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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECIPIENT

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Astrology, 26:Two - Each one of the ray lives is the recipient and the custodian of energies coming from TheAstrology, 226:of the energies thereby conferred upon the recipient. Such are some of the great transformationsAstrology, 439:lies behind the other two triangles and is the recipient of energy from the three aboveAstrology, 496:the web of light and energy which is the recipient of zodiacal and other extra-systemic forces andAutobiography, 259:personal experience or previous knowledge of the recipient. If [260] this be true as between theDiscipleship1, 68:of the mind of the transmitter and that of the recipient, establishing first of all a current ofDiscipleship1, 223:See also that your astral body is not the recipient of too much first ray energy but protect itDiscipleship1, 251:hierarchical life can flow and not simply be a recipient of that life as you now are. In the aboveDiscipleship1, 347:consciousness, regard yourself as the conscious recipient of the strength and the wisdom which youDiscipleship1, 434:you make your "approach" and can be the recipient of certain forces which you must learn to wield.Discipleship1, 762:grows, the soul which has been increasingly the recipient of the best the aspiring personality hasDiscipleship1, 767:stands, realizing himself not so much as being a recipient of life, but as a distributor of life.Discipleship2, 143:as a center of focused thought, as the ready recipient of awaited impression, as the trainedDiscipleship2, 144:Use one each month in your daily meditation. Recipient Impression Recognition Relationship SourceDiscipleship2, 144:is "the pause of reception." STAGE THREE - The Recipient of Impression. Assuming an attitude of theDiscipleship2, 148:Meditation on theme word. OM. Pause. III. The Recipient of Impression: Statement of highest ideaDiscipleship2, 433:polarized the energies of which he is the recipient into whichever center is active in anyDiscipleship2, 683:cared for on the part of the one who is the recipient of the love and protection. It is theDiscipleship2, 697:body is unduly nurtured, and if it becomes the recipient of undue care, it can hold that real manDiscipleship2, 743:reflect and meditate that your brain will be the recipient of your planned thinking, and not simplyExternalisation, 263:produced are dependent upon the quality of the recipient aspects and the nature of the form qualityExternalisation, 475:marched into Poland. This country was the recipient of the first impact because of her nationalExternalisation, 541:had to be formed at this time in order to be the recipient, and then the custodian, of certainExternalisation, 691:the stream of projected love not only aids the recipient, but protects the disciple from undueFire, 381:each in turn, or in dual formation, is the recipient of logoic force. It necessitates the study ofFire, 435:in the body of the Heavenly Man) will be the recipient of this fifth type of force and willFire, 439:is being focused elsewhere. The original recipient becomes a channel, or transmitting agent, andFire, 510:permanent atom in this solar system is the recipient of a great flow of force or energy, andFire, 693:human permanent atom does to that of a man, is a recipient of force, and is, therefore, receptiveFire, 704:of the fifth Hierarchy which is the vehicle or recipient of buddhi, cannot be mentioned outsideFire, 832:energizes. Negative force - Or that which is the recipient of energy; that which acts or assumesFire, 866:Only he who desires naught for himself can be a recipient of financial bounty, and a dispenser ofFire, 1158:formed of a negative aspect of fire, and is the recipient of a positive fire. As the various typesGlamour, 189:tension, eventually focused in one intuitive recipient, and the revelation is thereby protected.Healing, 34:When you remember that the vital body is the recipient of the streams of energy, and is in factHealing, 171:but most expressive word) acute. It is the recipient of all emotional reactions and of desireHealing, 284:It is that center which must eventually be the recipient of the energy of the lower creative aspectHealing, 323:The human body, [323] the present time, is the recipient of such a vast amount of substance,Healing, 519:of its own; this means that it can now be the recipient of energies and forces, needed by theHealing, 613:not important in the active process, for it is a recipient and not that which initiates activity.Healing, 616:as simply an automaton; it is only a recipient of transmitted energies. We have seen that theHealing, 628:or glandular system. The blood stream, the recipient of streams of living energy from the endocrineHealing, 691:I emphasized the fact that the initiate is the recipient of the essential quality or qualitiesInitiation, 79:Only he who desires naught for himself can be a recipient of financial bounty, and a dispenser ofMagic, 178:of truth before he will be chosen to be the recipient of teachings that are intended for theMagic, 458:ground. The mind previously has been the recipient of the archetypal idea, as grasped andMagic, 458:by the soul. In its turn the soul is the recipient of the formula as presented to it in the worldMeditationto preserve his anonymity and has requested the recipient of the letters to publish them under hisMeditation, 122:unsuitable meditation. In his anxiety to be the recipient of light from above, in his