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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECEIVES

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Astrology, 462:of positive conditioning energy. The point which receives into itself both the higher energy andAstrology, 527:and according to the vehicle of expression which receives its impact so will be the reaction andAstrology, 612:a small, replica of the above: The soul of man receives from all three major planetary centers orAstrology, 663:brother of the Earth." (Vol. II, 48) "Mercury receives seven times more light than any otherAstrology, 673:Vol. II, 27) "Light comes through Venus who receives a triple supply and gives one-third to theAutobiography, 17:perfection - a perfection which eventually receives the accolade of recognition by means of theAutobiography, 176:which you do not sign and for which someone else receives thanks. This whole section of my life,Autobiography, 269:the rounded-out development of the disciple receives attention. Character-building and unselfishBethlehem, 22:having prepared them by example and precept, now receives them into the presence of God. Such hasBethlehem, 42:"Oh, Saul, it shall be A Face like my face that receives thee; a Man like to me Thou shalt love andBethlehem, 43:1-4, Weymouth Translation. He is the One Who receives the initiate and superintends the higherDestiny, 102:and according to the vehicle of expression which receives its impact so will be the reaction andDiscipleship1, 414:this produces bad results. Your throat center receives the bulk of this energy and the solarDiscipleship1, 538:as you like, and in which the life of the spirit receives its reasonable share, in which theDiscipleship2, 15:and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them, the way is not soDiscipleship2, 19:of the antahkarana. The accepted disciple never receives any detailed information or instruction;Discipleship2, 19:as to what he must do to "take initiation." He receives - at specific "points in time" - accordingDiscipleship2, 142:in the held of the world, and these he receives from two sources: His own soul, as his intuitionDiscipleship2, 210:Contemplative. This is the receptive group which receives impression from Shamballa in relation toDiscipleship2, 288:and brings about the required changes, but he receives no reward, save the reward of soulsDiscipleship2, 308:oft in much bewilderment he seeks knowledge and receives it at unexpected moments, and theseDiscipleship2, 309:peaks, and as he mounts towards each peak he receives five times the light. Five to the five and soDiscipleship2, 376:provides. At the indicated second initiation he receives a quality of stimulation which enables himDiscipleship2, 377:with its phenomena. But the initiate-disciple receives an unique revelation and an appliedDiscipleship2, 520:through the processes of evolution. Shamballa receives energy from various solar and extra-solarDiscipleship2, 560:the Ashram. There, the intensified training he receives makes him still more spiritually efficientDiscipleship2, 676:(as I said) the individual disciple or initiate receives training, injunctions as to characterEducation, 75:shyness or caution, and one in which he receives courteous treatment at the hands of others, and isExternalisation, 520:The format of cultures and civilizations receives special attention. The Hierarchy receives andExternalisation, 520:receives special attention. The Hierarchy receives and transmits energies and consequent forcesExternalisation, 520:to be found in all kingdoms. The Hierarchy receives that esoteric "Fire of God" which brings to anExternalisation, 520:training needed for initiation. Each major cycle receives new forms of the same ancient, yet basic,Fire, 41:in an essay in the Asiatic Researches; and this receives further corroboration from the geologicalFire, 90:and planetary radiation. The etheric body of man receives prana in different ways and of differentFire, 101:recapitulate for the sake of clarity: The System receives prana from cosmic sources via threeFire, 101:expression of the solar Logos. The Planet receives prana from the solar center, and redistributesFire, 102:of the seven Heavenly Men. [102] The Microcosm receives prana from the sun after it has permeatedFire, 107:dwellers in these lands. The etheric body receives prana or solar rays too rapidly, passes itFire, 196:which are the pathways through which the Jiva receives worldly experience. These are ten in number,Fire, 210:takes up His work. During the ceremony He receives His Rod of Power - the same Rod as used sinceFire, 439:influence, the object of its immediate attention receives and absorbs it, and transmutes itFire, 491:a bad position. The life (or entity) concerned receives a setback, the devas work destructively,Fire, 510:of a great flow of force or energy, and receives more stimulation and energizing than any of theFire, 539:and are connected with the stimulus which He receives Himself in contacting the logoic electricFire, 684:found in the fact that the etheric body of man receives, and transmits prana directly to theFire, 780:triple in their ranks: The highest group of all receives the energy from the higher levels, andFire, 894:upon the astral light, as the human eye receives impressions upon the retina. The same thought isFire, 962:normal development) forms the center which receives the threefold vitalization pouring through theFire, 972:an etheric form. When