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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZE

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Discipleship1, 199:I forget the fragmentary personal self? Can I recognize the one self in all selves? We are toldDiscipleship1, 199:manner is the light reflected in my life? Do I recognize my fellow pilgrims on the way of light?Discipleship1, 203:your life and your environment. Be prepared to recognize them and to gain from them that innerDiscipleship1, 203:perchance, with one which you can most easily recognize. An ancient karmic link with me, yourDiscipleship1, 208:effort to handle your own life and a capacity to recognize the place and time to effect changesDiscipleship1, 232:OF MINE: Little as you may like to hear it or to recognize it, I wish to tell you that you haveDiscipleship1, 260:of your daily life. This I have not failed to recognize. You have found, have you not, that one atDiscipleship1, 266:fourth year of our work together, I am forced to recognize your sincerity as a group and yourDiscipleship1, 290:not uniform, and this is a fact that you should recognize and which, when recognized, negates theDiscipleship1, 307:I seek today to emphasize to you the need to recognize and reinterpret your inner life pattern, or,Discipleship1, 307:discovers that these vary. He learns then to recognize those whose wisdom and knowledge surpass hisDiscipleship1, 318:you in a few weeks' time. I wonder if you will recognize it, my brother, and have the spiritualDiscipleship1, 319:yet ready, when the true freedom comes, to again recognize the outer as well as the innerDiscipleship1, 331:the desire that those you love should likewise recognize your divinity, your service and yourDiscipleship1, 342:is clear and sound, but you fail somewhat to recognize the fact that your personality is not yet aDiscipleship1, 366:such constancy upon your failures to achieve. Recognize failure - if it is there - but then with aDiscipleship1, 373:yourself that it is not there. You refuse to recognize it with great deliberation. You say toDiscipleship1, 375:love. This you have achieved, and it is well to recognize it. But the integrating will of theDiscipleship1, 391:synthesis of the whole. The questions are: To recognize the Presence, I must stand free andDiscipleship1, 391:from clear vision and closer approach? To recognize the Presence, I must function as the solarDiscipleship1, 391:between myself and that solar Angel? To recognize the Presence means that I am preparing to pass,Discipleship1, 399:to forget the fragmentary personal self? Can I recognize the One Self in all selves? We are toldDiscipleship1, 399:joy (which is bliss) reflected in my life? Do I recognize my fellow pilgrims on the Way of Joy? IsDiscipleship1, 425:focusing upon the liabilities and limitations. Recognize this, my brother, and then pass on. TheyDiscipleship1, 427:quicker reactions than in the average person. Recognize these evoked reactions and then pass on.Discipleship1, 434:elapses) I shall send to you. Watch for them; recognize them and help them. This I can trust you toDiscipleship1, 445:can it be expressed in my personal life? Do I recognize and am I in touch with other Observers ofDiscipleship1, 462:to the next plane. I think, my brother, that you recognize this fact. Meditate upon the followingDiscipleship1, 463:Find there that which your soul can and will recognize. The glamors of one's own distress, the mayaDiscipleship1, 464:on the verge of opportunity and yet you seem to recognize it not. You are ready for completeDiscipleship1, 472:right or to adjust wrong action, e'en when you recognize it as wrong. The second is a tendency ofDiscipleship1, 475:your field of service by your readiness to recognize the need of others and then to give them ofDiscipleship1, 476:them of your [476] supply. Train yourself to recognize need during the next few months. It will aidDiscipleship1, 478:[478] I told you earlier to teach yourself to "recognize the need." Had you done this during theDiscipleship1, 483:which your emotional nature can be trained to recognize? What dramas came my way today, in my ownDiscipleship1, 497:you learn by studying them and are willing to recognize with truth wherein you may have erred. YouDiscipleship1, 500:which your first ray personality can so easily recognize. Work with order, skill and precision inDiscipleship1, 504:Sweetness, humility and the willingness to recognize values which at present are not quicklyDiscipleship1, 513:the truth of what I say. Now you not only recognize it but have in the past and will in the futureDiscipleship1, 525:gifts which you possess and are apt to refuse to recognize - a loving heart, a mind enriched byDiscipleship1, 534:disciple. I point out to you, therefore, that I recognize your progress, and I do this in order toDiscipleship1, 537:thin eyes. Look not upon the ground. 2nd month - Recognize the group of fellow climbers and notDiscipleship1, 547:[547] From the astral body to the mind. Then recognize yourself as being an integrated personality.Discipleship1, 551:life, and your pledge to your soul that you will recognize no impediment or handicap, has beenDiscipleship1, 556:by that. I need not explain to you, for you will recognize that whereof I speak. I enlarge not hereDiscipleship1, 607:much. Send out your thoughts to me and I will recognize them. Learn the distinction between thoughtDiscipleship1, 613:yourself - in your own eyes, if you could but recognize it - as a guide and leader of otherDiscipleship1, 616:with such frequency. Your major gain has been to recognize more consciously the danger and a moreDiscipleship1, 618:upon your ability to walk humbly and to recognize the fact that ancient thought-forms still existDiscipleship1, 622:One, you already know. Another, you will later recognize. This