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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REASON

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Intellect, 31:words: "We are aware of the limits of human reason; we understand the significance of our striving;Intellect, 54:fluid, the life aspect, and the energy of pure reason. These energies are focused during life inIntellect, 59:become united in their endeavor. Mind and pure reason are blended with [60] love and devotion in anIntellect, 67:mystical world into that of the intellect, of reason, and eventual realization. Prayer, plusIntellect, 69:insight or intuition, as contrasted with sense, reason and analysis, which are regarded as blindIntellect, 85:senses to her inward, and her inward ones to reason; thought to intuition and intuition to the willIntellect, 111:passes it on to the third power, reckoning or reason..." "A man, moreover, must have a mind atIntellect, 124:average instinctive sensitiveness; analytical reason follows, consolidating the position and makingIntellect, 149:illumined, and points out that "these men do not reason their way to conclusions, although reason -Intellect, 149:do not reason their way to conclusions, although reason - the search for truth - apparently playedIntellect, 163:or conception, (nor as an idea or object of the reason), all of which by contrast are intellectualIntellect, 179:we think at this stage of human development. The reason for this is told us with clarity byIntellect, 182:the savor, all the light of created beings, all reason, all measure, all intelligence." - Quoted byIntellect, 193:senses to her inward, and her inward ones to reason; thought to intuition, and intuition and all toIntellect, 201:make its impress upon the aspirant. This is one reason why persistence and perseverance must playIntellect, 217:in the morning for our meditation work. The reason for this is, that after we have participated inIntellect, 257:occupation will effect a cure. It is for this reason that wise teachers of meditation parallel theMagic, 29:and almost insoluble. Nevertheless, through pure reason, and through the correct functioning of theMagic, 68:neither common sense nor logical, discerning reason seem to help. The desire is only to do theMagic, 78:agelong work upon the mental plane. This is one reason why India provides such an adequate schoolMagic, 128:to you, and could you formulate clearly the reason you sound it? Are you anxious to proceed in thisMagic, 164:so that it can fulfil its function. He ceases to reason, to think, to formulate, and to build inMagic, 173:except the need of the work; no personality reason or distress would prompt them to use it. At thisMagic, 193:so that the mental apprehension and ability to reason logically and sanely may parallel the growthMagic, 200:be considered at this stage of our training. The reason is obvious. Most aspirants are at the stageMagic, 222:expended in learning to do this. It is for this reason that one of the first qualifications ofMagic, 222:and of a distorted presentation of reality. The reason for this is that every individual in theMagic, 295:These emanate from the form. This is the reason why a horoscope is frequently quite accurate in itsMagic, 298:by fear that he becomes afraid of his very reason. The picture cannot be too blackly colored, forMagic, 298:possessing a reasoning mind; if he used his reason in the correct way he could eliminate fear. ItMagic, 303:takes the form of forecasting happiness, and the reason is not far to seek. The race is at a pointMagic, 343:use of the mental body, and in a capacity to reason logically and to see the cause of theMagic, 346:body. Link up with the Ego, and definitely reason out the proper method of procedure in meeting theMagic, 347:the need is dire and the necessity great. The reason for caution lies in the etheric vehicle, whichMagic, 354:rebuilding of the body social. It is for this reason that each one of you needs to make a freshMagic, 355:with obedience to mental energies. "The light of reason" brings this about - light that is alwaysMagic, 361:to the world of ideas. The intuition or pure reason which is for man the highest aspect of theMagic, 362:entirely in terms of the form aspect here. The reason for this lies back on the cosmic planes,Magic, 365:the abstract mind, and the intuition or pure reason. The concrete mind is the form buildingMagic, 365:the forms are modeled. The intuition or pure reason is the faculty which enables man to enter intoMagic, 383:and not the pure intuitive perception, or pure reason. After this great initiation, which marks aMagic, 386:or chitta. Abstract mind. Intuition or pure reason. These have to be unified in the consciousnessMagic, 431:to indicate certain facts of interest. The main reason that it profits us not to study theseMagic, 451:almost insoluble. Nevertheless, to the pure reason and through the correct functioning of theMagic, 459:of this work is necessarily done, and here is reason sufficient for the development, on the part ofMagic, 464:effects. Just as for us such a reality as pure reason is totally incomprehensible and unattainable,Magic, 498:of the [498] dual threads of life and reason energy, or by the abstraction of the thread of energyMagic, 530:these prisoners will be [530] released. The reason for this will be that the magical work will beMagic, 541:for me one of the most difficult to explain, the reason for this being threefold: One: The numberMagic, 567:Many good plans fail to materialize and the reason lies right here. A plan is, after all, an ideaMagic, 