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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REASON

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Astrology, 12:into the etheric body of the planet (for the reason that "man stands erect") man's body is at allAstrology, 17:reversal of the usual astrological position. The reason that I proffer this is that humanity isAstrology, 46:is their place in the scheme. It is for this reason that the units of the fifth Hierarchy areAstrology, 52:position of the orthodox astrology of today. The reason for this is that in the descent of ideasAstrology, 54:houses" through their medium. It is for this reason that our solar system is spoken of as one ofAstrology, 66:express 5th and 7th ray energy. For some occult reason, they remain unrelated to any other of theAstrology, 104:sign. It is a detrimental sign to Venus. The reason for this is that when the Sun is exalted andAstrology, 105:the One. Mind gives place to intuition and reason to pure perception. Saturn "falls" in Aries. ThisAstrology, 117:the Old Commentary expresses it. It is for this reason that the life of service and the directedAstrology, 118:begins to focus still more intently and to reason and think. The latent soul is becoming interiorlyAstrology, 129:as an alternative to Jupiter. Esoterically, the reason that Venus is exalted in Pisces is connectedAstrology, 130:because they have learned to love and truly reason. The influence of Pisces, Gemini and Virgo isAstrology, 159:in the signs for the simple and sufficient reason that humanity could not respond to their peculiarAstrology, 160:a higher turn of the spiral is taking place. The reason is that certain world disciples andAstrology, 164:the experiences and processes of evolution. The reason for this is that Capricorn is an earth signAstrology, 165:confusing to the beginner, and it is for this reason that I am dealing here with the philosophy andAstrology, 177:of the Zodiacal Constellations It is for this reason that the keynotes of Sagittarius are five inAstrology, 183:and initiated spiritual Lives. It is for this reason that the constellation Libra occupies a uniqueAstrology, 184:Jupiter governs Sagittarius and Pisces. The reason for this is obvious if you study the nature ofAstrology, 191:power of Mercury is greatly lessened. For this reason Sagittarius is esoterically regarded as aAstrology, 201:of humanity upon the planet. It is for this reason that Jupiter and Uranus (expressions of theAstrology, 215:Mars, therefore, rules science and hence the reason in this present era for the fundamental but notAstrology, 223:analogous phrases. This is unavoidable for the reason that the entire Science of Astrology is, inAstrology, 225:contradistinction to [225] the human; for this reason, Uranus is exalted in this sign and assumes aAstrology, 246:of the creative imagination. It is for this reason that so many schools of thought prove soAstrology, 248:Instinct to Intellect. It is for this basic reason - founded upon the above triple relationship -Astrology, 255:upon the involutionary arc. It is for this reason that a study of the zodiac in connection with theAstrology, 269:us through Vulcan and through Pluto. The real reason for this is one of the secrets of initiationAstrology, 280:in the first solar system. It is for this reason in this solar system that Virgo is subjectedAstrology, 281:the higher abstract intuitional mind, the pure reason, is unfolding in this system. Mercury is theAstrology, 281:and the hidden Christ is wisdom or pure reason. Astrology, 283:the problem takes wider implications, for the reason that, for the first time in its history,Astrology, 285:whose sun is in Leo or who have Leo rising. The reason for this is that Leo is the polar oppositeAstrology, 291:Zodiacal Constellations You may ask what is the reason for this mode of procedure? I can give youAstrology, 292:under the Law of Sacrifice. It is for this reason that I have not attempted in this Treatise toAstrology, 302:with the astral permanent atom, for the reason that desire or the power to go forth and occultlyAstrology, 311:lessened in [311] this sign. It is for this reason that Sepharial is incorrect when he gives SaturnAstrology, 315:upon the Cardinal Cross. They give the reason why the two "Doors of the Zodiac" open [316] wide toAstrology, 348:eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, but to the initiate whose intuition isAstrology, 349:mystery." In this occult statement is hidden one reason why Gemini is regarded as an air sign, forAstrology, 354:the fourth and fifth kingdoms. It is for this reason that you have the exoteric ruler given asAstrology, 364:powers. Six forces meet in Gemini and, for this reason, the double triangle or King Solomon's sealAstrology, 366:life that is here to be considered, and for this reason Gemini governs also the oxygenation of theAstrology, 381:seen through the eye of Taurus. It is for this reason that this sign is regarded as being one ofAstrology, 390:and to grasp the truth which lies beyond your reason (even when regarding it as a hypothesis heretoAstrology, 391:major link is with the spirit. It is for this reason that in Taurus, the man comes to the pointAstrology, 395:or indirectly - of all the seven rays for the reason that desire, leading to final illumination,Astrology, 413:life once they are comprehended. It is for this reason that I have stated that the Science of theAstrology, 413:or a human being. I would add here a sixth reason for the present strain and stress in the responseAstrology, 414:by the reorientation. [414] If you add this reason to the other five, you will not be astonishedAstrology, 