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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZABLE

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Astrology, 29:will come, but for all astrological purposes and recognizable produced effects, they may beAutobiography, 275:of the past has - under other names - become recognizable as modern psychology. The mystery of theBethlehem, 95:Bethlehem this awareness becomes manifested and recognizable. Just as the human being synthesizesBethlehem, 264:conscious [264] intelligent integration into a recognizable world order. The disintegration in theDestiny, 8:scenes but their tenets and motives are easily recognizable - selfish ambition and a violentlyDestiny, 14:be more correct to say in two ways that are recognizable by man, because it should be rememberedDestiny, 71:we call the intuition will flower forth into as recognizable an expression of human consciousnessDiscipleship2, 31:inspiration to which - in its most easily recognizable appearance - we give the name of aspiration.Discipleship2, 443:and heights but becomes increasingly part of the recognizable brain consciousness. This is a lessonEducation, 127:process development is so slow as to be scarcely recognizable. Inevitably, however, subjectiveExternalisation, 80:origin and our goal. It is this essential and recognizable integrity which is emerging at this timeExternalisation, 144:penetrated into his environment or produced any recognizable effects. The OM is potent and [145]Externalisation, 153:or constitution of a planetary triangle or recognizable triad which will be the correspondenceExternalisation, 264:the thought-form becomes an expressed reality, recognizable by all men. Thought, desire, activity -Externalisation, 502:- enlarged, purified and more beautiful, yet recognizable as the old form on a higher turn of theExternalisation, 570:of the Hierarchy will appear and take outer and recognizable physical control of world affairs. TheFire, 57:so remote and deeply hidden as to be scarcely recognizable, though dimly there. Its correspondenceFire, 61:radiations go forth along the three channels, recognizable in the spine. Bodily warmth, the channelFire, 562:will the nature of its mission become recognizable. This is true fundamentally of all forms. WhereFire, follow:of its own, yet sensation is more distinctly recognizable in the second kingdom, and theFire, 579:cohesion is noticeable, and form is more clearly recognizable in outline. Cohesion is also plainlyFire, 804:and can initiate action which produces effects recognizable by him as being dependent upon hisGlamour, 212:a passing evanescent thought-form of an easily recognizable nature does not warrant the use ofHealing, 59:his ailments in some form or another, sometimes recognizable and sometimes not. Curiously enough,Healing, 246:thus disease and the "tendency to die" become recognizable. Therefore, the withering of a flower,Healing, 320:producing certain forms of expression which are recognizable upon the physical plane. But all thatHealing, 526:itself or expresses itself through a definitely recognizable radiation. Power over his own centers.Meditation, 100:will permeate the ethers and will be daily more recognizable and controlled till [101] eventuallyMeditation, 137:than those of involution and in this fact lies a recognizable security. Fear causes weakness;Meditation, 234:color the matters they impinge upon with certain recognizable hues, and these give the tone to theMeditation, 314:an ordinary college. The differences will not be recognizable at first to the man of the world,Patanjali, 297:commentaries, and the other the one most easily recognizable by the western investigator. UsingProblems, 116:is, in the majority of cases, the statement of a recognizable truth, it is difficult in this casePsychology1, xxv:same time be unveiled sufficiently so as to be recognizable, and should have in it sufficientPsychology2, 603:of the many possible, to certain pronounced and recognizable forms of insanity. The mystic is thenRays, 368:World is just beginning to express itself in a recognizable manner through the New Group of WorldRays, 483:the Shamballa energy is only now beginning to be recognizable. The Hierarchy has for long beenRays, 594:- will formulate the one universal religion, recognizable by all. Then the Kingdom of God will beTelepathy, 125:these extra-planetary contacts and relationships recognizable. But one basic fact must be grasped,Telepathy, 151:extending for a certain distance outside of the recognizable form. This etheric body is not inTelepathy, 179:relation to the human centers - is correct and recognizable. Each form (because it constitutes an
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