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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZE

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Healing, 193:of scientific suppression, plus a refusal to recognize existent factors. They are not based onHealing, 197:elements released by the glands. It does not yet recognize the fact of the relationship of theHealing, 197:The next great move in medicine will be to recognize the fact of the etheric body, the physicalHealing, 253:they refuse all compromise and seem unable to recognize that the knowledge accumulated by medicineHealing, 255:[255] It is the inability of these groups to recognize the good in the other groups striving forHealing, 256:of men. These cults omit to state, or even to recognize, that in cases of extreme illness orHealing, 267:creative and artistic. This he must recognize and not seek as he now does to dominate in allHealing, 269:Jews, to intermarry with them, and to refuse to recognize as barriers old habits of thought andHealing, 282:have been made. Esoteric students are willing to recognize that the physical body is automatic inHealing, 296:these causes that man must learn to deal, to recognize them, and to trace the conditioning energyHealing, 357:participate and yet stand free from weakness; to recognize that [358] the achievements or failuresHealing, 368:scientists have not gone far enough yet to recognize this fact; there the electrical nature of manHealing, 385:to make the great transition. A willingness to recognize that healing might be detrimental andHealing, 387:is of real beneficence. Patients must learn to recognize and accept the Law of Karma. Fear isHealing, 404:are quite sincere in what they say, but omit to recognize the illusory nature of all findings basedHealing, 423:Find there that which your soul can and will recognize. The glamors of one's own distress, the mayaHealing, 441:instead of tears and fears and the refusal to recognize the inevitable, the dying person and hisHealing, 459:- Page 505. If there is one factor aspirants recognize, it is the need of freeing themselves fromHealing, 462:restore health. As yet, modern science does not recognize the distinction between these two aspectsHealing, 468:came. I have here given you [468] (could you but recognize it) a definition of initiation, but oneHealing, 482:its turn, has limited itself by its failure to recognize what is good and right in the newerHealing, 493:how necessary it is to train children to recognize and profit by experience, for this, once learnt,Healing, 502:which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call emerging from the Ashram or fromHealing, 531:much to learn from each other, and both must recognize that the particular fields of knowledge forHealing, 531:impractical generalizations in order to learn to recognize the facts anent the objective and theHealing, 535:which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call emerging from the Ashram or fromHealing, 537:a rarity indeed. The healer in the New Age will recognize limitation and conditioningHealing, 548:how the healing process is simplified when we recognize causes and realize that they areHealing, 586:meaningless platitude. As men, however, begin to recognize God as energy and themselves as aspectsHealing, 586:they begin consciously to work with energies and recognize the distinction in time and spaceHealing, 587:is built and which the healing art must recognize. There is, in manifestation, nothing else of anyHealing, 629:the physical angle - and this the healer must recognize. Behind this livingness and thisHealing, 652:of time, and the spiritual healer can learn to recognize the same signs. Then, instead of theHealing, 678:which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call, emerging from the Ashram or fromHealing, 680:relationships which the disciple has to learn to recognize. Obedience is not here enforced; [681]Healing, 687:VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Recognize the call, emerging from the Ashram orHealing, 688:they will misinterpret the call and fail to recognize the source of the outgoing sound. How easilyHealing, 689:this Sound which the "Rising One" must learn to recognize, and to which he must respond not only byHealing, 700:takes, however, an initiate of some standing to recognize and work through the rays of one of theHercules, 36:his power over matter and form, and so he has to recognize Cassiopeia from the very beginning, theHercules, 49:which divinity is helpless, and this I refuse to recognize. There is no department of life, noHercules, 52:will surely know its right obligations. It will recognize the relation that it should hold to otherHercules, 55:well. I fear, my son, that you will fail to recognize these points upon the Way. But time aloneHercules, 55:failed, for Hercules was blind. He did not recognize the help so subtly proffered. Returned atHercules, 70:has to register contact with the soul and to recognize its qualities. He must no longer be theHercules, 71:of encouragement for them, had they been able to recognize the happening. Like Hercules, they meetHercules, 82:contact his immortal aspect and intuitively to recognize the kingdom of spirit, he is ready now forHercules, 143:finally destroys it. Discrimination is needed to recognize its existence; patience, to discover itsHercules, 145:humility, to see his plight objectively and recognize his shortcomings; courage, to attack theHercules, 179:to reappear and also which prepares humanity to recognize him and