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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALLY

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Hercules, 160:Sagittarius and we see the goal. We have never really seen it before, because between us and theHercules, 165:of the previous eight signs. When I am really functioning in Sagittarius, I will have learned toHercules, 166:love, not sentimentally, but through beginning really to understand human beings, to identifyHercules, 177:word largely in its physical sense but "pure" really is freedom from the limitations of matter. IfHercules, 179:tried." Are we now, after two thousand years, really beginning to try, individually and in groupHercules, 182:beginning to dawn upon many of us that what was really meant was that the sign Pisces, in whichHercules, 188:love. About two thousand years from now we may really express brotherly love. It will be, must be,Hercules, 189:be focal points of the energy, but what will really happen is the coming into incarnation all overHercules, 203:to all your fellow men. Learn to meditate, and really learn to meditate. I am not [204] talking ofInitiation, 44:has he stayed with the sons of men; never has he really gone, but only in appearance, and in aInitiation, 66:as the intuitional vehicle coordinates. It is really the occult apprehension of the law ofInitiation, 148:here be noted that each section of the oath really concerns one of the three aspects of divineInitiation, 225:of India, said to be founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. The practice ofIntellect, 10:no rational steps to ascertain whether there really is a life beyond. The progress of evolution hasIntellect, 22:as to whether this organized education is really meeting the needs of the average citizen. ItIntellect, 66:many on this distinction and Bianco of Siena was really speaking of meditation when he said: "WhatIntellect, 96:expression translated "spiritual reading." It really signifies reading with the eyes of the soul,Intellect, 103:yet, how few people have ideas or originate really intelligent thoughts? Their minds respond toIntellect, 110:and they can then say they know God. What is really needed is that we should get control of theIntellect, 144:in one but in two apparently opposite but [144] really complementary directions... On the one handIntellect, 144:also attains to what is, I think, its really characteristic quality. It develops the power ofIntellect, 205:but is Brahman, as soon as it knows what it really is, and always has been." - Müller, Max,Intellect, 210:A third question arises at this point: What really happens to the aspirant, psychologically andIntellect, 217:Next, we shall endeavor to find a place that is really quiet and free from intrusion. I do not meanIntellect, 220:is right when he tells us that the human body is really an electric battery, then perhaps hisIntellect, 232:and mental and not a bit spiritual." What they really mean is something like this: "I am too lazyIntellect, 243:handle it right, and learn its lesson. What has really happened? Has the student really seen theIntellect, 243:What has really happened? Has the student really seen the Christ? Here we remember the truism thatIntellect, 244:things have produced the occurrence, if it has really happened and is not the result of a vivid andMagic, 23:aspects of the one breath) but what these words really signify, who has the courage to declare? WeMagic, 27:Man was awakened to a knowledge of himself as he really was and to the three worlds of his normalMagic, 28:in which we live is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessing someMagic, 63:satisfying experience and he seems to be able to really aid; at other times he feels that he hasMagic, 96:via the central channel of the linking sutratma, really works out into satisfactory usefulness.Magic, 112:term: "a man polarized in his astral body" - you really mean a man whose ego works principallyMagic, 113:the ego taking more or less control of a man you really mean that he has built into his bodiesMagic, 116:more satisfactory endeavor. A principle, when really fundamental, appeals at once to the intuitionMagic, 147:correct than the word "repeated." Each of us is really a reiterated word, sounding in time andMagic, 164:world at this time - that is, men and women who really know they are disciples and know what theirMagic, 167:training is given to a probationer without his really recognizing it consciously. Fault tendenciesMagic, 203:a platitude and most uninteresting. Yet what is really being stated is that in place of theMagic, 262:atoms. 2. The Form of the Environment. This is really the evolutionary working out of theMagic, 276:not be looked for, however, until the New Age is really with us and the new orientation achieved.Magic, 293:than of any other body. The etheric body is really below the threshold of consciousness. HumanMagic, 293:assurance or doubt, of courage or of fear. This really means that the inherent force and life ofMagic, 305:little though [305] they may recognize it. It is really a result of the other three classes ofMagic, 306:roots in the fact that a man is a disciple, or a really big soul ready to tread the ProbationaryMagic, 357:and only a few can therefore understand what it really entails. Increasingly men will come, asMagic, 415:of that body-soul relationship which leads to really intelligent work, unless we except a fewMagic, 424:attempts towards establishing the awareness on a really scientific basis. There is as yet