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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNITION

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Psychology2, 562:and the not-self begins to work. Sight - The recognition of totality, the synthesis of all, thePsychology2, 563:all forms which the self occupies, [563] and the recognition of the essential unity of allPsychology2, 563:the Self for the not-self. Sight - Realization. Recognition of the triplicity needed inPsychology2, 565:are not clear cut as in our tabulation? A recognition of this will call attention to the complexityPsychology2, 566:message. An illustration of this would be the recognition by a mother that a loved child is inPsychology2, 568:ability of the person or persons concerned. A recognition by the medium of the thought forms orPsychology2, 569:medium interprets to them and it usually evokes recognition. I am here casting no doubt on thePsychology2, 609:light of this inner sun. This is in reality the recognition of the radiance of the magnetic field,Psychology2, 614:intelligent disciple. Much will be gained by a recognition of this recapitulatory process whichPsychology2, 618:their unsatisfied desires for prominence or for recognition by the leader or leaders, their desiresPsychology2, 623:he has eventually to resolve into a unity. The recognition of this will make clear how complex arePsychology2, 624:to world thought at this time is the emerging recognition everywhere to be found of [625] thePsychology2, 631:the ideal, in the effort to procure its recognition and thus bring about conformity to the lifePsychology2, 638:consciousness, so that these ideas receive due recognition and become in time the controllingPsychology2, 645:is based upon our international synthesis (the recognition really of our human relations), ourPsychology2, 647:This is a forgiveness which is based upon a recognition of the universality of human error in thePsychology2, 649:a day of prayer is duly organized; if the daily recognition of forgiveness in the sense in whichPsychology2, 650:with it. It is becoming more a matter of group recognition than of intuitive revelation. Secondly,Psychology2, 659:and purpose. Second, they will demonstrate the recognition of those methods and techniques inPsychology2, 661:alert to recognize [661] them. They must evoke recognition, first of all, through their spiritualPsychology2, 663:none of this. Such doctrines do not affect their recognition of certain great evolutionary trends,Psychology2, 678:which persists when divorced from the body. The recognition of these two facts will bring aboutPsychology2, 699:save the world. This mediator work involves the recognition of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, andPsychology2, 705:the hypothesis of their existence, even if this recognition is only tendered provisionally. We mustPsychology2, 708:is too vast. It can, however, be noted that a recognition of the soul ray (as it makes its presencePsychology2, 712:the unfoldment of his consciousness, and for the recognition of his soul. In these two latterPsychology2, 714:new ideas can be gripped and understood. The recognition by the spiritually minded that today isPsychology2, 716:at maturity. This has developed in them a recognition of their hierarchical status as disciples.Psychology2, 717:of the intelligentsia in all countries to the recognition of humanity as a prelude to thePsychology2, 719:physical stress is too great to permit the recognition and the assimilation of the significance ofPsychology2, 727:outer group activity. This will entail the recognition of a common ideal; and the willingness toPsychology2, 746:Such success is in no way dependent upon any recognition of the Hierarchy on the part of theRays, 6:should eventually be brought forward into recognition. This can be expressed in several symbolicRays, 11:its application to the world's need so that recognition of the truth may be rapid. In the heart ofRays, 11:a suitable form will fail to receive its meed of recognition and understanding. [12] Rays, 28:the personality relation and leads to spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay and spiritualRays, 38:follows certain clear and definite stages: A recognition of the goal. This goal is often expressedRays, 40:They vary for each ray, but all bring about the recognition of divine merging, in which allRays, 47:use consciousness as a jumping off place for the recognition of a new state of realization, whichRays, 49:are functioning, the idea might escape recognition. In all the teaching given to the aspirant andRays, 51:or the necessity for its use. The phase of its recognition through which we are now passing is aRays, 58:much later, he participates at that august recognition which comes when the Voice issues forth - asRays, 79:an unseen goal, ever on ahead, and an unswerving recognition of the objective. Like all otherRays, 89:and space reaches [89] His goal of achievement, recognition of this comes to Him at the time of theRays, 91:task, because man's sense of proportion, his recognition of others, his growing sense ofRays, 94:vibration from the masses, but not straight recognition. In connection with the Avatar, it will beRays, 94:the Avatar, it will be a process of hierarchical recognition of an over-shadowing Presence withinRays, 95:Its use will serve to bring the Coming One to recognition and enable Him to draw upon the resourcesRays, 102:eternity, there still remains