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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECENT

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Astrology, 166:Path of Discipleship and Probation. Hence the recent discovery of Pluto and the sensed power ofAtom, 41:considered as having sensation as well: "The recent contest as to the nature of atoms, which weAutobiography, 302:The choices that humanity has been making in recent years and still has to make in the short yearsBethlehem, 63:and giving Christmas presents was unknown until recent years." - The Paganism in Our Christianity,Discipleship1, 567:Continue with this integrating work. Once in the recent history of the group who compose part of myDiscipleship2, 164:I have endeavored to express the majesty of the recent happenings in various ways in order toFire, 414:the present, and covers a period comparatively recent, carrying forward the history of evolution toFire, 1037:phenomena which he has harnessed, and the more recent discovery of radium, are in their ownGlamour, 16:the group reaction to each other's need in the recent period of glamor. It is my intention,Healing, 530:humanity. One of the outstanding results of the recent world war will be found to be a tremendouslyProblems, 25:the Italian state is historically of very recent date. The accusation of youth (if it is anPsychology2, 132:no impetus. The remarkable response to the many recent campaigns to good will definitely evidencedSoul, 32:of the logos or law, of the psyche or soul. A recent and clear definition is given by Dr. Leary:Soul, 37:of Destiny, pp. 3,6. Professor J. S. Huxley in a recent lecture says, "It seems clear thatSoul, 60:of this century or the last, let us turn to a recent edition (1926) of the Encyclopedia Britannica.Soul, 80:we are at one with both the main tendencies of recent philosophy. Even the later materialists hadSoul, 94:the Oriental teaching about matter and ether. "Recent scientific research has shown that thisSoul, 148:light in the head to which so many testify. The recent spectacular experiments into the nature ofSoul, 149:powers have been well summed up for us in a recent statement from an Australian periodical calledSoul, 154:I - (ON CHAPTER IV) The following extract from a recent publication puts the question of the soul
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