 539:spiritual stages, of his evolution, are really related more intimately to the evolution of theFire, 568:rate of rhythm. Unevenness of rhythm is really an illusion of time, and does not exist in theFire, 570:by the generic term, the Law of Karma, and really predicates the effect the Sirian system has onFire, 571:subplane of the cosmic mental plane, which law really controls our Logos, and His actions, in theFire, 571:consciousness, still less systemic, how can we really expect even to conceive of the A B C ofFire, 574:then the reabsorption back into the One. It is really the basic law of evolution, whichFire, 595:may sound like a contradiction, but it is not so really; we must remember the interlocking, theFire, 724:avatars are of three types though there are really many more. They are also extra-systemicFire, 779:fourth or human kingdom becomes radioactive; it really marks the setting in of the period ofFire, 782:and essence." This third group of Pitris is really not correctly termed Pitris at all. The trueFire, 790:the fact that only five centers primarily are really active in average man [791] up to the thirdFire, 798:grasped by a high initiate. This great law really concerns, or is based on causes which areFire, 819:of expression. The evolution of Spirit can really therefore be divided into three stages: First.Fire, 919:more accurate correspondence with things as they really are. This, as has been earlier pointed out,Fire, 1028:underlie the grossly objective; he will not really have ascertained the vital impulses whichFire, 1071:[1071] liberation. (The term "liberation" really means the ability of any conscious atom to passFire, 1072:herbal scientist who is producing new species is really occupied with the effect of sex energy inFire, 1076:through the medium of Venusian energy was really begun in the third round when the triangle ofFire, 1094:We use the term "motion," but what do we really mean? Simply and literally, the manifestation ofFire, 1104:what a complicated thing human unfoldment really is. These energies are: The direct increasingFire, 1165:all that manifests is a sphere, and alignment really consists in unimpeded communication betweenFire, 1180:first, that all these subsidiary laws are really only the manifestation of the One Law; that theyFire, 1183:statement of a platitude, but is susceptible of really deep significance to the student, beingFire, 1185:of mutual help and mutual correction. They are really destined to work together, but neverthelessFire, 1216:of the atom's own material interests; it really deals with the process or [1217] method whereby anFire, 1222:remembering that as we consider them, we are really studying the twenty-one vibrations of the LawGlamour, 3:Way. It is "the light of the intellect," which really means that which illumines the mind and whichGlamour, 12:events of your daily life, and your ability to really meditate. I would like to make clear to youGlamour, 22:on the astral plane. [22] The Problem of Maya is really the same as the above, plus the intenseGlamour, 22:of the "imperfect Gods." Does that sentence really mean aught to you? But little, I fear. We mustGlamour, 48:between man and man, and soul and soul. To stand really free is to stand in the clear unimpededGlamour, 75:place upon the ladder of evolution. We are rated really by our point of view and not by our demandGlamour, 76:for many people, for the majority indeed, is not really love but a mixture of the desire to loveGlamour, 77:It is today one of the potent glamors of the really devoted aspirant. They are devoted to a cause,Glamour, 83:method, - by calling in the soul, whereas they really need to use the mind correctly. When one isGlamour, 84:careful analysis would show that no criticism is really warranted. Criticism, where there is noGlamour, 94:in the realm of consciousness itself and is not really inherent in the substance or matter. TheGlamour, 129:out of darkness into light. None of you as yet really sense these new ideas, though in moments ofGlamour, 231:can now be regarded as completed and when it is really correctly accomplished, each meetingHealing, 2:that the old and dearly held truth is not really lost, but only relegated to its rightful place inHealing, 10:and occult thinkers of the time: What do they really mean? The affirmations of many schools ofHealing, 20:me to convey to you anything of the truth, as it really exists, owing to the preconceived ideas asHealing, 26:via his own etheric body. How many healers are really consciously aware of the focus of theHealing, 78:remains to be discovered before it will be really safe to work with the glands, making them a majorHealing, 95:force, and not of the mental energy, which really causes the physical trouble. I am not referringHealing, 101:is given when possible, though this is not really essential. It facilitates more rapid results inHealing, 222:and mental unity - has led to there being no really pure racial types today. This is far moreHealing, 262:aid human beings to liberate mankind. What has really been happening, therefore, in the lives ofHealing, 288:consciously the position that nothing is as yet really known anent the centers, the areas of energyHealing, 339:or asylums. The condition has then nothing really to do with him, but being sensitive, heHealing, 341:unbalanced. This lack of equilibrium, which it really is, will eventually be found to exist betweenHealing, 347:personality reaction. We use the words, but they really mean "detached and isolatedHealing, 348:consciousness, but no suppression takes place really, nor is the will evoked. When a man's life isHealing, 364:will, with the dying person. None of this is really possible when the bond between the two isHealing, 372:is required of you. What are you accomplishing really at this time? Let your service lie within theHealing, 379:instruments hitherto undreamed of but really quite possible. They will be so sensitive that theyHealing, 436:that it interferes with soul purpose, and not really upon the killing of a particular humanHealing, 543:Law is most comprehensive in its statements and really constitutes a summation of two laws, one ofHealing, 545:about of a more correct orientation. What this really means is that the channel of contact betweenHealing, 577:mind was practically entirely quiescent and not really functioning at all; it is only in thisHealing, 677:and he suffers, whilst the patient is not really helped. So the instruction is to use love, andHercules, 38:in that sign kills the Man-Eating Birds, does he really attain complete control of the thoughtHercules, 60:long time, before the man on the physical plane really begins the labor of unifying soul and body.Hercules, 70:The Lesson of the Labor The whole of this story really signifies the lesson which is the first thatHercules, 86:and when we say, "What a goose you are", we are really making a most esoteric affirmation; we areHercules, 106:upon the soul or Christ aspect. This cup forms really part of the body of the Hydra, for the starsHercules, 118:physical, as the root of all evil, when it is really our narrow minds, our hard, small hearts, thatHercules, 119:a horrible fascination for many, but what it really means is that Virgo is a symbol of theHercules, 128:who goes and lives for a while in a country, and really knows its people. Sometimes one [129]
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