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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNITION

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Education, 62:to deal. The task is to train students in the recognition of energy and force; to discriminateEducation, 70:man should be carefully developed. Second: The recognition of the facts of Esoteric Astrology. WhenEducation, 71:soul, will be gradually superseded by the recognition of relationships, of life objectives, ofEducation, 71:of past lives will be of no interest, the recognition of characteristics which have been inheritedEducation, 76:This compassionate tenderness is founded on the recognition of the difficulty of living, uponEducation, 77:that a true sense of wrong (which is the recognition of failure to preserve right relations withEducation, 84:and foster, from the earliest days, the recognition of a part to be played and a responsibility toEducation, 87:of the immediate opportunity, plus the recognition that the required shift in objectives and changeEducation, 87:to emphasize principles and I do this with the recognition that many of them are by no means newEducation, 92:be achieved and it will be brought about by the recognition that the Way of Service is a scientificEducation, 98:or three generations; I am also referring to a recognition which a new educational ideology willEducation, 101:- and are supposed thereby to achieve some recognition, objectively and naturally, of the processesEducation, 102:his achieved point of soul development, and any recognition of the powers with which he enters intoEducation, 106:divine plan and undoubtedly good. The growing recognition by those in authority that the man in theEducation, 119:of the coming new race will be the widespread recognition of the fact of the mystical perception.Education, 123:aspirational consciousness by these ideas, his recognition of the idealism of his fellow men andEducation, 125:in the teaching on the seven rays are of general recognition, we shall find the growth ofEducation, 128:of consciousness have brought humanity to the recognition, not only of man's own inner personalEducation, 129:the race as that which is ultimately ideal: The recognition of hierarchical status, which is, inEducation, 129:one form of the love aspect in the universe. The recognition of responsibility, inherited, appliedEducation, 129:the unfoldment of knowledge is developed. The recognition of the faculty of forgiveness, which is,Education, 129:- the giving of all to all and for all. The recognition of group interplay within the larger worldEducation, 130:they will be prepared by training them in the recognition of the four factors I have listed asEducation, 130:or sacrifice - these are the four categories of recognition which will enable each person to do hisEducation, 145:to the extent of fusion and the conscious recognition by the individual of the attained fusion.Education, 146:individual man with his monadic source. The recognition of this thread and its use, consciously, asExternalisation, 16:to know and understand each other. Some day this recognition and understanding will bring them toExternalisation, 21:the human consciousness. This has resulted in a recognition which has in it (at this time) theExternalisation, 21:first be necessarily on a small scale, and the recognition will be confined to the aspirants andExternalisation, 21:each of you can do to bring about this general recognition. I seek to emphasize the point that theExternalisation, 28:seen it come into being through the "agency of recognition," as it is occultly called. OneExternalisation, 31:they see Light. It is a group activity, a group recognition, and the result of group at-one-ment.Externalisation, 44:effort being made and the discriminative recognition of glamor in many cases, because only throughExternalisation, 50:aspirants, with a new sense of values, with a recognition of spiritual objectives and with aExternalisation, 55:is the sense of the Innermost or the Real, a recognition of subjective destiny, and an innateExternalisation, 74:of the effort they need to make. It is in the recognition of what is happening to mankind as aExternalisation, 81:you realize. If you add to this realization the recognition that you are not alone in this, butExternalisation, 98:or tangible but which is, in reality, an innate recognition of the lower aspects of the divine PlanExternalisation, 103:plane, and this is brought about by vital recognition and an expression of the realities and lawsExternalisation, 110:what is happening at this time. First of all, a recognition that modern academic historyExternalisation, 117:the Law of Cause and Effect, evokes a general recognition when called by this name. When called theExternalisation, 119:gradually higher into the solar plexus and a recognition of the factor of desire for that which wasExternalisation, 120:The stage of civilization (which is basically a recognition of group relation) began. A period ofExternalisation, 132:the United States of America, for an intuitive recognition of subjective realities and a real senseExternalisation, 136:of consciousness which leads to a growing recognition of the inner realities. It is equally theExternalisation, 136:of the inner realities. It is equally the recognition of a renewed sense of the need for change andExternalisation, 139:possible to have - at a later date - a worldwide recognition of a Day of Forgetfulness, ofExternalisation, 145:soul in a dynamic manner, involving the serious recognition of the will aspect. The GreatExternalisation, 147:through the medium of a controlled mind, with a recognition and deep belief that it embodied theExternalisation, 154:in effect than you have been able to conceive. A recognition of this and a creative impassioned useExternalisation, 155:and world