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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALM

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Patanjali, 48:will functions freely and if he stays within the realm of the three worlds, it is of his ownPatanjali, 69:spiritual man can look out onto a new and higher realm of knowledge. Simultaneously with thePatanjali, 79:consciousness therefore shifts slowly out of the realm of the sense vehicles into that of thePatanjali, 86:the invoked image as a form, through which a new realm of realization may be contacted, once thePatanjali, 87:lower man to sleep, and himself pass into that realm wherein the "dreams of God" Himself are known,Patanjali, 97:is realized, and the perceiver enters into the realm of ideas and of causes. This is purePatanjali, 101:lead a man out of the world of form into the realm of the formless. Students will find itPatanjali, 110:The field of knowledge of the three worlds, the realm of maya and of illusion, can be contacted atPatanjali, 134:by the soul as an organ of vision whereby the realm of the soul itself is contacted and known. ThePatanjali, 145:the physical body. He must enter the subjective realm if he wants to deal with that which willPatanjali, 152:objective forms in the three worlds and with the realm of phenomena in which those forms have theirPatanjali, 161:of manifestation. He thus passes out of the realm of objectivity, out of the mental, emotional andPatanjali, 162:emotional and physical worlds into the [162] realm of the soul or of the subjective cause of thisPatanjali, 163:presented by the world of spiritual life, the realm of spiritual knowledge, and the kingdom of GodPatanjali, 163:purpose: Through it, the seer looks out upon the realm of causes, the spiritual realm. By itsPatanjali, 163:out upon the realm of causes, the spiritual realm. By its means, the world of causes can bePatanjali, 184:relates to the ego or real man and concerns the realm of the soul. The spiritual man contemplates,Patanjali, 192:thought into manifestation. This brings in the realm of desire and consequently the astral orPatanjali, 230:work, from whence he can make a contact with the realm of the soul and in which he can receive thePatanjali, 230:messages and impressions which emanate from that realm. This is a definite stage of achievement andPatanjali, 246:from the physical plane into the etheric realm, from thence into the world of desire or of thePatanjali, 251:or the attitude of the real Identity towards the realm of the soul and can look out on thePatanjali, 251:realm of the soul and can look out on the soul-realm in a sense corresponding to the way a man canPatanjali, 254:planes in the three worlds as well as the soul realm. 2. Lucidity of consciousness. A man becomesPatanjali, 258:these results of meditation in the psychic realm, it should be borne in mind that the eight meansPatanjali, 261:moment has passed, and the door into the soul-realm seems suddenly to shut. But assurance has beenPatanjali, 273:heard and the work carried steadily forward, the realm of consciousness is revealed and the yogi isPatanjali, 275:by all forms in all the kingdoms of nature. The realm of the soul will stand open to him and this,Patanjali, 295:Path which leads through the three worlds to the realm or kingdom of the soul. It might be statedPatanjali, 352:Raja Yoga practice. Through the mind, the soul realm is cognized, just as through the senses thePatanjali, 356:of action in the three worlds plus the buddhic realm, whilst the Christ and those of similarPatanjali, 360:constitute the life of God Himself. Even the realm of the soul itself, and the "Voice of the Gods,"Patanjali, 361:seek to lure the aspirant off the path into the realm of illusion. He will find it also of interestPatanjali, 389:worlds of human endeavor. He has reached the realm of pure thought and can hold his consciousnessPatanjali, 392:and makes possible the revelation of the soul realm. Non-injury. No word, thought or deed bringsPatanjali, 396:in the three previous books is lifted from the realm of the personal and the individual, andPatanjali, 399:and for the achieving of knowledge of the soul-realm instead of the matter realm proceeds. ThusPatanjali, 399:of the soul-realm instead of the matter realm proceeds. Thus again liberation is brought about. Patanjali, 406:words, the whole concept is swung out of the realm of the particular into the kingdom ofPatanjali, 411:go forward successfully in its work, and in the realm of human cooperation an analogous situationPatanjali, 413:light of the soul and of what it reveals in the realm of the soul. The third eye simultaneouslyPatanjali, 417:soul knows concerning the Kingdom of God, the realm of spiritual truth. He can also enter intoPatanjali, 428:gained of those matters which concern the realm of the soul. Under the law of evolution likewise,Problems, 106:who seek to dominate them remains still in the realm of political maneuvering and commercial greed.Psychology1, 7:which manifest in nature are found in the realm of quality and not in the realm of reality. It isPsychology1, 7:are found in the realm of quality and not in the realm of reality. It is with the seven groups ofPsychology1, 9:is no black magic, per se, until one reaches the realm of mind. No one can be a black magicianPsychology1, 12:of purpose. There is to be found today in the realm of the intuition much of wonder; this can bePsychology1, 16:Seven Rays will necessarily be held within the realm of thought which involves awareness ofPsychology1, 16:spiritual and others being mental. It is in the realm of so-called mind that the great principle