446:is meant. Today the Moon is a dead world and the reason is that the Uranian urge became so strongAstrology, 449:for much of the present conflict, for the reason that the reaction of that country (under theAstrology, 473:upon the physical plane and yet be defeated. The reason for this is that unless the struggle andAstrology, 480:of Life. Ponder on this. [480] It is for this reason that the astrologers of the future willAstrology, 499:of divine Purpose and Will and, for that [499] reason, all that I can do in this treatise is toAstrology, 500:life process will never again be so potent. The reason for this is that humanity is most definitelyAstrology, 507:me as a non-sacred Planet, ruling Scorpio. The reason for this is that there is a relation betweenAstrology, 508:of the personality, mundanely oriented" and the reason is not far to seek. The seven remainingAstrology, 571:of mounting, the Fixed Cross. It is for this reason that the use of the second part of [572] theAstrology, 579:world; organized, unified desire was the basic reason for the appalling early successes of theAstrology, 588:in the affirmation of right. It was for the reason that the will aspect was involved that I madeAstrology, 599:matter are balanced and co-equal. That is the reason why human perfection is carried forwardAstrology, 619:the third and in this combination you have the reason why, in the evolution of the will aspect, youAstrology, 621:between [621] the Earth and Capricorn. The reason for this is that the Earth provides idealAstrology, 621:ray activities. It should also be noted that the reason for this relation is inherent in the natureAstrology, 677:which becomes immortal in its individuality by reason of its fifth principle being called to lifeAstrology, 688:(C. F. 180-182) "There is a definite occult reason, under the Laws of Electricity, behind the knownAtom, 18:itself out by means of the material form. One reason why things appear to us so difficult ofAtom, 36:four totally different things. That is another reason why it is not possible to be dogmatic inAtom, 40:but not in tune with it. Now there seems to be reason to suppose that a microbe, on its approach toAtom, 67:this combining of the lesser forms? What is the reason of it all, and what will prove to be theAtom, 155:more closely connected with our solar Logos, the reason being that He is not, as yet, sufficientlyAutobiography, 4:of the work we - as a group - have done. The reason for this autobiography is therefore a threefoldAutobiography, 11:that I am sure. From the worldly angle, I had no reason to be miserable and my family and friendsAutobiography, 16:over our existence, particularly, for some reason, over mine. He probably felt my mother would beAutobiography, 35:aroused all my aspiration. This Sunday, for some reason, I had not gone to Church. All the rest ofAutobiography, 43:or a maid. I was so innocent that for some reason I was apparently entirely safe. [44] A peculiarAutobiography, 49:for me every twenty minutes. I expect one reason why I had so many appointments was that I neverAutobiography, 74:to the Soldiers Home at a certain hour. For some reason, none of them was on duty and sheerAutobiography, 75:Another regiment of the guards, for some unknown reason, always addressed me as "China." A wellAutobiography, 87:1915. Unfortunately for me and giving the third reason for my physical breakdown, I fell in love,Autobiography, 95:After breakfast she told me that she saw no real reason why, if I wanted to get married, I shouldAutobiography, 105:scolded me and she fought for me and, for some reason, she hated the sight of Walter Evans and tookAutobiography, 119:this constant and ceaseless persecution, some reason why they are not liked. What can it be? TheAutobiography, 133:at that age. Numerologists would affirm that the reason is that 7 X 5 = 35; seven indicating aAutobiography, 134:Nothing that he said made any sense to me. One reason was that in those days I took my date of theAutobiography, 135:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV Another reason that has helped me to work hard was the extremelyAutobiography, 135:permitted to be idle, so I never am. A third reason is one which I think could be very helpful toAutobiography, 141:secretion and there is, therefore, no purpose or reason for man's existence at all. This I couldAutobiography, 141:and equipment remains unknown. There seems no reason for what He does under this "one creation"Autobiography, 142:It dawned on me, too, that there was really no reason because a priest or teacher six hundred yearsAutobiography, 164:of a second force which, for some peculiar reason, is never of as high a standard as the first.Autobiography, 172:that can never be repaid. There is absolutely no reason why we should overlook the stupendous,Autobiography, 178:from the enemies of a teaching. This is one reason why I am writing this autobiography. The factsAutobiography, 186:is puritanically called, told me that the only reason was that at nineteen his father took him intoAutobiography, 211:and myself. In a later life we shall know the reason for the contact this life and for theAutobiography, 233:injunction to be fishers of men. It is for this reason that the mitre which the Pope wears is theAutobiography, 260:of the material so sequential, and the reason is led forward with such logical precision, that anyAutobiography, 286:work and serve outside the Arcane School is the reason why we have students with so many loyaltiesAutobiography, 290:individuality and integrity. It is for this reason that the Arcane School does not start groups,
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