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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZE

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Astrology, 27:lines who will be open-minded enough to recognize possible hypotheses and then to make fairAstrology, 198:them both scientists and astrologers fail to recognize them and they are as if they were not. ThisAstrology, 212:Christianity is governed by Mars. One is apt to recognize with ease that the sixth ray, workingAstrology, 216:interpretation which astrology must eventually recognize can be found in the relation of theAstrology, 288:the satisfaction of that desire or when they recognize themselves as the dramatic center of theirAstrology, 294:I am reiterating the necessity to recognize the stimulation of consciousness as the objective ofAstrology, 327:factors lies in a coming intuitive ability to recognize the reincarnating groups, as groups and notAstrology, 345:of humanity as a whole. We might, therefore, recognize the following facts anent the Mutable Cross:Astrology, 370:the Word is uttered by the soul itself: "I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self,Astrology, 452:we call Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. We recognize them as: Shamballa - Power. Purpose -Astrology, 543:Hierarchy to renewed effort. The Forces of Light recognize and work for the spiritual good of allAstrology, 584:personally have naught to do; they refuse to recognize that God works out His will through men,Astrology, 593:and complete - persists behind all that we can recognize as death. This will is the principle ofAstrology, 624:life and make Me truly One, and this because I recognize the Two. I must have union with my otherAstrology, 654:the eye is opened, all is illumined. Gemini - I recognize my other self and in the waning of thatAstrology, 691:to the scheme involved." (C. F. 664) "We must recognize another triangle within the Earth scheme,Atom, 22:and disaster that which we shall some day recognize as beautiful, right, and true. It is all thatAtom, 25:group. It necessitates an ability on his part to recognize a life greater than himself, whetherAtom, 48:material form, it is of prime importance that we recognize that fact, and deal rightly andAtom, 56:of a self-conscious entity, you have then to recognize the thought or purpose which that entity isAtom, 57:and that scientists everywhere were coming to recognize one distinguishing characteristic. TheyAtom, 79:psyche, of the atom, and found that scientists recognize the truth that atoms themselves possessAtom, 89:reality, when man in the aggregate will recognize himself as an expression of the universal life,Atom, 108:form, and are so one with the not-self that we recognize no difference, being entirely occupiedAutobiography, 26:and naturally do - I have been forced to recognize what a perfectly wonderful time they have hadAutobiography, 71:and the millions of people who do not recognize or respond to the Indian Congress Party. I asked aAutobiography, 72:must eventually vanish and we shall eventually recognize "one God and Father of all, Who is aboveAutobiography, 89:me would start, but in a way which I would not recognize. He offered me no solution for any of myAutobiography, 124:confronted with ancient meanings to what they recognize as living truths. They are not interestedAutobiography, 151:fight them; I don't argue with myself; I simply recognize my fears for what they are and pass on. IAutobiography, 172:itself as the only channel and its refusal to recognize other groups and organizations as integralAutobiography, 185:true of the more disciplined British troops, I recognize, as I said several times in England to theAutobiography, 200:the Grand Lodges of other countries because they recognize no Grand Architect of the Universe andAutobiography, 230:with us have been in the position to watch and recognize certain developments which under theAutobiography, 249:the deepest esoteric truths which they could recognize if there was that in them which was awakenedAutobiography, 249:do them no harm if they lacked the perception to recognize the truth for what it was. A.A.B.Autobiography, 251:others belong to the orthodox religions and some recognize no spiritual affiliations, so-called, atAutobiography, 259:setting up of a vibration which she learnt to recognize, and then clearly and distinctly his voiceAutobiography, 263:though uninspired service. Students must recognize that the schools with which they are familiarAutobiography, 269:with his soul, how to live as a soul, how to recognize a Master and how to work in [270] a Master'sAutobiography, 279:dwelling in the world of meaning. He will then recognize the relation of all events, individual,Autobiography, 280:and to the truth, and which will help you to recognize the sure foundation upon which you stand. WeAutobiography, 289:right human relations. Such a group will recognize similarity [290] of idealism, origin and goal inAutobiography, 295:process. This process we seek to study and to recognize the myriad of developing lives, each withBethlehem, 3:and His understanding of the hearts of men. They recognize the intelligence of His ideas andBethlehem, 4:are frequently emphasized by many who refuse to recognize His mission as an expression of divinity.Bethlehem, 20:with them that intuitive insight which will recognize the coming spiritual revelation. Today theBethlehem, 37:out which has enabled the race to see and recognize its next step. The Christ enabled man to hearBethlehem, 49:closer still, and the new age will not only recognize the truth of the past revelations and testifyBethlehem, 90:Moses