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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REASONS

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Externalisation, 394:simply. In reverse, I might point out that the reasons for a measure of failure in 1936 can beExternalisation, 426:of the world. These would, for humanitarian reasons and from love of the forms through whichExternalisation, 426:of those who demand a war to a finish, and the reasons are the ultimate saving of millions of livesExternalisation, 431:partially, though not fully, owing to three reasons: 1. The outcome of the coming climaxingExternalisation, 551:The Reorganization of the World Religions. Reasons To make way for the World Religion, universalExternalisation, 551:The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism. Reasons Because of its presentation of a wrathfulExternalisation, 551:in every land. Preparation for a New Revelation. Reasons Because where there is no vision theExternalisation, 552:us. The Reaction of the Hierarchy to Shamballa. Reasons Produces a direct channel. Conditions theExternalisation, 552:A Closer Relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity. Reasons Produces (in the near future) theExternalisation, 552:for revelation. An Effort to avert War. Reasons Because the next war would annihilate the greaterFire, vi:to his work and some information as to the reasons why it was undertaken. in the early stages theFire, 78:[78] generation of thinkers for three main reasons, which might be enumerated as follows: 1. ItsFire, 259:to the general public. This is for three reasons: First, the stage reached by man does not permitFire, 361:during this particular cycle for the following reasons: Our solar system, being considered as ofFire, 414:the moon chain and the Uranus chain. The reasons are abstruse, but something may be hinted at asFire, 452:by the knowledge of them for the following reasons: Knowledge of things occult does not suffice forFire, 457:profound interest to the occult student for two reasons. The topic we have now to consider is theFire, 510:any of the others, and this for the following reasons: [511] First. The center of polarization forFire, 596:in our consideration of thought forms? For two reasons: One is that all that is in the solar systemFire, 646:centers. They occupy this position for karmic reasons, and are, from many angles, some of the mostFire, 661:in connection with man? There are several reasons for this, one being that the force flowingFire, 661:of this tremendous force. There are other reasons hidden in the karma of our Heavenly Man, but theFire, 661:in the karma of our Heavenly Man, but the above reasons suffice. Fire, 701:in our consideration of thought forms? For two reasons: One is that all that is in the solar systemFire, 707:this question of the fifth principle, for two reasons: First, that the subject has beenFire, 727:Hierarchy, for esoteric and for us inexplicable reasons, leave Their Own Hierarchy, and appear inFire, 977:by the aspirant. This is necessary for three reasons: First, owing to his stage in evolution, he isFire, 1025:life of the magician, and this for the following reasons. Firstly, because the fires of the humanFire, 1095:this [1095] be explained? There are three major reasons for this illusion, and these we might hereFire, 1108:steps and stages and this for the following reasons: All our planes, being the cosmic physicalFire, 1241:of words and a splitting of hairs but he who reasons by the Law of Correspondences and who hasFire, 1263:reaches our planet via the sign Aquarius. The reasons will be noted if the student bears in mindFire, 1270:of them for one or other of the three following reasons: Either the manuscript from which theseGlamour, 98:Their relative freedom from it was one of the reasons why I chose them. These two are D. L. R. andGlamour, 124:time they failed, and each time for personality reasons. They lacked group realization and wereGlamour, 230:the swastika is obvious and will be one of the reasons for its disappearance. 3. The PreparatoryHealing, 33:hardest I have yet undertaken, and this for two reasons. First (the real nature of) the phraseHealing, 63:have remained free. This is one of the prevalent reasons today, among many men and women, and isHealing, 69:time than ever before, and for the following reasons: The world situation is such, the problems andHealing, 71:individual selfishness. I have cited sufficient reasons for the effects of Worry and Irritation toHealing, 90:to establish what they are. There are two reasons for this statistical failure: The fact that veryHealing, 156:the rapid unfoldment of this lotus is one of the reasons why the world war could not be avoided. InHealing, 167:of the processes of healing is needed; and the reasons which make them seem difficult andHealing, 209:responsive to the centers. There are two reasons for this, and both are related to theHealing, 235:Causes Emanating from Group Life The subjective reasons given to account for the appearance ofHealing, 236:longer be required and will disappear for three reasons: The orientation of humanity towards theHealing, 296:mainly to lay the stress upon the subjective reasons for the majority of ills which attack theHealing, 306:may invite the asking of questions and for reasons: Because where a group is involved and theHealing, 330:used over unnumbered centuries. One of the main reasons for the apparent difference (if there isHealing, 470:Chapter V - The Process of Restitution Two Main Reasons for Cremation