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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REASONS

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Astrology, 131:I am not considering the orthodox astrological reasons for the exaltation and the fall of certainAstrology, 146:the orthodox mathematical or astronomical reasons, for they are, in reality, dependent upon theAstrology, 146:dependent upon the subjective and spiritual reasons, and it is with these that we are concerned.Astrology, 171:of as falling in this sign and for the same reasons. Neptune is the God of the waters, and isAstrology, 191:lessened in this sign and this for two reasons, esoterically speaking: [192] First, the discipleAstrology, 209:in Capricorn, and this for the following reasons: [210] First, Mars is definitely the planet whichAstrology, 213:and not that of the risen Master. One of the reasons for this travesty of the truth has been thatAstrology, 219:of the mass or group. That is one of the reasons why, when in training, disciples are absorbed intoAstrology, 291:of the esoteric sense. There are other reasons, but this one will suffice. In the evolutionaryAstrology, 307:of the advanced disciple. This is one of the reasons why Leo is a sign of such paramount importanceAstrology, 446:the inner and the outer man. This is one of the reasons why the Moon is spoken of so often asAstrology, 622:of the world know much and this for three reasons The emphasis of all the teaching given out duringAtoma bird's-eye view of the ground covered and the reasons for the position [6] then taken. A furtherAutobiography, 44:on the shoulder and replied: "I'll give you two reasons. One is that you are a spoil sport from theAutobiography, 135:been my life rhythm and perhaps is one of the reasons why I have been able to accomplish so much. Autobiography, 161:and prove their own best defense. I think my reasons are twofold. I want first of all to point outAutobiography, 229:those who are spiritually awake. One of the reasons which has encouraged me to write thisAutobiography, 287:Wisdom. All we ask is that he investigate the reasons for and against such beliefs and then abideBethlehem, 6:often forgotten, and this perhaps is one of the reasons why people speak of a failing Christianity,Bethlehem, 106:him. The dove is ever a symbol of peace. For two reasons it was the chosen sign at this initiation.Destiny, 35:considered instead of the superficial objective reasons, then real progress will be made in theDestiny, 117:of the magical age are many and one of the reasons why the seventh ray is now making its appearanceDiscipleship1, X:in the New Age I - Foreword Certain definite reasons have prompted me to make these instructionsDiscipleship1, 59:hitherto been the case. It is one of the major reasons for the forming of these groups as far asDiscipleship1, 78:to renewed and consecrated effort are two of my reasons for relinquishing my anonymity. AnotherDiscipleship1, 89:as a primary step for the following reasons: 1. Visualization is the initial step in theDiscipleship1, 97:The true disciple will never fall back on the reasons given above as alibis for lack of effort. IDiscipleship1, 123:in the words "the slowly opening heart." For two reasons, this response of the heart has not beenDiscipleship1, 189:to do this particular work? Partly for karmic reasons, my brother - a karma that has touched mineDiscipleship1, 203:to serve in my group of disciples for three reasons. It might interest you to know what they are,Discipleship1, 248:e'en when there is no understanding of the reasons for which it is done. As to your meditationDiscipleship1, 301:in this group of students and aspirants for two reasons: First of all, because, through thisDiscipleship1, 343:to bring you into my group work for several reasons. My first reason was that your type of mindDiscipleship1, 381:have grasped more clearly than ever before the reasons I had in mind when I gave you the three keyDiscipleship1, 386:of service, my brother, which was one of the reasons (apart from karmic suitability) prompting myDiscipleship1, 399:joyously or to serve intelligently? Do I know my reasons? If this review work is a definitelyDiscipleship1, 406:sound foundations. You are in this group for two reasons: First, your enthusiastic endeavor and theDiscipleship1, 430:in a divine way whilst using it? What are the reasons for any belief that divine indifference isDiscipleship1, 466:by the fourth ray, and if you study this the reasons for many of your life reactions will becomeDiscipleship1, 467:instructions and from many isolated passages the reasons: For the importance of the Full Moon. WhatDiscipleship1, 467:of affairs at this time and is one of the major reasons for their being chosen to form part of thisDiscipleship1, 503:can now be trusted to do so wisely and for right reasons. In the pressure of life today as you areDiscipleship1, 526:which D. R. S. unchangingly bears for you are reasons adequate to me. Besides - my love is yours.Discipleship1, 588:Why do you retain your membership in it? The reasons which prompt me to ask you these two questionsDiscipleship1, 589:criticism everywhere. Why is this? There are two reasons, my brother, and I care enough about yourDiscipleship1, 595:success. First: You are in this group for two reasons. You have a strong karmic link with me, whichDiscipleship1, 628:learning to relinquish. For other disciples, the reasons which militate against integration vary.Discipleship1, 638:receive and why have I put you here? One of the reasons that you are in this group is because youDiscipleship1, 645:students. You have been asked to join for three reasons and, knowing your enquiring and reasonableDiscipleship1, 645:to you would be to state what these three reasons are: There is a