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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNITION

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Discipleship2, 96:with you, a feeling of shared responsibility, a recognition of group assets and group richnessDiscipleship2, 102:with some questions. Do you ever think with recognition of those who are no longer working with us?Discipleship2, 116:part is a reflective process or cultivated recognition which will serve to condition your day'sDiscipleship2, 117:this stage has been reached, and the conscious recognition of place and activity is being gentlyDiscipleship2, 134:to practice alignment, thereby arriving at the recognition, and in some cases the contact, with theDiscipleship2, 136:and factual apprehension and is a general recognition [137] by the thinkers and esotericists of theDiscipleship2, 139:that I have written above: [139] I. The Stage of Recognition. Recognition of your pledgedDiscipleship2, 139:above: [139] I. The Stage of Recognition. Recognition of your pledged discipleship. Recognition ofDiscipleship2, 139:Recognition of your pledged discipleship. Recognition of your equipment, gratefully rendered.Discipleship2, 139:of your equipment, gratefully rendered. Recognition of your achieved alignment. Recognition of theDiscipleship2, 139:Recognition of your achieved alignment. Recognition of the soul, the source of love-wisdom.Discipleship2, 139:of the soul, the source of love-wisdom. Recognition of the Hierarchy. All this should be done veryDiscipleship2, 142:where his interest (evoked through the stages of recognition and consideration) would lead him to aDiscipleship2, 142:can play, yet persistence in the daily recognition and consideration, accompanied by a fixedDiscipleship2, 144:in your daily meditation. Recipient Impression Recognition Relationship Source Ashram TransmitterDiscipleship2, 144:- Preliminary. Pass rapidly through the steps of recognition, consideration and fixedDiscipleship2, 148:Master. [148] SHORT FORM I. Preliminary stage of recognition, consideration and fixedDiscipleship2, 152:Spiritual Triad and the consequent result of a recognition of monadic energy. The alignment of allDiscipleship2, 153:This meditation was divided into three stages: Recognition, Consideration, Determination. DisciplesDiscipleship2, 163:causes of human misery received fresh and keener recognition; the knowledge and the responsibilityDiscipleship2, 164:Above everything else required at this time is a recognition of the world of meaning, a recognitionDiscipleship2, 164:time is a recognition of the world of meaning, a recognition of those who implement world affairsDiscipleship2, 164:its destined goal, plus a steadily increased recognition of the Plan on the part of the masses.Discipleship2, 166:approach. To them it will convey the recognition of the world of causes and of those who standDiscipleship2, 166:attack upon the concept and scorn; recognition of the substantial nature of the available evidence,Discipleship2, 172:taught to fight and had to fight. It was a group recognition of duty. When Christ again seeks toDiscipleship2, 172:among men; when disciples are working under the recognition of the Christ, there will then come theDiscipleship2, 172:of the spiritual will in humanity and the recognition of the divine will by the Hierarchy. There isDiscipleship2, 175:of Alignment and Recollection. This produces recognition of spiritual status and objectives. ItDiscipleship2, 175:of spiritual status and objectives. It involves recognition also of the Ashram and dedication toDiscipleship2, 185:to build into their brain consciousness a stable recognition of relationship and of attitude." SoDiscipleship2, 185:One." In the last analysis, discipleship is the recognition by the Master of a certain stageDiscipleship2, 189:experience how true it is; he lives in the recognition that the life of the disciple is hard andDiscipleship2, 189:Curiously enough, a good deal of this recognition is based upon an unconscious and unrealizedDiscipleship2, 199:rudimentary form, is the instinct which leads to recognition of the physical Sun and governs, forDiscipleship2, 204:fixed intention; this can be followed later by a recognition in the physical brain consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 205:which can serve humanity and a compassionate recognition of human need. The unthinking man orDiscipleship2, 216:in bringing humanity to the point where there is recognition of failure, and in proving thatDiscipleship2, 216:are as follows: 5. Worship. This is the united recognition and the subsequent reflection ofDiscipleship2, 218:which is the fundamental method of spiritual recognition. Thus, creatively, the glory which isDiscipleship2, 221:destruction of the old values and in the massed recognition of the spiritual truth which underliesDiscipleship2, 221:into expression by spiritual insight, and by a recognition of the claims of Christ (no matter byDiscipleship2, 224:lessons which mankind has to learn. Worship, or recognition of divine Transcendence and divineDiscipleship2, 224:and divine Immanence underlies all the mass recognition of spiritual potency. Thus the meditationDiscipleship2, 225:your karmic responsibilities, plus the constant recognition of the relation of all money to theDiscipleship2, 225:There must always be, in your consciousness, a recognition of the needs of all men, and this mustDiscipleship2, 238:of simultaneity is allied to this, for a mutual recognition of an identical approach to truthDiscipleship2, 247:accepted disciple (and this through the Lodge's recognition of his pledge to his own soul), arrivesDiscipleship2, 247:his own soul), arrives at a definite and factual recognition of the Hierarchy. His suppositions,Discipleship2, 247:brain. Every step of the way from that point