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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REBUILT

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Discipleship1, 254:Should you be able to see life's circumstances rebuilt around you or see them crumble toDiscipleship2, 288:reward, save the reward of souls salvaged, lives rebuilt and humanity led onward upon the Path ofExternalisation, 486:here is the assurance that the world can be rebuilt, that constructive action can be successfullyExternalisation, 577:scientific use of energy that the world will be rebuilt and the factual nature of the Hierarchy beHercules, 33:Scorpio, and in Pisces the form dies, only to be rebuilt again in the wearying round of formMagic, 75:The new stands forth, a man remade; the form rebuilt; the house prepared. The fires unite, and [76]Problems, 32:They are the guarantee that our world can be rebuilt and - if we have learned anything from pastProblems, 32:and its dire consequences in our lifetime - rebuilt along different lines, with differentProblems, 34:civilization return and the old structure again rebuilt; they yearn for a peaceful return to thePsychology2, 235:These have been brought over and reassembled and rebuilt into the forms found in the presentReappearance, 91:be bettered, and cities and villages will be rebuilt. Their objective is the production of the new
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