vacancy in the ranks of myDiscipleship2, 76:to Disciples - Group Instruction For these main reasons, and because I seek no further to burdenDiscipleship2, 77:and you will then understand more clearly the reasons for the disbanding of this group. TheDiscipleship2, 90:It may perhaps interest you to have some of the reasons presented to you: 1. A Master, in choosingDiscipleship2, 93:these things so as to make clear to you certain reasons for what may look to you as failure. I amDiscipleship2, 93:I have, however, indicated enough to show my reasons why there is so poor an exoteric showing of aDiscipleship2, 94:my Ashram. You will know also and discover the reasons for the experiment with these outer groupsDiscipleship2, 98:and if you have not, what was the reason or reasons? Question 3 In what do you personally feel thatDiscipleship2, 106:unity would have been strengthened. One of the reasons I had for the complete frankness andDiscipleship2, 107:from a minor ray to a major ray or (for service reasons) on to a different subray of their own ray;Discipleship2, 126:when you may temporarily fail to understand the reasons for the requests I may make and for theDiscipleship2, 134:a far more advanced stage, and I do so for two reasons: One is that for years the effort of all ofDiscipleship2, 232:from humanitarian, interested and basically ray reasons, and all such members are more or lessDiscipleship2, 295:world disciple. Why is this? Primarily for two reasons: Men are rapidly awakening mentally. TheDiscipleship2, 296:have you try to ascertain and understand my reasons. As this curriculum is firmly established itDiscipleship2, 446:decide what you are doing and know your reasons? All that I, as your Master, can do is to indicateDiscipleship2, Esoter:which should be done will have to be altered for reasons which I am confident you willDiscipleship2, 502:frailty pull him back from renewed effort? The reasons why a disciple must at least endeavor not toDiscipleship2, 503:is peculiarly urgent, and this for the following reasons: My Ashram is the main affiliated AshramDiscipleship2, 524:in approaching you, though not for the usual reasons. Oft a Master cannot at some particular timeDiscipleship2, 539:decision, and that you should understand the reasons why you think so. You have reached a point inDiscipleship2, 606:This decision was reached for certain definite reasons which it is only fair should be communicatedDiscipleship2, 650:of high degree he cannot even begin to sense the reasons why this is so; he must perforce then takeDiscipleship2, 650:None of these in any way approximate the true reasons or give any real insight into the problem.Discipleship2, 676:you. I wonder whether you have ever studied the reasons why the various members of the groups ofDiscipleship2, 682:the prejudices to which I referred and for two reasons: Your judgment is clouded by your resentmentDiscipleship2, 709:The need to develop this was one of the reasons, plus incorporation in national karma, which hasDiscipleship2, 722:ago, to settle down. She could not give ashramic reasons, for she intrudes not into that which IDiscipleship2, 722:needed for all disciples, and this for several reasons. Over the months or years, where a trueEducation, 77:wherein a child is always sure that the reasons and motives for his actions will be recognized, andEducation, 101:objectively and naturally, of the processes and reasons why the various nations have come to beEducation, 106:interested, either for selfish, self-protective reasons or because of innate paternalism. TheEducation, 116: Education in the New Age - Chapter IV - Reasons for the Present World Unrest Reasons for theEducation, 116:IV - Reasons for the Present World Unrest Reasons for the Present World Unrest Let me list for youEducation, 116:World Unrest Let me list for you some of the reasons for the present world unrest, reminding youEducation, 122: Education in the New Age - Chapter IV - Reasons for the Present World Unrest In the coming worldEducation, 125:with the angle of citizenship for two definite reasons: first, because it is a basic rule inEducation, 134:regarded as erroneous, and this for three reasons which it would profit you to study: Many soulsExternalisation, 31:new in them. I will give you further on three reasons for the fact of their being a step in advanceExternalisation, 34:which I have made myself responsible. The three reasons for their importance might therefore beExternalisation, 36:mind. This is necessarily essential and for two reasons: The members of the Hierarchy have freedExternalisation, 57:the forming of this group, and this for several reasons. [58] The first is that such a group cannotExternalisation, 70:present with clarity. I have listed some of the reasons for the present world unrest in anotherExternalisation, 110:the world aspirant, Humanity. To the above two reasons another might perhaps be added which willExternalisation, 216:in the processes of adjustment, from reasons of pride or unwillingness to pay the price. Many ofExternalisation, 319:of the world, for realistic as well as spiritual reasons, must come to the abandonment of the useExternalisation, 320:many who - for political, religious or personal reasons - will fight every effort to commit theirExternalisation, 347:upon the Occident. There have been two main reasons why, since 1900, this effort has been made. OneExternalisation, 366:rehabilitated for purely commercial and selfish reasons, and because trade interchange, buying andExternalisation, 372:outlook. Selfish interests have controlled the reasons for which every nation has entered this war;Externalisation, 381:out of their daily lives, and this for several reasons. Frequently they do not really desire to
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