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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECIPIENTS

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Astrology, 13:our particular zodiac are themselves the recipients of many streams of energy coming to them fromDiscipleship1, 414:What aspects of your life, therefore, can be the recipients of spiritual force? Where can you serveDiscipleship2, 274:(which was the original wording, deleted by the recipients of his message at that time as utterlyDiscipleship2, 374:the eyebrows, standing as silent and poised recipients controlling the third eye, the directingDiscipleship2, 619:co-workers nor the group of my disciples who are recipients of these instructions. I mean theEducation, 67:third aspect (that of intelligent substance) as recipients of the energies of the two higherExternalisation, 20:1934 I have somewhat to say to those who are the recipients of my words as embodied in my books andExternalisation, 385:been the victims of wickedness. Let them be the recipients of loving goodwill instead. The problemsExternalisation, 544:in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration. The gradualExternalisation, 571:free from dogmatism and doctrines and which are recipients of hierarchical life. Fire, 395:Lords of Karma, Who are, in themselves, the sole recipients of the Mind purposes [396] of thatFire, 650:these three groups will be found, and all are recipients of force. An analogy likewise existsFire, 865:prepared by the lower energy which are to be the recipients of "soul or the higher psychic energy."Fire, 887:involutionary arc, and who are, therefore, the recipients of energy and influences. They are workedFire, 888:to still another type of force, becoming recipients of the life of the first Logos when the fourthFire, 889:with them are to be found, therefore, the recipients of force, or the multitude of lives of anFire, 890:the evolutionary arc as are the first group. The recipients of force, the sumtotal of the livingFire, 890:but with the manipulators and with the recipients of energy. The Elementals of Densest Matter TheseGlamour, 251:are brought under clear direction, become the recipients of the established rhythm of the developedHealing, 141:of reception and of distribution; they are the recipients of seven types of energy, and theyHealing, 173:die out, and those two centers will simply be recipients of spiritual energies from on high; theyHealing, 341:of five days) the moon and the planet are the recipients of more reflected light from the sun thanHealing, 495:the seven centers take shape and can become the recipients of the inner forces. Makes a deliberateHealing, 619:centers which become, as evolution proceeds, the recipients of the seven ray qualities from theHealing, 620:are seven major centers, and they are the recipients of the energy emanating from the sevenInitiation, viii:goal. They will then become givers, and not the recipients of help. Alice A. Bailey - New YorkInitiation, 96:will not be employed. They will be the recipients of those who are esoterically "saved" from amongMagic, 459:forward when disciples and aspirants are the recipients. These latter, in their turn, seek toPsychology1, 107:The various theosophical societies have been the recipients of similar communications, and they arePsychology2, 65:the bodily cells, which are, in their turn, the recipients of the energy of the consciousnessPsychology2, 687:itself we simply regard ourselves as the recipients of, or the custodians of, as much of thatRays, 551:enters in; certain planetary centers become the recipients (in a new and vital manner) of theRays, 717:and the planning done in Their Ashrams by the recipients: initiates and disciples. [718] Again weReappearance, 92:but all these movements and people are the recipients today of the energies of enlightenment ifTelepathy, Discip:Members of the Great White Lodge on Sirius. The recipients of this impression are the highestTelepathy, 43:are chosen by Him at any specific time to act as recipients. These are the major enteringTelepathy, 47:which are - in their intrinsic nature - both recipients of impression and agents later of theTelepathy, 53:agent and produces evocation. All act as recipients and as transmitters, and all of them togetherTelepathy, 76:because they are a mixture of what the recipients have read and gathered from the mystical writingTelepathy, 88:eyebrows, the ajna center. The first group of recipients are purely personality grounded orTelepathy, 119:all spiritual sensitives of a certain degree. Recipients of the desired impression must becomeTelepathy, 120:the three Great [120] Lords are the "impressed Recipients" at an exceedingly high level; this isTelepathy, 121:then repeated, and advanced humanity become the recipients, the sensitive recipients, of the PlanTelepathy, 121:humanity become the recipients, the sensitive recipients, of the Plan as transmitted to them by theTelepathy, 122:lower correspondence of the Nirmanakayas, the recipients of impression from Shamballa. See you,
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