on etheric levels, it receives that final impulse which will lead to what mayFire, 1068:to Heaven, and again descends to earth; and receives the strength of the superiors and theGlamour, 132:religious characteristics, then the basic idea receives only limited application. Hence theHealing, 42:of the bodies at this time, and therefore receives the bulk of the life energy as it comes down theHealing, 42:the life stream, from the soul, and likewise receives the energy of the stream of consciousness.Healing, 166:physical plane expression of the center which receives this energy, is the analogy to theHealing, 399:all the nations - into that unknown world which receives all those who discard the physical form.Healing, 594:the center emanating energy to the center which receives its impact; or he is the victim ofHercules, 47:in incarnation, and the story of matter, as it receives purification and glorification through theHercules, 66:cannot interpret it". In this labor, Hercules receives an outstanding revelation and in the fiveHercules, 82:In Taurus, "the mother of illumination", he receives his first flash of that spiritual light whichInitiation, 88:"Saul": ...It shall be A face like my face that receives thee; a Man like to me, Thou shalt loveInitiation, 126:place, and consequently he (as a cellular body) receives an added stimulation along with the otherInitiation, 128:a new World Teacher takes office, in which he receives his Rod of Power - the same Rod as usedInitiation, 173:subjects are illuminated when the initiate receives the second great secret, or the fourth whichIntellect, 24:and usually to an unwilling student, who receives a mass of information that does not interest himIntellect, 120:and functioning of a certain organ which receives and connects the different impressions of theIntellect, 164:situation is, therefore, as follows: The mind receives illumination from the soul, in the form ofIntellect, 182:or a light. But it is truly Himself that he receives inwardly, and in a manner that greatlyMagic, 44:physical plane expression of the center which receives this energy is the analogy to the energizingMagic, 117:occult significance. He spends and consequently receives; he lives the life of renunciation and theMagic, 174:sincere soul, who meets the requirements, ever receives a rebuff. There is no question at this timeMagic, 200:the initiate enters," and it is the training he receives as an aspirant that makes such a stepMagic, 516:color its experience, and subsequently the brain receives the transmitted impression and theMeditation, 73:- progresses as desired: - if his physical body receives adequate application of the life forces ofMeditation, 118:Learning to which he is assigned and in which he receives much instruction. The band of InvisibleMeditation, 163:on the five planes of human evolution. The adept receives instruction on their use, and can employMeditation, 332:It is like a busy railroad terminus, that receives cargo from all directions and empties it intoMeditation, 337:color and movement from its surroundings. It receives the impress of every passing desire. ItPatanjali, 413:realms in the three worlds, so that the brain receives illumination, information and knowledge fromPatanjali, 419:God leaps upward into a flame. The darkest place receives the light. The dawn appears on earth. ThePsychology2, 348:the man sees clearly the next step to be taken. Receives the revelation of the Plan and of what hePsychology2, 408:strides forward will be made. When the child receives training in mind control and when that mindPsychology2, 502:experience to the psychologist, and frequently receives an interpretation which reveals to him thePsychology2, 554:seat of the life principle. The throat center receives stimulation in this case but seldom to thePsychology2, 570:is sincere and truthful, but because he receives no real training in the art of interpretation andRays, 207:evolution of consciousness in the three worlds receives, necessarily, major attention. I would haveRays, 312:to his responsiveness to the fifth word which he receives at the fifth initiation and to which weRays, 405:of nature in the three worlds; the Master receives instruction in the handling of the energiesRays, 496:as you like, and in which the life of the spirit receives its reasonable share, in which theRays, 592:be regarded as the common sense, because it receives all these impacts of varying energies,Rays, 625:of the Vatican is left, but - curiously enough - receives less attention in Italy than in the otherRays, 701:conferred, the divine Plan is sensed and receives cooperation, and intelligent aspiration takes theRays, 713:the spirits which are in prison," the Master receives a revelation; this is His right and due andRays, 728:accorded to the initiate, he for the first time receives his initial contact with what is called inRays, 769:Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs, revolves, receives, and remains. When all that is hasSoul, 82:things, which creates, sustains, preserves, and receives back into itself again all worlds, thisSoul, 103:The last relay in the cord, from which it receives impulses, is from that portion of the cord,Telepathy, 108:station en rapport with the Hierarchy and he receives and distributes (in response to the evocativeTelepathy, 133:the heart center, the Hierarchy, and then receives the needed impression which will result in the
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