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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REALMS

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Astrology, 558:upon the higher Way and passes on to [558] realms unknown e'en to the highest of the Sons of GodAtom, 35:what he calls "psychons," and thus be led into realms which are not now considered physical. ThatAtom, 120:subtler planes of matter, and therefore into the realms of the unproven, and we should rememberAtom, 120:what has been called "solid matter," into such realms as are inferred when we speak about "centersAtom, 143:of analogy which may lead us to very interesting realms of thought. We have for several weeks beenAutobiography, 293:they should be active in spiritual and mental realms. If the physical plane and its affairs lieBethlehem, 51:which will enable us to live in two realms at once - the life which must be lived on earth and theBethlehem, 243:emergence from the static condition in all [243] realms of human thought which marked the earlyDestiny, 28:world conditions and to see, emerging from the realms of subjectivity, those forces and potenciesDiscipleship1, 291:all is well. "As birds fly together to summer realms, so souls unite in flight. Passing through theDiscipleship1, 634:visionary and imaginative, veering off into realms of astral hallucination. This means that in thisDiscipleship1, 721:the hearts of the people and lead mankind into realms of beauty and of happiness. He will be theDiscipleship1, 742:and safeguard others if they fear to enter into realms of life where the lower psychism rules? I amDiscipleship2, 274:human, yet spiritualized consciousness into the realms of hierarchical experience in relation toDiscipleship2, 280:evaluation between the abstract and the concrete realms of thought - those higher and lower aspectsDiscipleship2, 294:the medium of an extra-planetary light, we enter realms which are indefinable and for which noDiscipleship2, 669:The field of battle then shifts to other realms of awareness, and the effect of this - withinEducation, 42:The subtle influences emanating from the unseen realms, the forces of nature and man's relation toEducation, 62:the Initiation of Transfiguration, the higher realms of awareness and the "secret Place of the MostEducation, 96:coming to him from the higher spiritual realms or from the Mind of God. Thus he will more easily beEducation, 126:a possible range of existence in the subhuman realms on a lower rung of the ladder of hierarchicalExternalisation, 153:release of the human consciousness into higher realms of spiritual awareness. The Forces which areExternalisation, 261:which protects the Earth, to those far distant realms where They have Their natural and everlastingExternalisation, 631:Hierarchy, and carry that need into the realms of invocation. Invocation is the highest type ofFire, xviii:Whole, then glimpses will be caught of vast realms of realization and vistas of spiritualFire, 102:mother (matter), and its entrance into higher realms. Hence, when the pranic vehicle is workingFire, 109:for the extension of the concept to other realms than the purely human. In the human kingdom liesFire, 254:from the limited human standpoint touches on realms unattainable by man's intellect as yet. ItFire, 412:lie back of everything visible a vast realm or realms of Existences. The very brain of man reels inFire, 412:are in a similar sense discarnate, and found in realms subtler than that of the manifestation ofFire, 656:from this would lead men into dangerous realms, and put power into hands as yet unprepared to wieldFire, 989:upon this point, we are trespassing into the realms of the mystery and the domain of theFire, 995:point from which he can travel onwards to higher realms of comprehension. It is the foundationFire, 1277:for eleven aeons. It is never heard within the realms of pain. Few therefore hear it, and those fewGlamour, 135:barring out escape into the higher realms of awareness or into that loving service which must beHealing, 83:and controlled by the soul, the spiritual realms stand wide open also. The etheric body is a potentHealing, 384:its portals and has entered into new and richer realms of investigation, of discovery and ofHealing, 633:the rule now to be considered will carry us into realms of real abstraction; it will not be easyHealing, 690:each Path constitutes a mode of penetrating into realms of realization beyond our planetHealing, 703:understanding pass out to the subtler realms of being. Where the relation is that of the soul ofHercules, 170:"What seek you, a living mortal, in my realms?" Hades demanded. Hercules said, "I seek to freeInitiation, 7:chart form and to tabulate in detail, he enters realms where he is bound to err, and staggersInitiation, 198:or another, he cannot be admitted into those realms wherein every sound and every word spokenIntellect, 8:The problem facing the human family today in the realms both of science and of religion resultsIntellect, 36:claim to have lived and moved in these subtler realms, and the perseverance displayed in theIntellect, 45:and link the subjective and objective realms. They will act as the pioneers of the New Age, whenIntellect, 72:The goal of achievement has shifted into higher realms of thought and realization. What are theIntellect, 124:and our progress into higher and non-rational realms are true and forceful. He says: "One way ofIntellect, 212:synthetically and potently as he discovers new realms of knowledge. Two: In the region of theMagic, 6:of a great transition period and the