disciples will be the intelligent recognition of the uses of pain and suffering. It isExternalisation, 157:inhalation and exhalation. It involves the recognition of the forces contacted and their purpose.Externalisation, 157:with the Hierarchy. It involves also the recognition that the soul is one and that there is no suchExternalisation, 158:after the third initiation when the conscious recognition of the Monad becomes possible; thenExternalisation, 167:needed keynote at this time and in this recognition lies much to justify the sorry story of pastExternalisation, 182:today reaping the results of our own sowing. The recognition of the cause of the problem providesExternalisation, 186:Be that as it may, there is a universal recognition of a guiding Power, exerting pressureExternalisation, 187:Facts prove these points, and it is this recognition which lies behind the constant aid of theExternalisation, 189:This conquering fearlessness must be based on a recognition of the spiritual values involved, on aExternalisation, 190:The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goalExternalisation, 191:left free. Today the men of vision are achieving recognition, thus making possible a right choiceExternalisation, 192:right human relations, based on justice, on the recognition of inherited rights, on opportunity forExternalisation, 192:selfishness through right education, and on the recognition of divine potentialities in man as wellExternalisation, 192:of divine potentialities in man as well as the recognition of a divine directing Intelligence inExternalisation, 193:the strength of their armies and fleets. The recognition of a spiritual Hierarchy which is workingExternalisation, 194:The only solution of this problem is the basic recognition that all men are brothers; that oneExternalisation, 195:Right human relations will come by a mutual recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action inExternalisation, 197:of people in each country. These are: first, the recognition that there is enough food, fuel, oilExternalisation, 200:be identity of purpose, unity of effort and the recognition of the economic control of a league ofExternalisation, 200:and solutions could be presented. The general recognition that the old order has lamentably failedExternalisation, 201:there are wide differences; on a widespread recognition of a universal divine Intelligence or ofExternalisation, 202:the racial problem has disappeared through the recognition of the one Life, when the economicExternalisation, 206:errors and mistakes of humanity as a whole. This recognition will lead to the establishing of theExternalisation, 207:relation between all nations, based upon a recognition of our common humanity. Germany, under herExternalisation, 207:save the world when the guns cease firing: The recognition of joint responsibility for past worldExternalisation, 207:truth that "all have sinned" must be faced. The recognition that, though the German people weaklyExternalisation, 208:and national and international information. The recognition that the past has gone with all itsExternalisation, 210:future resurrection of humanity, with an exalted recognition of God, with an acknowledgement of theExternalisation, 219:there are only two parties and not three. The recognition of this underlying dualism is necessaryExternalisation, 222:in every land. Men and women express this recognition according to the trend of their religious andExternalisation, 228:to your soul and to humanity; it involves the recognition of the work which you can do from theExternalisation, 238:and disappointments." I would have you note the recognition, by this spokesman for the Allies, ofExternalisation, 241:of correct human relations, upon the recognition of equal educational opportunities for all men,Externalisation, 243:are. This sizing up of the situation and this recognition of blame and responsibility must prefaceExternalisation, 243:outline but not in detail), an intelligent recognition of the hindrances and impediments whichExternalisation, 245:sacrifice anything for the cause of humanity. A recognition of our own shortcomings and a spirit ofExternalisation, 271:of Liberation may endorse it, is in reality the recognition of right human relations, freelyExternalisation, 272:which will be founded in future centuries on the recognition of the age of a soul's experience andExternalisation, 287:and that man is not alone. To bring this recognition about and to make this appearance possible, aExternalisation, 287:three great spiritual Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in the East and in the West. They areExternalisation, 289:Immanent and God Transcendent; it involves the recognition of the great Whole and the related part;Externalisation, 290:the unshakable reality in the human heart, and recognition is the inevitable reward and result ofExternalisation, 290:Some person pointed the way. It may be the recognition of new laws and facts in nature,Externalisation, 290:leading to the mystical beatitude, and to the recognition of spiritual Being. It may be theExternalisation, 290:undesirable and the evil. Always it involves the recognition of the possible, the ideal and theExternalisation, 290:of transcendence will call forth increasing recognition. It marks the next major phase in theExternalisation, 291:the divine Messenger establishes in due time the recognition of something transcendent, somethingExternalisation, 293:the human heart. God is known by mankind. This recognition of divinity in its varying aspects isExternalisation, 294:of light and love and power will stream forth. Recognition of need has then evoked response. TheExternalisation, 295:of relief. In every land there is a growing recognition that when mankind reaches the psychological
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