a questioning, a recognition of the possibility of complete finalityRays, 106:influence up to the same measure of recorded recognition and of registered existence. It will beRays, 106:states of Being are brought to the stage of recognition. When that stage has been reached and theRays, 116:equipment, rich in his aspiration and in his recognition; he was rich as the result of agelongRays, 117:is, curiously enough, the first expression of recognition - directly accorded - that the GreatRays, 119:that he is a part of a group. This group recognition - faulty and unintelligently expressed atRays, 125:your intuition and institute that process of recognition and registration which leads eventually toRays, 133:that there may be a Hierarchy is a widespread recognition. Information concerning its grades, itsRays, 157:of these natural though divine [157] laws, to a recognition of their inevitability and of theirRays, 157:the soul on its own plane - but with the growing recognition of right group relations; these areRays, 164:most interesting and informative. It is the recognition of the condition of the centers whichRays, 168:that; where the merging is complete, there is no recognition of individual activity within theRays, 170:sense of the synthesis of the whole scheme and a recognition of the urge-to-good which pervadesRays, 174:the words that "darkness is pure spirit." This recognition, realization, apprehensive,Rays, 203:who read these words is contact with the soul, recognition of and by the Hierarchy, and initiation.Rays, 205:innate and (at that time, not now) unconscious recognition of the distinction between love andRays, 207:impassable cul-de-sac. Initiation is in fact the recognition of the goals which are implementedRays, 210:disciple), but he ceases to give it any recognition; he fails to provide it with the neededRays, 211:and destroyed is that of all reaction towards recognition, whether that recognition is accorded byRays, 211:all reaction towards recognition, whether that recognition is accorded by the world of men, byRays, 211:Master. The ability to work without any token of recognition, to see others claim the reward ofRays, 212:of the hierarchical worker. The Masters get no recognition for the work done by Their disciples,Rays, 212:activity, and he is the one who gains the recognition of the crowd. But - until the disciple seeksRays, 212:of the crowd. But - until the disciple seeks no recognition, until he fails to think in terms ofRays, 212:an entire ashramic group is concerned, for the recognition of the group service seems little to askRays, 226:of the group mind. [226] The stage of ashramic recognition and the establishing of a forward-movingRays, 226:a new affirmative attitude and results in a recognition of the true nature of the One Initiator.Rays, 230:Them to appear increasingly among men and evoke recognition as the influence of Aquarius is moreRays, 233:co-workers under that name. Forget this not. Recognition of the successful work of the New Group ofRays, 233:by the Hierarchy, and the testimony of the recognition will be the appearing of a symbol in theRays, 234:to be a law for group development to receive recognition from the side of evil, prior to thatRays, 234:recognition from the side of evil, prior to that recognition coming from the good. But "afterRays, 236:with its own interior problems of response, of recognition and of responsibility; each also isRays, 251:in the Theosophical literature, and it was a recognition of the difficulties of correcting theRays, 253:and their work. This information includes The recognition of this group as intermediate between theRays, 259:is, in the last analysis, the realization, the recognition in the brain consciousness of variousRays, 288:has now been transformed into the effectual recognition of that which the Sound has created. IRays, 290:era for the first time in human history. The recognition of this emerging synthesis between WillRays, 294:he seeks to share intelligently and effectively. Recognition of the immediate contribution of theRays, 294:the Hierarchy knows that its major need is the recognition of the folly of past separateness andRays, 294:the necessitous truths in such a manner that the recognition of humanity may be so sound that rightRays, 298:is the consciousness of non-separateness and the recognition of a universal inclusiveness; theRays, 299:existent unity, based upon oneness of motive, of recognition, of orientation (towards the spiritualRays, 299:usually non-existent and outer organization and recognition lack. The unity is subjective, and forRays, 299:the New Group of World Servers for the sake of recognition and identification, cannot be broken orRays, 299:a fact in its possessor's consciousness as the recognition and utilization of his own physicalRays, 313:of the soul on its own plane and the Self-recognition which relates that Self to the envelopingRays, 316:is only a tendency; there is only a developing recognition of the Father and a slowly growingRays, 334:the ladder of evolution and lead them to the recognition of the peculiar destiny and unique goalsRays, 341:step upon the Path of Initiation increases group recognition. Initiation is essentially anRays, 342:for initiation is a clear and concise recognition of one's own group, not through a process ofRays, 343:relationship is assured by an objective contact. Recognition is therefore a preliminary test of
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