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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNITION

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Astrology, 16:and interpretation of the astrologer and the recognition of the exact moment of birth. One wondersAstrology, 19:one incarnation. It thus points the way to the recognition of the force of the soul. The moon. -Astrology, 29:of a quality which will permit any noticeable recognition, either in the dense or subtler vehiclesAstrology, 29:by the soul. Later in the evolutionary process, recognition and response will come, but for allAstrology, 31:them, but after the third initiation, there is a recognition of them upon the physical plane. Astrology, 61:[61] inchoate and unfocused, and with no recognition of objective (except the satisfaction ofAstrology, 119:the "dream of life" can be changed into the recognition of the reality, and the Great Illusion canAstrology, 182:Mediumship. Fluidity. Evolved man Gemini - Recognition of soul and form. Soul interplay.Astrology, 190:the aspirant and disciple, and this is a growing recognition; when this faculty of sensitiveAstrology, 237:foreground of consciousness and thus produce the recognition of God Immanent. I must write no moreAstrology, 241:the lower mind dominates at first, causing the recognition of the Self and the Not-Self, or theAstrology, 242:of true significance and an omission warranting recognition. This omission is based on two facts:Astrology, 252:I cannot trace for you at length this universal recognition of the task of Virgo; it is needlessAstrology, 259:to change and the desire of man for interior recognition of the indwelling Christ begins to assumeAstrology, 266:is concerned, and therefore you have the recognition of mass, individual and group consciousness. AAstrology, 306:leads unerringly to the higher vision, to the recognition of the interrelation involved in man'sAstrology, 333:experience Directed Personality effort Recognition and work with the Plan Instinctual reactionAstrology, 337:the soul in safety to the mountain top." In the recognition of this comes elucidation of the factAstrology, 351:forms and atoms; in Gemini, you have an emerging recognition of duality, leading to experience andAstrology, 368:- Scorpio Are strictly human signs with their recognition of duality, emphasized in the centralAstrology, 370:waning of that self, I grow and glow." Fluidity, recognition of duality, soul control! These areAstrology, 380:the reversed wheel, preparatory to the conscious recognition of the right relation of the dualitiesAstrology, 399:wheel can easily be applied by you. It is the recognition of these goals and a grasp of the TaurianAstrology, 444:increasing brilliance of solar fire. It is the recognition of "solar fire" - as it shows itself inAstrology, 444:problem in terms of matter comes through a recognition of the essential dualism underlying events.Astrology, 470:mundi or the soul of the world. It was the, recognition of [471] this which made the ancientAstrology, 471:of man, as he emerges out of the mass. The recognition of the Christ life and nature, as, theAstrology, 479:of the Law of Separation, but also by the recognition, in consciousness, of duality, theAstrology, 493:human center and the Hierarchy. Soul Expansion - Recognition of relation. The work of the FellowAstrology, 543:the manifestation of the soul nature and the recognition of the "light which is found in the eye ofAstrology, 550:to which the due and the outcome lies in the recognition of balance. As Saturn also controlsAstrology, 570:general and potent sense in mankind. It was the recognition of these two stages in humanity whichAstrology, 570:and emotional comfort can be attained and the recognition of the mystical vision becomes possible.Astrology, 580:of the will. The secret of the will lies in the recognition of the divine nature of man. Only thisAstrology, 580:of the will is also closely tied in with the recognition of the unconquerable nature of goodnessAstrology, 583:In these three utterances, He demonstrates His recognition of the three emerging aspects of theAstrology, 601:to consciousness. Consciousness is per se the recognition of a progressive plan. The Will is theAstrology, 602:these keynotes will vary somewhat because the recognition of the Will (leading to understandingAstrology, 618:initiation) and pay more attention to the recognition of that in them which "having pervaded theirAtom, 15:self-consciousness of the individual, and in a recognition of his own divinity. Like the point ofAtom, 19:of the Atom - The Field of Evolution The recognition of the factor of the intelligence willAtom, 22:responses made to vibration. It is by the recognition of this accomplishment that the intelligentAtom, 25:leads inevitably to selfishness. It involves the recognition of the atom as being entirelyAtom, 25:realization of responsibility, and to his recognition of his place within the group. ItAtom, 61:life, and can by logical steps come to the recognition that every unit in the human family is anAtom, 81:manifesting. This can also be expressed in the recognition that in these two aspects of the centralAtom, 87:atomic stage, in which man comes to a gradual recognition that he is a [88] self-conscious unit,Atom, 88:wisely selfish. It is the stage of the gradual recognition of separate existence, and of theAtom, 89:is something still greater. Man then reaches the recognition which will lead him to sacrifice hisAtom, 97:form, or an aggregation of atoms. We came to the recognition that in atomic substance we had oneAtom, 