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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZE

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Externalisation, 491:share in implementing it and will be able to recognize those who in other groups and in differentExternalisation, 497:its non-possession), and the human family will recognize universally its status as a bridgingExternalisation, 499:reactionary groups in every country will neither recognize the need for, nor desire this new worldExternalisation, 520:first hand - which is a good and useful thing to recognize. These activities have all been carriedExternalisation, 521:unfoldment of humanity's developing powers to recognize Reality, of the invocative cry of theExternalisation, 532:process becomes exoteric and men everywhere recognize it and participate in it, the training whichExternalisation, 537:and intelligence. This is an important point to recognize. The temporary quiescence of the loveExternalisation, 544:and is symbolized for us in the failure to recognize the Messiah when He came to them in their ownExternalisation, 544:its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognize the Christ. In saying this I do not fail toExternalisation, 544:the Christ. In saying this I do not fail to recognize those Jews throughout the world whoExternalisation, 545:of major importance; that they should know and recognize the Christ as the Messiah, and thereforeExternalisation, 558:to love your fellowmen, lead a disciplined life, recognize the divinity in all faiths and allExternalisation, 575:objectively staged and the general public will recognize it as the major rite and ritual of the newExternalisation, 579:new science of right human relations, and who recognize as a basic political tenet the equality ofExternalisation, 596:in nature that humanity has been forced to recognize the cause and source of the disaster;Externalisation, 608:words in terms of their own ignorance, and to recognize those whose faithful service has made HisExternalisation, 608:but those members of our human family who today recognize Him and are preparing to work with Him asExternalisation, 612:His disciples centuries ago they will fail to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning.Externalisation, 614:circumstances which are faced by those who recognize and accept the imminent return of the Christ.Externalisation, 616:and not universal; because those who could recognize Him and who hope and long for His coming areExternalisation, 618:servers must today take their stand. They must recognize the obstructing [619] factors, but mustExternalisation, 622:alibis. It is essential that all aspirants recognize that in the place where they now are, amongExternalisation, 671:activity of men (in every land) to be trained to recognize the essential unity of all human beings,Externalisation, 681:analogy is far from perfect, it is possible to recognize the correspondence in its many gradationsExternalisation, 695:love of the group, and as long as he fails to recognize error and his own part in any currentFire, 33:rounds, but only when the complementary colors recognize their source, and the whole adjustethFire, 51:apart from substance itself. Let us now briefly recognize certain facts regarding fire in matterFire, 65:from one'; wherever we see the one we should recognize the many also, and conversely. AfterFire, 81:that resolve ether into the expression that we recognize. All planets, worlds, human beings, etc.,Fire, 91:the deva evolution somewhat more correctly and recognize their work along certain lines inFire, 97:at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as it risesFire, 145:maze of illusion, begins in course of time to recognize (under the Law of Attraction) the vibrationFire, 199:is summed up for us. The work of evolution is to recognize, utilize, coordinate, and dominate theFire, 238:and cannot be solved by the man who refuses to recognize the possibility of two occult facts: ThatFire, 238:of all souls with the Oversoul. When scientists recognize these two facts then their explanationsFire, 279:in that it does not coordinate, or deduce and recognize separate identity. It resembles humanFire, 390:here of schemes, and not of chains. We must recognize another triangle within the Earth scheme, ofFire, 418:the statement of a platitude. All students recognize the discriminative quality of manas and itsFire, 418:quality of manas and its selective capacity; all recognize the faculty in man which enables him toFire, 422:activity of the groups in which the units recognize the oneness of their self-interest, andFire, 428:anent the fourth ether, even though they may not recognize it as the lowest of the four ethericFire, 429:that the life of those Entities, Whom we recognize as the planetary Logoi, pours [430] through ourFire, 439:to express an idea. What the student should recognize is that during a cycle of ray influence, theFire, 474:etheric, will have the effect of forcing him to recognize that which is now called the "unseenFire, 525:solar Lords, distinguishing them from those who recognize as yet only the control of the lunarFire, 549:will profit all who have the intuition to recognize the goal. [550] Fire, 586:and if we study the correspondence we shall recognize the fact that the first law, that ofFire, 589:at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all; but as it risesFire, 597:about the laws, it is needful that we all recognize the extreme danger of dogmatizing about