revealed the Law, calling men to recognize God as the principle of justice, even if it mayBethlehem, 93:intellect arrogantly believe that [93] it can recognize, even through Christ, the ultimateBethlehem, 94:which Christ made within Himself and for man. We recognize the unity He felt with the Father, andBethlehem, 125:out, in this particular temptation, is dual: to recognize it for what it is, unreal, simply aBethlehem, 131:Even though the world may not at the time recognize that signal, it is never again just the sameBethlehem, 147:is glorious, gracious or powerful, thou shalt recognize that, as sprung from a fragment of my fire.Bethlehem, 151:and that which is needed. We have also learnt to recognize the Light-bearers of all time, and weBethlehem, 156:with Him those who could be depended upon to recognize divinity when it appeared, and whoseBethlehem, 165:The hatred of those who are not yet ready to recognize the world of spiritual values is ever theBethlehem, 176:of the first things that it seems essential to recognize is the fact, the definite fact, thatBethlehem, 185:has so successfully veiled, and today refuses to recognize. The Heavenly Man is today pendant inBethlehem, 208:whereas the real tragedy was our failure to recognize its true significance. The agony in theBethlehem, 212:of those who know Christ as their example, and recognize that they possess the same divine life,Bethlehem, 218:them to each other, and practically says: Son, recognize who is to give thee birth at Bethlehem,Bethlehem, 218:guards the Christ life. To His mother, He says: Recognize that in the developed personality thereBethlehem, 239:us, but that we have been blinded and unable to recognize its presence. Always some have done so,Bethlehem, 239:The Resurrection and Ascension How then shall we recognize truth or reality when we meet it? HowBethlehem, 265:the child and the wise man can simultaneously recognize. It is vision that is needed, for "whereBethlehem, 267:thing to remember is that the reason we can recognize God as a God of love is that we areBethlehem, 273:which will see divinity on every hand and recognize the Christ in every human being. Bethlehem, 277:powers and a mechanism which will enable him to recognize it, to share in its wonder and its largerBethlehem, 279:Is it interested enough to widen its horizon and recognize as truly Christian all who demonstrateDestinyTo understand what is today taking place we must recognize that these energies are seven in number.Destiny, 16:hard saying for some of you but your failure to recognize this truth and to respond to it does notDestiny, 26:never to be forgotten. It is essential that you recognize them as existing. There is little thatDestiny, 35:the Jew and the narrow-minded religious devotees recognize their identity with all other people andDestiny, 86:identity of vibration. This France will have to recognize as well as Italy and Great Britain. TheDestiny, 127:and separate tendencies. At the same time as we recognize this, we must also recognize thatDestiny, 127:the same time as we recognize this, we must also recognize that orthodox religion has temporarilyDestiny, 134:far more subjectively than heretofore. It will recognize the existence of senses which areDestiny, 152:today is that of the Aquarian Age, even if they recognize it not. The future will see rightDiscipleship1, 37:and traditional ideas as to healing; they should recognize the stupendous fact that healing mustDiscipleship1, 47:refer to the ability to be alive, alert, keen to recognize relationships, quick to react to need,Discipleship1, 52:level? Do you know what glamor is and can you recognize it when it displays itself to you? TheseDiscipleship1, 54:demonstrated that the sons of men would come to recognize the influence and to give proof of theDiscipleship1, 57:in which he finds himself living. He [57] must recognize that his integration is weak, for he isDiscipleship1, 71:stage to an end; the Hierarchy can then recognize (as effectively established upon earth) certainDiscipleship1, 77:of you and this produces an unwillingness to recognize faults or even to admit, hypothetically,Discipleship1, 78:Another reason is that I would have you recognize the fact that you are accepted disciples with allDiscipleship1, 117:process of theoretical recognition. You both recognize a certain contact yet, practically, B.S.W.Discipleship1, 125:you have had all you asked for if you could but recognize it. You know who I am and surely,Discipleship1, 145:you of their confidence and love because they recognize your wisdom, realize your inner link withDiscipleship1, 164:- equally with the group to which you belong and recognize - to precipitate the new groupDiscipleship1, 164:who will be attracted to the group whom you recognize by similarity of purpose, of method and ofDiscipleship1, 165:learn, as must the other members of my group, to recognize them. Where there is a recognition ofDiscipleship1, 180:evolution that the chances are that you will not recognize it; its vibration will be similar to theDiscipleship1, 180:in the art of differentiation so that you can recognize at will the various tones of your threeDiscipleship1, 183:the group life of the future) the disciple must recognize that it is the united group thinking, theDiscipleship1, 184:to distinguish between these relations; to recognize and regulate those relations which areDiscipleship1, 188:you should be aware and so on guard; you should recognize it as your own creation, to beDiscipleship1, 188:you have so efficiently rendered to us. Learn to recognize that the time limit is brief and that
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