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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECEIVED

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Astrology, 53:power to evoke response, and to be consciously received, recognized and [54] employed, is dependentAstrology, 167:before all men. At the same time, He received the vision of the Father and of what He had to do asAstrology, 267:energies," as they are called, which are being received from some major source. The capacity toAstrology, 267:and profit by the planetary energies (themselves received as emanated from some constellation) isAstrology, 433:the light of love (Sirius. A.A.B.) and there received the accolade of love. So thus he bringsAstrology, 462:on the base line of the higher triangle which received the original emanating energy. There areAstrology, 515:must inevitably take shape in terms of energy, received, transferred and used, and throw light uponAstrology, 686:gave, in a mysterious manner, more than was received, though the gift was not of the same nature.Autobiography, X:in the hospital in [X] New York in 1949, she received visitors, consulted with the seniorAutobiography, 104:great universities for a postgraduate course, I received a letter from the president of theAutobiography, 110:not as comfortable as they are today. Again I received kindness which I did not deserve from someAutobiography, 161:for the past twenty-seven years. This work has received worldwide recognition and has evokedAutobiography, 164:dangerous negativity. The material normally then received is mediocre. There is nothing new in it,Autobiography, 176:for me to correspondents (letters which have received grateful thanks) and have themselves receivedAutobiography, 176:received grateful thanks) and have themselves received no credit for the writing. This is what IAutobiography, 183:mysteriously of the communications they have received from the Masters. My attitude about all suchAutobiography, 190:plus other esoteric papers which he had received from H.P.B. Among the papers which he gave me wasAutobiography, 191:groups of students all over the country who received the outlined lessons that I was giving to theAutobiography, 218:they proceeded to cancel the lectures. I later received a letter from the president of the collegeAutobiography, 228:of the order and asked permission to join but received no reply. The following year, as I had heardAutobiography, 228:of their books, enclosing a check in payment. I received no reply and no books were sent me, thoughAutobiography, 228:letter to the head of the order but still received no reply. I gave up the attempt and decided thatAutobiography, 230:at this time. In 1932 when we were at Ascona I received a communication from the Tibetan which wasAutobiography, 235:humanity. The pamphlet outlining this ideal received the widest distribution and it was followed byAutobiography, 245:it may interest you to know about and they have received a worldwide recognition. Initiation, HumanAutobiography, 254:group work of the new discipleship. These people received direct personal instructions from me andAutobiography, 255:the erroneous impression which the public had received. This she has done to a certain degree butAutobiography, 259:that no word is changed. The book is printed as received, except for a very slight change of tenseAutobiography, 259:and stilted. Before the information can be received and adequately transcribed, a certainAutobiography, 298:to profit by the teaching I have personally received from her, I have come to understand betterBethlehem, 76:attention to herself and to His father, but only received the calm answer, spoken with conviction,Bethlehem, 104:in Jordan One wonders about the first man who received the first faint glimpse (with his dim innerBethlehem, 159:friends, was recognized by God His Father, and received the testimony of Moses and Elias, the LawBethlehem, 168:function as the "Light of the World," what He received of divine Light and poured forth for theBethlehem, 178:of Saints and Churches into which disciples were received by Baptism. And they were commemorated byBethlehem, 191:the way for it by molding the human nature which received them... the Incarnation is not a miracleBethlehem, 216:and of his punishment. He stated that he received the due reward of his sins, but at the same timeBethlehem, 234:without challenging the inheritance which they received from Judaism, they set side by side with itBethlehem, 236:and his death. The large wound which he received was shown, just as the wound was shown which wasBethlehem, 271:there is also a Man-god, that is 'man' who has received the godhead into himself... the Man-god isDiscipleship1, X:after requesting permission from those who received them. One is the need to bring to the attentionDiscipleship1, XIII:the [XIII] instructions were probably not received on the dates given and the initials are none ofDiscipleship1, XV:inspiration that we who have prepared it have received; I hope also that their confidence in theDiscipleship1, 367:go back over all the instructions you have received from me and list the specific information IDiscipleship1, 418:the fact that the intensity of the stimulation received by you at the time of the Wesak Festival,Discipleship1, 418:more severe will oft be the disciplining. You received a tremendous stimulation during theDiscipleship1, 426:a glad willingness to learn. You have already received an exceedingly brief line which I do notDiscipleship1, 441:last two communications from the Tibetan were received by him shortly after the Germans enteredDiscipleship1, 532:you render back to all, the love which you have received and will receive. I am asking A. A. B. toDiscipleship1, 540:this persistence of yours has been noted and received