determinationPsychology1, 107:of instances from the soul plane, and the recipient or the communicator (the intermediary orPsychology1, 154:is therefore: II. Each one of the rays is the recipient and custodian of energies coming from ThePsychology1, 191:stream of force. Every one of the rays is the recipient and custodian of various energies, comingPsychology1, 192:states that the seven rays, being each the recipient and custodian of energies coming from thePsychology2, 405:be subjected to certain tests and become the recipient of skilled care so that the apparatus ofPsychology2, 525:the life of the animal nature. It becomes the recipient of energy streams from below which itPsychology2, 552:to that center. It is, for the masses, the major recipient of forces, both from below thePsychology2, 565:effect without any capacity on the part of the recipient to induce the reception of the [566]Psychology2, 566:the communication is wordless and formless. The recipient simply knows and the imparted knowledgePsychology2, 572:has personality implications or which sets its recipient apart, thus tending to the development ofRays, 52:request. It involves the attitude of giver and recipient. Rays, 133:to truth or the crass credulity of the recipient. But the knowledge, belief and hope in theRays, 241:and by means of which he is enabled to be the recipient of revelation. Yet behind all theRays, 289:working with the Plan, to Shamballa, the recipient (by means of the Sound) of the creative energyRays, 324:closely interrelated and the human being is the recipient of the energies and forces which theyRays, 339:as a soul, finds himself. He is consequently the recipient of two currents of energy, going inRays, 369:even a little clearer. Humanity can only be the recipient of this type of information after theRays, 375:become what is esoterically called "a Shamballa recipient." There is, in magnetic action, more ofRays, 432:becomes a powerful directing agency: As a recipient and transmitter of pure energy or life it usesRays, 432:with the heart and the heart center. As a recipient of mental energy or of energy from the soul,Rays, 562:to enter the life of the ashram and become the recipient of exceedingly active energies until heRays, 690:of the great reservoir of energies; he is a recipient of the incoming energy largely because he isReappearance, 93:dependent upon the quality and the nature of the recipient nation, on its measure of trueTelepathy, 14:telepathically, both as initiating agent and as recipient, is closely connected with initiation,Telepathy, 14:that a man is ready for that process. The recipient of that which is conveyed to him on the "wingsTelepathy, 17:one thought-contribution was the name of the recipient, plus the name or noun form of that whichTelepathy, 17:warning. The solar plexus is involved where the recipient is concerned; the area around theTelepathy, 18:send a message via the throat center, and the recipient will still use the solar plexus. This isTelepathy, 18:with disciples, the throat center, but the recipient will probably use the solar plexus center. TheTelepathy, 19:higher sources, and the ajna center which is the recipient of the idealistic intuitionalTelepathy, 19:vital body plays as the broadcaster and as the recipient of feelings, thoughts and ideas, thereTelepathy, 22:In [22] this stage the mind still remains the recipient of impression from the soul but, in itsTelepathy, 25:it is also the attractive agency utilized by the recipient. Therefore both transmitter andTelepathy, 25:by the recipient. Therefore both transmitter and recipient work with the same agency, but theTelepathy, 25:the love energy of the larger whole whilst the recipient concentrates, upon the transmitter, theTelepathy, 25:which links together the transmitter and the recipient, and which also produces the coherency ofTelepathy, 26:of the bodies of the transmitter and the recipient. The double line of contact must be that ofTelepathy, 27:be recorded in the brain consciousness of the recipient opens a way in the pranic fluids and soTelepathy, 33:The initiating agent or emanating source. The recipient of the ideas, thoughts or energy. TheTelepathy, 40:Master as broadcaster and the disciple as the recipient of impression and of energy. This receptionTelepathy, Discip:of the impressing agent and of the impressed recipient, is definitely related to the world ofTelepathy, 44:sources far higher than those with which the recipient is usually en rapport. Such a crisis is fastTelepathy, 44:and evocation and is dependent upon both the recipient and the agent. That great group of divineTelepathy, 75:nice, well-trained subconscious nature of the recipient. These well up from the subconscious butTelepathy, 75:up from the subconscious but are regarded by the recipient as coming from an outside source.Telepathy, 76:and written down by the personality; the recipient is deeply impressed by the relatively highTelepathy, 76:and often do - contain information of which the recipient is totally unaware. The criterion here isTelepathy, 77:(literally nothing) will concern [77] the recipient, either spiritually or mentally or in any otherTelepathy, 77:platitudes of the religious background of the recipient. They will account for five percent (5%) ofTelepathy, 81:kingdom is, however, very great. Humanity is the recipient of so many impacts, so many impressions,Telepathy, 117:region of the throat center, utilizing it as the recipient of higher impressions. This center or
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