means leading them to find the linkDiscipleship1, 633:undesirable in this contact, provided that you recognize the plane whereon you function, with itsDiscipleship1, 641:life in the face, my brother, and be ready to recognize and admit error; be equally ready, however,Discipleship1, 661:for, as yet, you are only magnetic to those who recognize your personality and love yourDiscipleship1, 681:Plan; intelligent cooperation with all whom you recognize to be senior disciples; adequate care toDiscipleship1, 681:of a fluidity of mind and attitude which will recognize the fact that - though the Plan stands -Discipleship1, 686:disciple wrong when he refuses (if he does) to recognize the Master's point of view and theDiscipleship1, 691:of development. The Master recognizes those who recognize the Plan and are trying (with full orDiscipleship1, 700:to assume importance when the man starts to recognize these controlling energies, their source andDiscipleship1, 706:their major effort to see the vision clear; to recognize, and know for what they are, those who areDiscipleship1, 716:I believe that many who read my words will recognize these determinations as the basic motivationDiscipleship1, 724:of this, the chela in the Light is trained to recognize members of the Hierarchy by first becomingDiscipleship1, 734:the few Ashram members whom they may know and recognize, and the vast number who remain unknown toDiscipleship1, 739:reconstruction activity. What results can I recognize as the fruit of my work? Do I feel that myDiscipleship1, 739:the needed spirit of loving cooperation? Do I recognize truthfully my own and my co-disciples'Discipleship1, 739:the first lessons a disciple has to learn is to recognize what is occultly called "hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 739:unfoldment have brought him and, therefore, recognize those whom he can assist from the stand [740]Discipleship1, 759:is to work with forces. He fails, however, to recognize that this may not be consciously done untilDiscipleship1, 781:the deepest esoteric truths which they could recognize if there was that in [782] them which wasDiscipleship1, 782:do them no harm if they lacked the perception to recognize the truth for what it was. Such a schoolDiscipleship1, 783:others belong to the orthodox religions and some recognize no spiritual affiliations, so-called, atDiscipleship2, 25:who know naught of esotericism so-called, do not recognize the Hierarchy and (in their brainDiscipleship2, 39:Do you at any time register such teaching or recognize its source? You need to learn to makeDiscipleship2, 87:absorbed by it [87] that it is hard for them to recognize the new and vital incoming truth, and theDiscipleship2, 104:and devotees, such as we have learned to recognize in this Piscean Age. He is the center simplyDiscipleship2, 127:also swimming in the same direction. You recognize, know and love each other. Then visualizeDiscipleship2, 151:share in implementing it and will be able to recognize those who, in other groups and in differentDiscipleship2, 165:as a prayer to God transcendent. They will not recognize him yet as immanent in his creation; theyDiscipleship2, 167:of mind which may receive it. Only those who recognize no subjective or inner world, and who rejectDiscipleship2, 171:which are necessary to human progress. People recognize the present darkness and misery, andDiscipleship2, 180:first time in their history, humanity began to recognize a definite phase of universality; mankindDiscipleship2, 181:not only your individual reaction, but to [181] recognize also the symbolic import of what you areDiscipleship2, 186:Before, however, he can do this, he has to recognize and work with ideas himself, learn the mode ofDiscipleship2, 186:task within my Ashram is to train disciples to recognize the new, emerging ideas and translate themDiscipleship2, 286:of "the Great Sacrifice," and also to attempt to recognize some of the factors which have earnedDiscipleship2, 290:of the points of revelation. It is simple to recognize that in the head of the developing aspirantDiscipleship2, 293:point of development, his mental capacity to recognize, rightly interpret and rightly relate thatDiscipleship2, 293:of the intuition pours in, bringing the power to recognize and rightly interpret and relate. As theDiscipleship2, 297:of orientation to humanity. I presume you will recognize the truth of what I say when I express theDiscipleship2, 299:take those occult steps which will enable him to recognize not only that which is hovering overDiscipleship2, 319:of the New Age. The modern disciple has to recognize the hint which is related to his point inDiscipleship2, 326:unrevealed and which we would not at this time recognize if presented with it) is slowlyDiscipleship2, 341:found in the words that the disciple must "... recognize the hint which is related to his point inDiscipleship2, 343:the disciple and correct orientation. [343] Do I recognize in the life-training which I amDiscipleship2, 356:to the Master and runs as follows: "Regard and recognize the changes in the hearts of men, andDiscipleship2, 374:Many are responsive to impression, but fail to recognize or use the energy of which the impressionDiscipleship2, 377:and an applied conditioning which enable him to recognize it as a man-created whole or world orDiscipleship2, 380:desire "holy" is absent: theologians refuse to recognize that the releasing of the energy confinedDiscipleship2, 388:in time and space. Hint VI. - The disciple must recognize the hint which is related to his point inDiscipleship2, 392:are not yet soul-infused personalities but who recognize the necessity of the Plan and who seek theDiscipleship2, 401:the divine, conditioning Will. He has begun to recognize and to interpret - even though in [402] an
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