of recognition onward has to be consciously achievedDiscipleship2, 247:achieved and must involve a conscious recognition of a series of expansions. These expansions areDiscipleship2, 247:immediately ahead is simply the effect of the recognition. They might be called "stabilizing pointsDiscipleship2, 253:vision. Your contact with me, your Master. Your recognition of the initiatory process. I told you,Discipleship2, 254:leading to: The evocation of new powers. The recognition of new modes and fields of service.Discipleship2, 254:and contacts but of vital interrelation and of recognition which bring with them insight into theDiscipleship2, 255:and a new and deeper and entirely different recognition must take the place of the old goals. HereDiscipleship2, 256:Light on the subject comes through the recognition of tests and the types of experience which comeDiscipleship2, 256:orientation and not of outside information." Recognition and orientation are the keynotes of thisDiscipleship2, 256:of view. A dispassionate attitude. Truthful recognition of assets as well as debits. [257] HereDiscipleship2, 257:initiation the emphasis is necessarily laid upon recognition - the intelligent recognition of whatDiscipleship2, 257:laid upon recognition - the intelligent recognition of what is to be revealed. This requires on hisDiscipleship2, 259:projecting (into the world consciousness) the recognition which must come of relation to the FatherDiscipleship2, 259:personality. But - and here is the point - the recognition of this death and its effects is onlyDiscipleship2, 260:served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognition of the initiate-revelation releases light andDiscipleship2, 261:he then proceeds - as a result of this triple recognition - to do his share in materializing theDiscipleship2, 264:a greater sensitivity and an intuitive recognition of the hitherto unseen and unrealized haveDiscipleship2, 268:of consciousness. A new and totally different recognition must assume control; this will expressDiscipleship2, 268:points of revelation assume three stages of recognition: The stage of Penetration. The stage ofDiscipleship2, 269:that the candidate for initiation grows by the recognition and the interpretation of hints, and byDiscipleship2, 270:grows out of love, and the other out of the recognition of the universality of life; one is anDiscipleship2, 274:that the clue to comprehension lies in the recognition of a "higher Way," of the existence of theDiscipleship2, 277:changes. The Masters are trained in the art of recognition, which is the consummation of theDiscipleship2, 280:are to the personality. Think this out. A true recognition of this distinction produces a newDiscipleship2, 293:to penetrate into new fields of awareness and of recognition. Forget not that recognition involvesDiscipleship2, 293:of awareness and of recognition. Forget not that recognition involves right interpretation andDiscipleship2, 293:or a synthesis of perception, and then comes recognition of that which is visioned and perceived.Discipleship2, 297:would-be initiates must unfold is the constant recognition of a focused control upon daily life,Discipleship2, 298:will can be developed is the cultivation of the recognition of the divine Plan down the ages. ThisDiscipleship2, 299:synthesis ties the man into the plan through recognition of: Its inevitability, therefore demandingDiscipleship2, 299:attention to the word knowable. It is not the recognition of that which is imminent in man, inDiscipleship2, 300:are seeking to hasten in their disciples this recognition of that which is imminent, so that theyDiscipleship2, 314:do their work, and these are followed by the recognition which the disciple accords within himselfDiscipleship2, 318:of those truths which obviously grow out of a recognition of truths already presented. There isDiscipleship2, 318:sequence of revelations which are induced by his recognition of subjective significances which areDiscipleship2, 325:in the past. These facts therefore necessitate a recognition upon the part of the Masters of theDiscipleship2, 326:this "group silent reticence and vocal recognition," and this group dedication and vision are noDiscipleship2, 334:of the aspirant is therefore based upon that recognition, and not upon any analysis of theDiscipleship2, 336:initiation is a physical plane affair, requiring recognition in the brain consciousness, theDiscipleship2, 338:with the attainment of his goal and with the recognition of that which lies at the heart of allDiscipleship2, 339:and of that which lies ahead to be attained. A recognition of the events which will, ifDiscipleship2, 339:much to be done in relating time and conscious recognition together. In this connection, initiationDiscipleship2, 339:be defined as embodying three recognitions: A recognition of the end of a cycle of happenings,Discipleship2, 339:a cycle of happenings, i.e., retrospection. The recognition of the appearance of an eventual yetDiscipleship2, 340:[340] An acceptance of initiation or a recognition of its occurrence, i.e., the present attitude.Discipleship2, 341:emerge for the disciple as he studies this hint: Recognition - Of what? His own point inDiscipleship2, 347:of the fourfold process mark eventually the recognition by the Master of divine Purpose; it is alsoDiscipleship2, 348:fourth point of revelation concerns the sudden recognition by the initiate of the potency ofDiscipleship2, 348:it is expressed in creation, plus a paralleling recognition that creativity is - for the Master -Discipleship2, 349:arise as the true occult student faces up to the recognition of opportunity and prepares definitelyDiscipleship2, 349:have the quality of illusion and require the recognition (by the initiate) that they simply veil an
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