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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECEPTIVE

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Intellect, 104:by any methods of rendering the mind passive and receptive, or by any system of "blanking" theIntellect, 140:Through right education, it learns to be receptive towards impressions emanating from the mind, andIntellect, 140:all outer information, but can be trained to be receptive towards the soul, and to registerIntellect, 164:by the active mind, which throws down into the receptive brain the intuitions and knowledge whichIntellect, 214:and the waiting personality which is rendered receptive by the process of focused attention. ThenMagic, 57:is one who is in touch with his soul. He is receptive to and aware of the purpose and the plan ofMagic, 60:alignment with his ego, with his "angel", is receptive to his plans and purposes, and thereforeMagic, 65:injudiciousness may make the physical body non-receptive; some worry or care may cause the astralMagic, 85:work with his mind is to render it negative and receptive to the soul, and this is his positiveMagic, 85:word "positive" in the attempt to make the mind receptive, for herein lies the clue to rightMagic, 141:is to train himself to do four things: To be receptive to the mind of the Master. To cultivate aMagic, 177:the great staff of teachers. Their brains, being receptive transmitters, enable them to expressMagic, 250:the physical plane, a brain is required which is receptive to higher impulses and which can beMagic, 343:the aspirant. It renders him negative and receptive from the form side, and slows down hisMagic, 418:the law to correct their attitude. Secondly, be receptive towards those who seek you out and seemMagic, 512:purity of motive and of life, a stabilized and receptive emotional body and that inner alignmentMagic, 516:has been rightly oriented and held in a purely receptive attitude, it becomes the interpreter andMagic, 517:the mind has been held in the light and has been receptive to the soul impression so the brain hasMagic, 517:the soul impression so the brain has to be held receptive to impression from the mind. OneMagic, 628:between the positive soul and the negative and receptive form. The herd instinct finds its divineMeditation, 10:into an attitude of equilibrium, neither utterly receptive and negative, nor utterly positive, butMeditation, 98:will, then the emotional becomes quiescent and receptive. [99] This negative attitude in itself, ifMeditation, 99:that is lower and to its environment and only receptive to the Spirit via the causal. This can onlyMeditation, 121:makes the entire three bodies of the personality receptive and quiescent, and open therefore to theMeditation, 122:of rendering his entire lower personality receptive. Instead of making it firmly positive toMeditation, 122:the mind" (if I may use so unusual a term) to be receptive and open to transmission from the causalMeditation, 122:sides. Only a point within the brain should be receptive, all the rest of the consciousness shouldMeditation, 277:intervals. His physical brain is not often receptive to the higher contact, and though his EgoMeditation, 340:and from the intuitional planes can find a receptive sheet whereon they may inscribe themselves.Meditation, 347:stillness of the emotional body makes it receptive to impression from above. The positive stillnessPatanjali, 206:thither but becomes controlled and quiescent and receptive to the higher impress. [207] As this isPatanjali, 221:the voice of the ego and to become quiescent and receptive must precede the last four means of yogaPatanjali, 226:or stillness. This latter condition of receptive waiting, if one might so call it, is succeeded byPatanjali, 311:the other, thirst, being negative, feminine and receptive. Those two words are but symbols of thePatanjali, 409:cells, and render them negative, quiescent and receptive. True meditation, however, concerns theProblems, 109:and the new world trends must be fostered in the receptive Negro consciousness and in this wayPsychology1, 11:mind steady in the light, and consequently are receptive to ideas hitherto unrecognized. If a groupPsychology2, 264:upon them by teachers and demagogues, and are receptive - without any thought or reasoning - toPsychology2, 264:I repeat that they are simply mediums; they are receptive to ideas which are not their own orPsychology2, 306:the exception of the ajna and head centers, are receptive to impact and inflow of life. [307] Psychology2, 428:lower waiting aspects, for they are negative or receptive whilst that which should be realized andPsychology2, 481:"God" is proposing to the attentive, negative, receptive subject. In this state of almostPsychology2, 629:to render. This cooperative effort by the more receptive portion of humanity is, in reality, whatRays, 239:but with understanding and "fortitude." This receptive attitude on the part of the Hierarchy willRays, 330:in his etheric body rule in so far as they are receptive or non-receptive to the influencesRays, 330:body rule in so far as they are receptive or non-receptive to the influences emanating from theRays, 465:in substance: The lower concrete mind. The receptive common sense. The highest aspect of the formRays, 482:themselves as dynamic, positive energies, as receptive, negative energies, or as magnetic,Rays, 483:the energy of the Hierarchy must become a force, receptive to the energy of Shamballa, just as theRays, 483:just as the force of humanity has to become receptive to the energy of the kingdom of souls. TodayRays, 483:be recognizable. The Hierarchy has for long been receptive to the third or creative aspect of theRays, 485:it may be a "facility of revelation," both receptive and conditioning or distributing, and so worldRays, 488:light, and there will also be the alignment of a receptive attentive personality and a soulRays, 590:nature. It is volatile, easily dispersed, is the receptive agent of illumination, and can beRays, 597:emotional nature has been reorganized and made receptive to spiritual impression coming from theRays, 619:it is to make men's hearts responsive to and receptive of the love of God; this is another way ofRays, 619:the love of God; this is another way of saying receptive to the consciousness of the Christ. ThisRays, 709:of the energy of his soul ray to which he can be receptive, plus as much of the energy of theRays, 711:personality is to give to the mind (already receptive to the energy of ideas) some faint glimmeringRays, 712:the Christ, and the Mahachohan. The Manu is receptive to, and the agent of, the energy of theRays, 736:and Humanity - has reached a high stage of receptive efficiency, a certain cosmic Avatar willTelepathy, 6:by the mental reaction of others, similarly receptive. It will be found therefore that this processTelepathy, 19:in the process are the head center, which is receptive to impression from higher sources, and theTelepathy, 27:of the magnetic power of love, responds to or is receptive to the dual energies mentioned above.Telepathy, 28:on a stream of love which your brother - alert, receptive and waiting - will attract to himself byTelepathy, 32:similar groups. Subjective groups to objective receptive groups. The Hierarchy, through its greatTelepathy, 44:who are trained to act as an intermediate receptive group between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. TheyTelepathy, 49:and world workers have to function as MINDS, as receptive and perceptive intelligences and asTelepathy, 87:If a major world test were to be made, those receptive to impression would be found to fall intoTelepathy, 94:true freedom of thought and the power to be receptive to the impression of the abstract mind, heTelepathy, 96:from group to group. The disciple can become a receptive agent within any group of which he is aTelepathy, 104:some level of consciousness or other, and are receptive to these impressions according to the levelTelepathy, 143:its impact, then that center becomes vibrant and receptive and develops as a controlling factor inTelepathy, 179:in the environing space, and is automatically receptive to some, and repudiates others through theTelepathy, 180:aspect which renders the form magnetic, receptive, repudiating and transmitting; this consciousnessTelepathy, 191:There are two centers which are regarded as "receptive and distributing agents" in an unique
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