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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECEPTION

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Rays, 241:pouring into [241] each of the "seven points of reception," the Masters' Ashrams within theRays, 337:The Mysteries are revealed, not primarily by the reception of information anent them and theirRays, 368:receive energy from Shamballa in a direct reception, via the Hierarchy. This information is, IRays, 403:may give some vague idea of a process, based on "reception, then direction, producing rejection andRays, 687:have prepared the body of the initiate for the reception of the terrific voltage of this thirdRays, 698:and is emptied and stands ready for the dynamic reception of the higher will which - using theRays, 712:of these energies; the Hierarchy is a great reception point for these three aspects of theReappearance, 108:to understand and prepare the human mind for the reception of what He has to give. Telepathy, 27:to your brothers at the time of transmission or reception. [28] By capitalizing on the inherentTelepathy, 34:The method of transmission. The manner of reception. The mode of interrelated activity. By theTelepathy, 40:the recipient of impression and of energy. This reception of impression and energy has a dualTelepathy, 41:and prior stage than that of direct telepathic reception. The occultist ever approaches the subjectTelepathy, 41:of units. The first stage of correct telepathic reception is ever the registering of an impression;Telepathy, Discip:relation to energy impacts and of its group reception as differentiated from individual reception,Telepathy, Discip:reception as differentiated from individual reception, as is the case in any telepathic rapport. Telepathy, 44:be the Full Moon period, which is a time of reception by the Hierarchy as well as by Humanity; anTelepathy, 45:(as you will undoubtedly have noted) with the reception of impression by groups or by aggregationsTelepathy, 45:evolutionary history of our planet is one of reception and of distribution, of a taking in and of aTelepathy, 48:the student a step further into the world of reception and perception and point him to the moreTelepathy, 80:(according to the quality of the mechanism of reception) with the will and purpose of Sanat Kumara;Telepathy, 84:humanity. These - from the human angle - cover reception of impression and of ideas, andTelepathy, 105:dependent upon the condition of the channel of reception, the antahkarana; in this recording,Telepathy, 105:and to the power to record. The stage of brain reception. The accuracy of this reception will beTelepathy, 105:stage of brain reception. The accuracy of this reception will be dependent upon the quality of theTelepathy, 192:heart and the throat centers) are the organs of reception for energies coming from the threeTelepathy, 193:It is the major controlling center, both for the reception and the distribution of energies, until
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