theseFire, 645:along medical lines and beginning somewhat to recognize them. One of the great errors into whichFire, 713:so that he is enabled to know consciously and to recognize the plan for his group-center throughFire, 757:Hence the need of training men and women to recognize the higher psychism, and the true inspirationFire, 766:to, identify Itself with Itself, and to recognize the nature of the Not-Self, the Law of AttractionFire, 810:of. the present conditions. When men everywhere recognize themselves and each other, as divineFire, 832:the positive force aspect. The occultist must recognize and work with three types of force, orFire, 834:the solar Lords of the lunar Pitris, but must recognize also: The solar Angels of a planetaryFire, 850:is seen. The knowers see themselves as One; they recognize the field wherein knowledge grows asFire, 917:plane as stated by Eastern occultism, to recognize the triple nature of the septenaryFire, 919:Finally, when scientists are willing to recognize and to cooperate with the intelligent forces thatFire, 958:through the medium of the brain. That men do not recognize the first factor as a general rule isFire, 979:audience will always learn from him; they will recognize that which the thought form is intended toFire, 1024:the physical sun. RULE XIII The magician must recognize the four; note in his work the shade ofFire, 1033:Son, and for Him there remains the problem to recognize the purpose of the Father. The one is theFire, 1037:only those of circumscribed vision will fail to recognize the unity of the many force impulsesFire, 1038:in one branch of our theosophical movement must recognize the fact that just as H. P. B. came forthFire, 1041:- to produce this. Scientists are beginning to recognize this more or less, and to realize that itFire, 1064:must here be made. It is the failure to recognize this that has led so many alchemical students andGlamourthe teaching given. The reader, however, should recognize that meditations suitable for specialGlamour, 35:illusion? Have I reached the point where I can recognize my peculiar Dweller on the Threshold, andGlamour, 38:takes much time. At present, many of you do not recognize glamor when it meets you, and envelopesGlamour, 38:of observation are so keen that you will recognize it in its true nature before it immerses andGlamour, 60:of major importance, expecting others to recognize his proprietorship of the idea. He forgets thatGlamour, 72:life or as a service rendered to the world, must recognize that he is working with substance, withGlamour, 83:The trouble is that disciples often do not recognize [84] the condition as one of glamor and it isGlamour, 95:goal of all activity and the man, refusing to recognize the difference existing between him and theGlamour, 98:world glamor be dissipated except by those who recognize it for what it is and who have wrestledGlamour, 145:of the beloved glamor and the ability to recognize error and to admit mistakes, and this the falseGlamour, 146:I would ask those in both these groups to recognize the problem with which they are faced. It is aGlamour, 147:group is not more warranted than your refusal to recognize any justification for the activities andGlamour, 160:leading it to discriminate rightly and to recognize the true values and thus bring in the age ofGlamour, 167:carried forward by a humanity wise enough to recognize its dharma. Men are being rapidlyGlamour, 177:stage, the mass of men become involved; they recognize the illusion as the truth; they regard thisGlamour, 183:the revealer, [183] and some to burn those who recognize the revelation." This is a phase of AgniGlamour, 184:can begin to develop in himself the power to recognize that which the lower mind cannot give him.Glamour, 185:seeking for those who could respond to and recognize the germ or seed of truth, and training men toGlamour, 189:eye shall see Him"; humanity as a whole will recognize the revealing One. In past ages theGlamour, 198:theme. It is of vital importance that those who recognize [199] the open door to the future throughGlamour, 201:of rapid development: The power not only to recognize glamor for what it is, but to discriminateGlamour, 211:examination. They must be in a position to recognize that an emotional or astral conditionGlamour, 221:the secret of its delusion and no longer recognize it except as a temporary field of experienceGlamour, 226:that some glamor which all the group members recognize as a major hindrance to the progress ofHealing, 26:a point most difficult for the average healer to recognize; it is not easy or possible for him toHealing, 48:whole, little as their practitioners may like to recognize it. The former group need a more carefulHealing, 87:the physical body has to learn to respond to and recognize that which is transmitted. TheHealing, 98:learns how to handle the higher energies and to recognize the need for a rhythmic life, payingHealing, 111:This is not mental error, or failure to recognize divinity, or succumbing to evil. It is, inHealing, 117:so few trained psychologists and psychiatrists recognize the fact of the soul. I mention this as itHealing, 124:at the first indication of a willingness to recognize relationship and intention to cooperate inHealing, 168:and "let God do it." It is so much easier to recognize love and the outpouring of love than toHealing, 184:man is perfected, enabling him to contact and recognize the major divine aspects in the kingdoms in
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