ofPsychology1, 16:of separateness is found. It is also in the realm of mind that the great at-one-ment is made. ThePsychology1, 96:this revelation come? We enter here into the realm of foretelling and of prevision to which manyPsychology1, 98:people are becoming aware of this subjective realm; they see people walking around who are eitherPsychology1, 101:we see today. One of the recognized facts in the realm of natural science has been the cyclicPsychology1, 102:plane - a light in its turn reflected from the realm of the soul. An intensification of the lightPsychology1, 103:fourth aspect, that is the light from the soul realm, reaching us via the universal "chitta" orPsychology1, 109:from the transmitters own souls and from the realm of the subconscious, you have accounted for thePsychology1, 157:the rays, which brings us immediately into the realm of psychology and of the various psychologicalPsychology1, 177:entrance of mankind into a new and subjective realm, and his apprehension of new states ofPsychology1, 183:immortality - will be solved before long in the realm of science, as the result of scientificPsychology1, 183:of existence will have advanced out of the realm of questioning into the realm of certainty. ThePsychology1, 183:out of the realm of questioning into the realm of certainty. The problem will have shifted furtherPsychology1, 183:be known to be perpetuating his existence in a realm lying behind the physical. He will be known toPsychology1, 185:ages. Science will penetrate deeper into the realm of the intangible, and work in mediums and withPsychology1, 186:wrest it out of the unseen and carry it into the realm of the seen, then we shall see a period ofPsychology1, 190:the imparted detail, he will not emerge into the realm of that clear vision which is intended. WhenPsychology1, 195:and utilizes the world of appearances and the realm of qualities. These two types of activePsychology1, 217:the uniformity of its production of green in the realm of color, throughout the entire planet. YouPsychology1, 279:same time, you find an experimenting in the realm of physical desire which is not for humanity thePsychology1, 279:that the same divine energy, when working in the realm of brotherly love, for instance, wouldPsychology1, 309:to reap the benefits of this experience in the realm of the intellect. This same capacity, inPsychology1, 309:embryo, works out in the animal kingdom in the realm of the instincts. It is this peculiar propertyPsychology1, 339:choices which gradually shift from the realm of the tangible into that of the intangible. As hePsychology1, 359:many of their wise and true discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends whichPsychology1, 371:of study. These differences are largely in the realm of the nervous systems; not enough attentionPsychology2, 7:of Souls. All this has to be accomplished in the realm of conscious awareness or response, throughPsychology2, 13:to the majority. Their only mistake is in the realm of time, for they affirm prematurely that whichPsychology2, 16:Reorient the lower individual self so that the realm of its desires and the satisfaction ofPsychology2, 72:the world of higher spiritual mind and into the realm of the intuition. A reciprocal activity isPsychology2, 87:of world idealism gradually shifting into the realm of soul unification, until eventually (but notPsychology2, 111:law. The Law of Magnetic Impulse is in the soul realm what the Law of Attraction is in the world ofPsychology2, 111:and its significance. This Law governs the soul realm; to it the Solar Angels respond, and underPsychology2, 205:the physical body is slipping steadily into the realm of the unconscious. In every race and nationPsychology2, 246:will enable man to penetrate into this inner realm of causes and of revelation. These are: [247]Psychology2, 252:materializes in and through humanity. But in the realm of consciousness a very different state ofPsychology2, 254:to penetrate into the world of the Real from the realm of the unreal, it is all the one basicPsychology2, 270:All this today lies almost entirely in the realm of consciousness. The great appropriation was madePsychology2, 288:unfoldment of man. The third panel entered the realm of synthetic work and was embodied in APsychology2, 350:man's basic integrity is, however, in the realm of consciousness. This is a statement ofPsychology2, 411:and aware and the focus becomes centered in the realm of selfish desire, and its satisfaction andPsychology2, 412:the focus of attention shifts into the realm of the higher energies, and the soul factor becomesPsychology2, 416:is trained to control and to dominate within the realm of the personality and is correctly used asPsychology2, 421:his desire-mind keeps him dwelling in the realm of longing, of hope and of wish, whilst his brainPsychology2, 423:of many whose cleavage lies primarily in the realm of the desire nature, leading to the sense ofPsychology2, 441:instinctual nature is today found largely in the realm of the subconscious, so in due time, thePsychology2, 441:is not possible, because it lies in the realm of the superconscious. All these movements within thePsychology2, 441:superconscious. All these movements within the realm of consciousness, - from the subconscious toPsychology2, 442:frequently be much conflict, strictly within the realm of character and within the Man's immediatePsychology2, 483:understanding, and eventual emergence into a realm of useful spiritual activity. Psychology2, 486:subtler planes of being - usually to the astral realm and seldom to the truly spiritual world of
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