100:ordinary thinker, is practically impossible of recognition. It has been defined in one book as,Atom, 107:before a baby consciously sees and looks with recognition. The faculty has always been there, butAtom, 107:touch, but it is only when sight or conscious recognition comes in that the relation between theAtom, 109:pain and suffering they are awakening to the recognition that the not-self suffices not, and theyAtom, 133:recognized by men everywhere, and through this recognition we shall have the simplification ofAtom, 148:conscious, they have a wider horizon, a group recognition, and [149] a larger purpose. At the sameAtom, 153:oneness of the subjective life, and the eventual recognition that within the form, and in the formAutobiography, 17:which eventually receives the accolade of recognition by means of the Rod. In the language ofAutobiography, 38:this knowledge lay outside my field of ordinary recognition. Herein lies the value of theAutobiography, 40:fashion that it was the Buddha. I had a sense of recognition. I knew at the same time that in noAutobiography, 49:who fill me with a sense of compassion and the recognition of the need of patience are those whoAutobiography, 107:It must be solved by fearless justice, the recognition of the fact that all men are brothers andAutobiography, 140:Law of Karma, we might have had a more general recognition of the truth. I say this in no criticalAutobiography, 161:years. This work has received worldwide recognition and has evoked worldwide curiosity. It has alsoAutobiography, 172:vision in the political field, and through the recognition of the needs of humanity everywhere. TheAutobiography, 200:equipment. Their Senate assembles without any recognition of Deity; their Masonic orders areAutobiography, 212:myself I was gaining a sense of assurance and a recognition that I had found the work about whichAutobiography, 212:His Ashram and, consequently, in the world. The recognition of the Tibetan's books throughout theAutobiography, 212:unless there was an inner mechanism of spiritual recognition no harm could possibly be done.Autobiography, 233:was instituted. All this was indicative of the recognition by the Christ of the coming new eraAutobiography, 245:whether it evoked intuitive understanding and recognition and whether it had in it that which mightAutobiography, 245:to know about and they have received a worldwide recognition. Initiation, Human and Solar wasAutobiography, 246:based not on devotion to the Masters but on a recognition of the soul in each person. This wasAutobiography, 249:The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive at recognition of Him from within themselves - aAutobiography, 249:at recognition of Him from within themselves - a recognition which can then be corroborated byAutobiography, 258:indication of spiritual goals. They look not for recognition of Their work or the praise of TheirAutobiography, 268:authority or on the demand of some teacher for recognition and obedience. It is not based on theAutobiography, 269:of the group, or any demand upon his part for recognition, or for the unquestioning obedience andAutobiography, 272:with the entire Hierarchy, and thus demanding recognition of himself. All this indicates theAutobiography, 291:longing to be helped and through an instinctive recognition of the factual existence of many gradesAutobiography, 291:to make personal claims or to demand personal recognition. They prefer to work quietly, silentlyAutobiography, 291:inclination and not because they are seeking recognition as initiates. Their only claim is thatAutobiography, 296:the world religions and have evoked universal recognition; man instinctively knows them, either asAutobiography, 297:with some degree of accuracy and the recognition by us all, that we are facing a new cycle in theAutobiography, 298:that she did, brought, however, an inevitable recognition that she was in fact a hard-workingBethlehemdeepening of our belief in Christ and a broader recognition of the work which He came to initiate.Bethlehemclear and clean cut recognitions: first, a recognition of the reality of the Individuality ofBethlehemof Christ and of His Mission; and secondly, a recognition that the development of the ChristBethlehemThe development of humanity guarantees the recognition of Christ and His work and itsBethlehem, 6:us that continuously Christ called forth this recognition from the Father. The great continuity ofBethlehem, 13:proved facts should surely evoke from us the recognition that though there are many messengersBethlehem, 13:messengers there is only one Message; but this recognition in no way [14] detracts from the uniqueBethlehem, 35:Life, immanent in nature, has led them to the recognition of the paralleling truth of GodBethlehem, 35:atom of substance. The evolution of this recognition of divinity in man has been gradual and slow,Bethlehem, 47:by a definite and conscious rejection of evil. Recognition of work to be done must be succeededBethlehem, 48:He proceeded to teach. (St. Luke, IV, 14, 15.) Recognition and preparation for participation in theBethlehem, 71:be peace; there must be organized activity and a recognition of the Plan of God, for that Plan isBethlehem, 72:of divine understanding, and of the deep recognition of God. Then His impress and His life can beBethlehem, 94:of the intelligent human being, a slowly dawning recognition that there is something still greaterBethlehem, 97:A self-applied ascetic purification, and the recognition of its value by the pioneers of the human
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