subtler realms of life are closer than ever before; unusualMagic, 7:laws of nature have effects in three distinct realms: Physically, where they demonstrate as effectsMagic, 20:for the sake of illustration, into other realms of thought this trinity of aspects can be seenMagic, 21:shifting ever into more esoteric and inner realms. These three aspects are seen in man, the divineMagic, 26:they cast that light into the formless realms of the higher three planes (formless from theMagic, 121:dimly to sense a state of affairs in mental realms analogous to that now seen in the emotional? CanMagic, 165:contacts vibrations and the phenomena of other realms but remains unaware of the process whereby heMagic, 342:factor, Time. A third cause lies in more occult realms, and is due to the balancing of the pairs ofMagic, 362:of the initiate and of being doorways into realms hitherto closed to him. Magic, 393:words are necessarily almost worthless!) lies in realms of awareness beyond our comprehension. TheyMagic, 432:focused in the planet; his consciousness lies in realms beyond the concept of the highest adept inMagic, 471:with in these Instructions and wander into the realms of speculation. With the goal, religion hasMagic, 546:have died away, four sound today. One sounds in realms so high that man can enter not as man. ThusMagic, 618:lost, on the one hand, in the vague and misty realms of a beautiful idealism, of colorfulMeditation, 94:body, and away from the emotional body into the realms of thought, or into the lower mind body.Meditation, 116:make the power of the law felt in the threefold realms of death. In all these three branches ofMeditation, 220:I have opened up for all true students vast realms of thought. In the relationship between indigo,Meditation, 305:we shall in the elucidation of it enter into the realms of prophecy. I would here point out to youPatanjali, 36:responsive to impressions from the subtler realms and to modifications arising from thosePatanjali, 39:himself into more spiritual and subtler realms and becomes aware of that which the self (in itsPatanjali, 100:which (in any of its aspects) may lead him into realms which are not primarily those of purePatanjali, 172:himself whereby he ventured forth into unknown realms, so the chela withdraweth himself from allPatanjali, 172:himself from all the forms in the three realms of being which have hitherto enticed." The abovePatanjali, 184:to other men, to supermen and to the subhuman realms. The very first command to be harmless is inPatanjali, 286:ever really leaving his true home in the subtler realms and higher spheres of consciousness. Patanjali, 289:the aspirant so that he can enter into subtler realms. Giving him power over the mind, so that itPatanjali, 313:turn it inward and direct it upward into those realms wherein the saints of God, the great "CloudPatanjali, 314:the mystic turns his lamp and light into other realms and finds the "way of escape" into thosePatanjali, 322:the five senses as they are found in the subtler realms, and through their awakening and consciousPatanjali, 322:He can then serve intelligently in those realms and cooperate with the great evolutionary scheme.Patanjali, 362:of that which is found in the heavenly realms and much may be gained through a comprehension of thePatanjali, 378:of life which are to be found in the spiritual realms, or, as the occultist would say, on those twoPatanjali, 382:so he alters himself, and this is true in all realms and states, higher or lower. The effect of thePatanjali, 413:its possessor into the secrets of the subtler realms in the three worlds, so that the brainPsychology1, xxi:and to be fixed on wider horizons and vaster realms of activity. The great creative Plan, its lawsPsychology1, 10:who consciously and knowingly enter into the realms of spiritual force and take thence that whichPsychology1, 160:the average psychologist seldom enters into the realms of true quality and of the life aspects; thePsychology1, 278:progress forward into new and untried spiritual realms, but at the [279] same time, you find anPsychology2, 69:dark, and from the under, lower worlds into the realms of light". Thus the two are one, and thePsychology2, 220:souls, and this concept opens up vistas in the realms of immature expression (from the angle ofPsychology2, 224:ideas become the ideals of the masses, in all realms of human thought. Every great world leader isPsychology2, 434:the outer environment and the inner subjective realms. These come, according to the esotericPsychology2, 452:to connote the living activity of the spiritual realms, and of that spiritual entity, the soul. WePsychology2, 452:connote the activity of the form nature in the realms of the various kingdoms in nature. This is aPsychology2, 475:I am referring to states of consciousness and realms of awareness which are the prerogative of allPsychology2, 481:to the insistent demands of the subjective realms of being or of thought, the man is swept into aPsychology2, 481:oriented, more definitely aware of the realms of inner being, and more inclined towards the worldPsychology2, 587:Think, Chela, think and leave behind the realms where thought rules not and where no lightRays, 203:We enter here into a consideration of realms of advancement of which even advanced humanity has noRays, 223:means the extension of the point of tension into realms which involve the superconsciousness of theRays, 225:which we have now to consider carries us into realms of extra-planetary energy, into a world of a
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