to be able to endure the qualityHercules, 191:that Augeas turned his back on him, refused to recognize what he had done, and said it was a trick.Hercules, 201:himself and not impose it on any one else, they recognize each other wherever they meet, they speakHercules, 202:are two things for us to do. First, to learn to recognize the new note as it comes from disciplesHercules, 211:do its work"; from the angle of soul, "I recognize my other [212] self and in the waning of thatInitiation, viii:will meet before the one Portal. They will then recognize themselves as brothers, severed by tongueInitiation, 4:Being is but beginning to realize. When we recognize the fact that the average man is as yet fullyInitiation, 4:of cosmic data can be but rudimentary. When we recognize the further fact, that to be conscious onInitiation, 5:Solar - Chapter I - Introductory Remarks We must recognize also that danger lies in dogma and inInitiation, 32:kingdoms. In due course of time scientists will recognize that every kingdom in nature is linkedInitiation, 52:might be wise for occult students everywhere to recognize these facts, and to cultivate the abilityInitiation, 52:these facts, and to cultivate the ability to recognize the hierarchical vibration as itInitiation, 67:some matters that are apt to puzzle. We must recognize two things in pondering the subject of theInitiation, 67:the Hierarchy nothing is lost through failure to recognize the law of economy. Every expenditure ofInitiation, 87:the initiate is in a position at all times to recognize the other members of the Great White Lodge,Initiation, 99:of the attainment of the sons of men, we must recognize that as mankind completes one unificationInitiation, 103:brings results which succeeding generations will recognize. He is one who, in spite of all thisInitiation, 138:to the Monad whence it came. We must clearly recognize that all the above is but an attempt,Initiation, 140:so that he is enabled consciously to know and recognize the plan for his group center, through theInitiation, 166:other of the seven Secrets. The initiate has to recognize them by sight as well as to hear them,Initiation, 179:- Diversities of Initiations Therefore man must recognize the cyclic nature of initiation, and theInitiation, 202:to which they belong on the inner plane, to recognize them upon the physical plane, and to uniteIntellect, 11:his zenith and can go no further, then he should recognize this fact and make his decline and fallIntellect, 45:greatest need in the West lies in our failure to recognize the Soul and the faculty of theIntellect, 72:source of all that is, including ourselves. We recognize the Whole. We become one with God byIntellect, 153:of the faculty of "divination," that capacity to recognize with awe and wonder the essential holyIntellect, 170:learn what I know in the same moment... I cannot recognize any sort of form in this light, althoughIntellect, 216:the day. Let us be truthful with ourselves, and recognize things for what they are. The plea, "IIntellect, 227:activity in such a form that we are forced to recognize when we stray beyond those limits. We knowIntellect, 252:to a few and leave the rest outside. They will recognize all men as sons of God and will not setIntellect, 253:one race as better than another, though they may recognize the evolutionary plan and the work thatIntellect, 266:the life that makes all men brothers. They will recognize all those they meet as Sons of God, butIntellect, 267:or their particular approach to truth. They recognize the truth underlying all presentations andMagic, 6:given into the scheme of life as we today recognize it and will show how basically natural and trueMagic, 24:reader, however, objects to being forced to recognize wider points of view than his own, and theMagic, 25:nature. It is a form of pride, and a refusal to recognize one's temporary limitations that awakensMagic, 36:build those specified phenomenal forms which we recognize in the world of the physical plane asMagic, 41:Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognize sometimes the Hermetic theory that "AsMagic, 69:you are still a man centered in the personality, recognize it, and with the equipment available,Magic, 120:out through knowledge. It is of prime value to recognize the tendency of the life purpose, and toMagic, 128:facility into the state of contemplation. Recognize the vibration of your own soul. Does the SacredMagic, 135:appeals the most to them personally. They must recognize the inability of the workers to continueMagic, 135:high endeavor. They must develop the capacity to recognize those who are sent to help them in theMagic, 158:Those who are not true aspirants will fail to recognize the hints and thus will be preserved fromMagic, 228:of matter and of form, and is forced to recognize the urge and pull of both of them. He learns toMagic, 229:between the two streams which he has learnt to recognize - one going up unto the gates of heaven,Magic, 260:this group integrity and to develop the power to recognize all such workers everywhere under anyMagic, 260:inner sensitiveness to the Plan. An ability to recognize principles, governing conduct andMagic, 281:of the factors that the disciple has to learn to recognize as his particular series of livesMagic, 282:something which enables the physical body to recognize as harmonious or congenial a physicalMagic, 291:and vibratory rate. He has also to learn to recognize their source and be able to differentiate
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