due appreciation. Out of a widened horizonDiscipleship1, 602:power is weakening. The thought-form of intrigue received a bad blow during the episode of glamorDiscipleship1, 611:are made and the work is functioning. Yet you received not guidance from those who have sought toDiscipleship1, 646:of all the instructions that the group have received so that - by a self-applied forcing process -Discipleship1, 740:life. The radiation is effective when rightly received, registered and consciously used to bringDiscipleship1, 777:it may interest you to know about and they have received a worldwide recognition. Initiation, HumanDiscipleship1, 786:group work of the new discipleship. These people received direct personal instructions from me andDiscipleship1, 787:the erroneous impression which the public had received. This she has done to a certain degree butDiscipleship2, 12:and effective in the world the teaching received and the stimulation to which they have beenDiscipleship2, 41:DISCIPLES: It is more than a year since you received your last set of instructions from me - a yearDiscipleship2, 45:and not specifically discontinued by me, has received no attention, and the group is the loserDiscipleship2, 71:been given you in the earlier teaching you have received, but I repeat these statements, so thatDiscipleship2, 74:the most important which you have ever [74] received. This is so - not from the teaching angle -Discipleship2, 79:to them the basic teaching which they would have received from their own Masters and - because myDiscipleship2, 92:and though pleased and excited over the material received from me, in the group or personalDiscipleship2, 143:finally as a transmitter of that which has been received from the higher sources of inspiration.Discipleship2, 143:the quality of the inspiration which can be received from the Ashram to which you may be attached.Discipleship2, 148:of Impression: Statement of highest idea received. Relation of theme to present world opportunity.Discipleship2, 148:world opportunity. Write down first thought then received. OM. Refocus on mental plane. IV. TheDiscipleship2, 155:of the six meditations which you will have received and of their purpose in connection with yourDiscipleship2, 156:spiritually speaking, are the impressions to be received by the attentive disciple. The wordDiscipleship2, 163:a clearer light and the causes of human misery received fresh and keener recognition; the knowledgeDiscipleship2, 187:Power and Light," all previous teaching you have received and all your earlier meditation work wasDiscipleship2, 206:highest plane." They then transfer the focused received energies - after due reflection andDiscipleship2, 283:symbolic formulas which you have already received. All that I can do is to give you a meaning (asDiscipleship2, 323:to produce revelation) which has hitherto received little, if any, attention. Revelation is apt toDiscipleship2, 339:increasingly aware. The great Law of Karma has received little attention from the standpoint ofDiscipleship2, 343:instruction. The five which you have already received still remain unexplored [344] and unexplainedDiscipleship2, 374:the third eye, the directing agent of the received energy. It must be carefully borne in mind thatDiscipleship2, 374:is something different, something which he has received from the Hierarchy and of which he isDiscipleship2, 396:one of the most important hints it has ever received. The realization of the existence of thisDiscipleship2, 438:the light which the initiate has generated or received is projected into the Past and theDiscipleship2, 464:you belong to the Ashram of K.H. and will have received your instructions direct from him. He feelsDiscipleship2, 581:immediately reached thousands of minds and were received with simplicity everywhere; theirDiscipleship2, 645:it has largely been made exoterically, and received exoterically, and the true import of theDiscipleship2, 645:into reality of that which your mind already has received as theory and hypothesis. You standDiscipleship2, 728:the physical plane. What measure of it you have received has been retained upon the mental planeDiscipleship2, 745:it motivated and implemented by the energy just received, and let your creative imagination buildExternalisation, 11:of myself, your Tibetan brother. All who have received the disciples' degree monthly instructions,Externalisation, 39:must learn the significance of illumination, received in meditation, and the necessity to work withExternalisation, 297:actively upon the physical plane and seldom received recognition for what they truly were; onlyExternalisation, 405:rested back in confidence upon its realities, received its rewards and found their goal. ArrivedExternalisation, 550:related to world planning. These they have received in full measure from me. There are others whoExternalisation, 550:to disciples and initiates. This again they have received. I have now dealt in the past few yearsExternalisation, 575:The stage wherein the reward of light is received and the reward of service rendered; spiritualExternalisation, 607:that He was not leaving them. Then the clouds received Him out of their sight. There were noneExternalisation, 607:again in like manner. He ascended. The clouds received Him and today the clouds which cover ourExternalisation, 642:the power and the special energies which He received at that dramatic moment when He, the BuddhaExternalisation, 643:certain specialized aspects of this newly received energy, and they therefore will be peculiarlyFire, 82:These pranic emanations when focalized and received, react upon the dense matter which is builtFire, 84:and human would naturally lie where prana is received. It is the esoteric Garden of Eden, the land
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