567:plane. Many infants are stillborn for this very reason that the solar Angel wavers in his intentMagic, 586:make good where they are because they find some reason which makes them think they should beMeditationput forth on behalf of the writer. For this reason he has chosen to preserve his anonymity and hasMeditation, 85:mental permanent atom becomes the center of pure reason or of abstract thought. Then comes a timeMeditation, 85:marks a period when a man is swayed purely by reason and his emotions do not control him. This mayMeditation, 85:love is the motive power, with the faculty of reason added. Then the solar plexus is distinguishedMeditation, 98:very last body to be completely subjugated. The reason for this is that the vibration of desire hasMeditation, 102:sex organs. It is needless to point out now the reason why I dealt first with the dangers of theMeditation, 104:of their rashness through the loss of their reason. The fire does not proceed in due geometricalMeditation, 106:to point out that this danger is very real. The reason is that in the over-stimulation of theseMeditation, 119:to develop themselves, to do their own thinking, reason out their own problems, and build their ownMeditation, 133:of viveka, and to earnestly weigh up and calmly reason out the matter. He should at these timesMeditation, 154:of physical weakness are of value only for the reason that they demonstrate the absolute necessityMeditation, 158:and how few in number therefore they are. The reason for this is that very few of the troubles ofMeditation, 172:effects of both in manifestation, and upon the reason why. The man on this fivefold line ever asksMeditation, 176:but not in the same manner nor for the same reason that you can the elementals. The devas attendMeditation, 178:elementals. Principally for the following reason. The mantrams calling elementals are more easilyMeditation, 182:the formulas and Words until such a time as the reason was developed somewhat, and the spiritualMeditation, 210:manasic principle, that fire of intelligence or reason which the Lords of the Flame imparted, andMeditation, 210:of the active personality. It is that light of reason which guides a man through the Hall ofMeditation, 223:be outside and beyond his comprehension. The reason being that only two great aspects of logoicMeditation, 232:man in this, the fourth round. But the basic reason of the difference can be apprehendedMeditation, 237:the sentences into paragraphs? For the sole reason that if the preliminary work has been done inMeditation, 239:persist, stable now and enduringly of use by reason of experience. Not potential are theseMeditation, 241:application of color for healing purposes, the reason for this brevity being that the subject, inMeditation, 252:be irradiated and known. Only when the light of reason is dimmed by the radiant sun of wisdom willPatanjali, 17:the subsequent assent of the intuition and the reason. Right transmission to the physical brain ofPatanjali, 25:the organs to be the physical organs. The reason for this is that the physical body in its dense orPatanjali, 64:rate of rhythm found in most people. That is the reason why Raja Yoga necessarily makes a greaterPatanjali, 112:always in excessive pain and ignorance. For this reason, the contrary thoughts must be cultivated.Patanjali, 129:of ignorance are cast off. It states that the reason evil exists, the reason selfishness andPatanjali, 129:off. It states that the reason evil exists, the reason selfishness and personal desires of any kindPatanjali, 137:factor in logoic, manifestation and this is the reason why even "the very wise" are subject to it.Patanjali, 138:which the Indweller has outgrown. For this reason, the gross animal sins are universally regardedPatanjali, 154:of substance, its constitution, its purpose and reason. Much time might be given to a considerationPatanjali, 159:is called in the Hindu books Buddhi, or pure reason, the intellect apart from the lower mind,Patanjali, 162:of ideas and therefore of pure knowledge, pure reason and divine mind. Later, at a very advancedPatanjali, 166:activity of one kind or another; to show the reason for the existence of the great world of effectsPatanjali, 193:always in excessive pain and ignorance. For this reason, the contrary thoughts must be cultivated.Patanjali, 197:the causes lying back of every act so that the reason for the effectiveness or non-effectiveness ofPatanjali, 201:The how and the why of life are answered. The reason for and the method of physical plane existencePatanjali, 201:what its characteristics are; he understands the reason for the present life cycle and experiencePatanjali, 203:the question of psychic purity and this is the reason for the trend of the occult teaching atPatanjali, 283:ancient Hindus held that all things are seen by reason of that differentiation of Satwa - one ofPatanjali, 306:five most important centers, and this for the reason that: 1. It is situated in the center of thePatanjali, 308:comes through meditation upon this center. The reason is this: when man arrives at an understandingPatanjali, 321:out the following lessons: [321] First, that the reason we are confronted by the pairs ofPatanjali, 339:preserved instead of academic correctness. The reason for this will be apparent if certainPatanjali, 385:we have the key to manifestation itself and the reason for all appearances. Just as long as thePatanjali, 386:which serves to explain not only the purpose and reason of manifestation itself but covers in one
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