Occultly speaking, cremationHealing, 470:speaking, cremation is needed for two main reasons. It hastens the release of the subtle vehiclesHealing, 471:karmic necessity may not be involved at all, and reasons of group conditioning and of greatHealing, 679:to matter; this one is given first for two reasons: It can be applied by disciples and thus provenHealing, 701:to know the rays of the patient. There are two reasons for this: The fact that he seeks to heal andHealing, 713:In conclusion I would like to tell you the reasons I am refraining from more detailed informationHercules, 44:magnificent fixed star, Aldebaran, is one of the reasons why this constellation is regarded asHercules, 71:belittling of the work of the Great Ones. The reasons that Nereus, the Master, is elusive and givesHercules, 88:of the human family, and is one of the reasons why this is always regarded as a mass sign. In theMagic, 6:even of skeptics, scientists, and religionists. Reasons for the appearance of phenomena are beingMagic, 32:as a whole and not in detail and this for two reasons: Language, as earlier said, hides truth andMagic, 48:his vital or etheric body and for the following reasons: It is the physical correspondence to theMagic, 76:of his etheric body, and this for certain reasons. First, the etheric body is the next aspect ofMagic, 126:the spiritual man, and this for the following reasons: Only the soul has a direct and clearMagic, 257:the destructive or 'left-hand' path." The reasons for this brevity may be stated to be due to theMagic, 372:importance of the etheric. There are many other reasons which will later be emphasized. InMagic, 382:of [382] black and white magic, and one of the reasons of the purifying waters of the flood beingMagic, 575:the hands play a great part and this for four reasons: They are the symbol of acquisitiveness. TheyMagic, 583:one adept. Why should this be so? For two reasons: First, the true enquirer is one who availsMagic, 608:and also of the apathy of the many and for these reasons they work under terrific pressure. Third,Meditation, 14:and I have suggested for your consideration four reasons out of the many why the practice should beMeditation, 82:causes this and why is this so? The following reasons may make it apparent why the path is so bardMeditation, 88:made or given in writing to students for three reasons: Some instructions are always given orally,Meditation, 97:of knowledge on the lower planes and for reasons of experience in order that the content of theMeditation, 98:important body in the Personality for several reasons. It is a complete unit, unlike the physicalMeditation, 116:group to which he is usually affiliated for two reasons, one to work out karma and repay his debts;Meditation, 124:than men. Another cause is due to emotional reasons. A lack of coordination exists between theMeditation, 128:is curiously real now, owing to the following reasons: The coming in of the violet ray, the seventhPatanjali, 27:with all souls - must be justly appraised; the reasons for its achievement correctly judged, andProblems, 21:by its conservative elements, and this for two reasons: first, the cruelty with which the earliestProblems, 33:might never have happened. Many and differing reasons have been given for the total war whichProblems, 48:few teachers or parents explain to a child the reasons for the activities and the demands that areProblems, 49:explained so that the child understands the reasons lying behind this mysterious new order ofProblems, 81:can be established, and for the following reasons: Humanity has suffered so terribly during theProblems, 81:way of life will be developed for two main reasons: The purely spiritual reasons of humanProblems, 81:for two main reasons: The purely spiritual reasons of human brotherhood, of peaceful cooperativeProblems, 91:and weak nations, not from any humanitarian reasons but for power politics. Psychology1, 76:the life of the Buddha, and this is one of the reasons why, [77] in this fifth race, love and mindPsychology1, 118:need to write on this matter for the following reasons: 1. Modern psychology is in a cul-de-sac.Psychology1, 158:manifestation, are aspect rays, and this for two reasons: First, they are, in their totality, thePsychology1, 297:in these cases, that desire is usually based on reasons of heredity, property to be passed on, anPsychology1, 307:condition wherein, through economic and other reasons, men and women are forced to live without aPsychology1, 338:condition may be found the reason (or one of the reasons) why our Earth is not one of the sevenPsychology2, 11:without due understanding of the underlying reasons, and the consequent blind following of leaders,Psychology2, 183:of a broad generalization, to indicate the major reasons why such groups are being formed. We canPsychology2, 218:of a troubled and bewildered world. For obvious reasons, a vision of the Plan, nebulous as it mustPsychology2, 300:believe govern their equipment, and stating the reasons for assigning these ray qualities. When thePsychology2, 446:the psychologist's effort: [446] What are your reasons for wanting to be "straightened out"? ThisPsychology2, 450:of dominant opportunity, and for the following reasons: The attention of the Great Ones is entirelyPsychology2, 533:of the mystical and occult life. There are two reasons for this period of excessive difficulty: ThePsychology2, 587:case of the average psychic, and this for two reasons; first, he does not truly desire the loss of
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