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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECAPITULATION

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Astrology, 206:in Scorpio can be covered by two words: recapitulation and reorientation. In Scorpio, two mostDiscipleship2, 462:go over in your mind (pictorially) as a sort of recapitulation, what you have done. OM... OM...Education, 40:their consciousness; it is with them a form of recapitulation, analogous to the prenatal stage; theEducation, 40:analogous to the prenatal stage; the same recapitulation goes forward upon the Path when a manFire, 905:of the next round, the fifth, there will be a recapitulation of the activities of this round,Meditation, 88:have to be offset. This entails delay and a recapitulation in work that (if realized in time) mightPsychology1, 55:is a fusion or at-one-ing. This is like a higher recapitulation of the initial union of spirit andPsychology1, 300:Law of Rebirth. Hence each life is not only a recapitulation of life experience, but an assuming ofPsychology2, 22:we have (in the life of the aspirant) a recapitulation of the triple process which we could callRays, 335:superhuman evolution and necessitating a group recapitulation of incarnated process.
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