noMagic, 434:are for the most part unfounded. So little is really known by the highest intelligence on theMagic, 437:and the sign do not coincide at all. The sun is really not in Leo, for instance, during the monthMagic, 450:in which we live is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible, yet possessing someMagic, 479:into the fire. This is the truth which really underlies the misunderstood Christian teaching anentMagic, 499:what are to him new conditions, though they are really old conditions, if he could but realize it.Magic, 523:to formulate them intelligently but I am dealing really with those divine impulses which emanateMagic, 549:four kingdoms. This latter phrase will only be really understood at the fourth initiation. When heMagic, 571:This all aspirants have to grasp before they really can apply themselves to the real training forMagic, 592:and descending fires can the true centers really be seen. Many clairvoyants confuse the centers andMagic, 596:vision and can see a man "whole," or as he really is, can give those instructions which willMagic, 597:[597] of all the centers, for the petals are really in form like a number of superimposed eights.Magic, 635:glamored, but in the long run nothing can really deter him. What are a few brief years in aMeditation, 80:[80] You will therefore observe that the subject really becomes more abstruse, the longer it isMeditation, 142:human consciousness, in its entirety; this is really that development of consciousness whichMeditation, 169:terms of character, if I may so express it, are really the same aspects of manifestation underMeditation, 205:color is sound, yet so it is, and the topic I really seek to bring to your attention is not so muchMeditation, 259:One Who has undergone the fifth initiation. That really means that His consciousness has undergoneMeditation, 268:abstract levels. Until he can do this he cannot really contact the Master, for, as you have beenMeditation, 293:sounding the tone of the man's own Ego. This is really the basis of the custom of the doorkeeperMeditation, 295:naught can hinder or delay. Equally, naught can really hasten, so the pupil need not waste time inMeditation, 304:communicate with each other frequently and are really like the faculty of one stupendousMeditation, 360:of India, said to be founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. 2. The practice ofPatanjali, 58:process is therefore a mental one and can only really be done by those who - through meditation andPatanjali, 66:translated by some as "light-mindedness." It is really that versatile mental attitude which makesPatanjali, 67:perceive correctly and to vision things as they really are, is the natural outcome of the sixPatanjali, 103:which has as its intended object the thing as it really is... Impurity is an accretion of rajas andPatanjali, 108:should remember that it is only when man is really beginning to use his mental body (and is notPatanjali, 136:runs counter to the law of evolution. Hate is really the result of the sense of personality and ofPatanjali, 141:of things, And blind to see things as they really are, Long was our journeying thro' divers births.Patanjali, 146:to the form, to the vehicle, and to matter and really concerns the relation of the Son to his bodyPatanjali, 208:aspiration and purification, yet these two form really only one and are the two aspects of thePatanjali, 286:of service in the three worlds, without ever really leaving his true home in the subtler realms andProblems, 7:can completely change its attitudes. Goodwill really practiced among groups in any nation, byProblems, 7:is to offset this evil. Humanity has never really lived up to the teaching given it. SpiritualProblems, 20:of smaller and less developed nations and have really helped them. Being conservative, it is hardProblems, 22:in other countries before she herself really knows what is the revelation of which she isProblems, 79:for the exploitation of the world? What really lies at the very heart of the modern materialisticProblems, 92:small have lost faith in the old ways, and few really wish to see the old manner of life restored;Problems, 114:of distrust and fear and hardly aware of what is really needed - able only to cry in unison: GiveProblems, 139:of men (which she has never truly had) and can really follow the way of the Savior, of the humblePsychology1, xxiv:many cases, but this can only be implied and not really elucidated. As I have oft told you, it isPsychology1, 19:little point of view, regard as formless are not really so. Our seven planes are but the sevenPsychology1, 93:demonstrated to us by science that all we can really know with certainty is the tangible world ofPsychology1, 94:all these theories partially true, and shall we really comprehend the nature and being of man onlyPsychology1, 131:with it of the energy of spirit. This is not really the admission or the recombining of a thirdPsychology1, 159:understanding. The readers of this treatise who really want to profit by this teaching must trainPsychology1, 169:that the so-called influence of a planet is really the influence of the Hierarchy ruling over thatPsychology1, 175:Nevertheless, unknown to themselves, they are really sensitive to the great ideas thrown into theirPsychology1, 227:both destructive and constructive. If you could really understand the history of a crystal, youPsychology1, 232:so far removed from our own. It is hard for us really to understand, with our seeing consciousness,
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