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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZE

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Magic, 305:their anxieties, little though [305] they may recognize it. It is really a result of the otherMagic, 308:dwell on this. If there is one factor aspirants recognize it is the need of freeing themselves fromMagic, 315:the psychologists of the academic schools will recognize these four factors. It is with this typeMagic, 326:In certain fundamental doctrines. When men recognize this and succeed in isolating that innerMagic, 328:of finding truth. These are the people who recognize authority, whether that of a prophet, a bibleMagic, 329:the same body of essential beliefs. They recognize each other; they accord equal devotion to theMagic, 330:and reflective condition which will permit it to recognize the next unfoldment of divinity. Magic, 330:reached as yet the point of knowledge. They only recognize two things: their need for freedom, andMagic, 331:often unwisely until such time comes when they recognize those constructive channels into which itMagic, 334:its non-possession), and the human family will recognize universally its status as a bridgingMagic, 350:but from the inner vision. Capacity to recognize the Master's purpose and the ability to love areMagic, 362:outline, patient reserve, a willingness to recognize physical brain limitations and the acceptingMagic, 400:of Brotherhood, based on the one Life. They recognize no authority, save that of their own souls,Magic, 400:look with open eyes upon the world of men and recognize those whom they can lift and to whom theyMagic, 400:stand, - lifting, teaching and helping. They recognize their peers and equals, and know each otherMagic, 401:of recognition and the hand of a brother. They recognize likewise Those who have passed ahead ofMagic, 418:link between yourselves and all those whom you recognize as possible working disciples in the newMagic, 426:of personal or of group ambition; they will recognize their unity with all that exists, and willMagic, 431:Its members are linked telepathically, or they recognize each other through the quality of the workMagic, 440:the eye is opened, all is illumined. Gemini - I recognize my other self and in the waning of thatMagic, 457:the idea, received by the soul intuitively, and recognize the form which it should take. These lastMagic, 478:communication [478] will lie open. Men will recognize that noise acts as a deterrent to telepathicMagic, 499:instead of tears and fear and the refusal to recognize the inevitable, the dying person and [500]Magic, 514:and these the aspirant has to learn to recognize and to utilize. He has to register the distinctionMagic, 541:to be Recognized RULE THIRTEEN The magician must recognize the four; note in his work the shade ofMagic, 542:and from a plant to an atom. Certain scientists recognize the fact of an etheric body, vast numbersMagic, 545:is given to us in Rule XIII. "The magician must recognize the four." He has presumably built up aMagic, 545:in a few simple words. We are told that he must "recognize the four". The Treatise on Cosmic FireMagic, 546:emerge in his consciousness. First, he must recognize "the four that constitute the One." In otherMagic, 546:one is not yet a white magician. Second, he must recognize "the city that stands foursquare." HeMagic, 548:to be Recognized Third, the white magician must recognize the cross which stands in the HeavensMagic, 556:upon the physical plane. He has in his turn to recognize the matter of the three planes of humanMagic, 556:, colored by his vibration; he has to recognize the groups of lives with which he hasMagic, 556:His creative work will be successful if he can recognize the tendency of his mind as that tendencyMagic, 556:in the past. It will be successful if he can recognize the vibration of the group of lives in lineMagic, 556:impression by his environing impulses? He has to recognize the purpose for which he has deemed itMagic, 557:could appreciate the power of this fact, and "recognize" its opportunity, it could, by itsMagic, 557:these words to reconsecrate themselves and to recognize the opportunity they have of an unitedMagic, 559:All workers in the field of the world should recognize the need for silent detachment and the workMagic, 585:himself in spiritual discrimination and learn to recognize truth in all things. Only thus will theMagic, 602:of observation [602] and contact; he must recognize himself as essentially a spiritual entity,Magic, 606:the future. Let them take heart of grace as they recognize the fact that the kingdom of souls isMagic, 610:disciples who can be trusted to rightly recognize and interpret the need of the hour. When thisMagic, 613:certain psychic powers and senses which recognize yet fail to interpret the astral plane. The veilMeditation, 90:capacity to see on causal levels, intuitively to recognize facts in the lives of others, to foreseeMeditation, 117:to influence for good those around him, to recognize responsibility and to direct or help. In doingMeditation, 129:or a voice that tells them truths that they recognize as true. The temptation to force the issue,Meditation, 142:of his own superior Self. He comes to recognize his Higher Self or Ego as his true Self, and fromMeditation, 211:to the densest part of His solar system. We recognize it as color. The adept knows it asMeditation, 261:grown beyond that Temple itself and has come to recognize it as limitation. He has withdrawnMeditation, 291:some one Master. In time the student comes to recognize this vibration and to associate it withMeditation, 309:work. That work should be: An endeavor to recognize the Divine within each one. In this manner thePatanjali, 21:to the five senses) which enables him to recognize the fact. By withdrawing himself from activePatanjali, 37:or without that which the physical brain would recognize as an object. It might be of value here ifPatanjali, 59:Students of the esoteric science have to recognize the technique of the processes outlined. In thePatanjali, 60:thereby, The brain which can be trained to recognize that sound and vibrate in unison with thePatanjali, 85:This corresponds to that dream state which we recognize as caused by the vibration of the cells ofPatanjali, 188:yoga, but not till then. It is the failure to recognize this that leads to so much of the troublePatanjali, 198:the physical body. It involves the failure to recognize the importance of the procreative act, thePatanjali, 251:which constitute the lower man. He has learnt to recognize that lower man (the sum total of mentalPatanjali, 274:know himself as the "Word made flesh" and will recognize himself as the AUM. [275] When this is theProblems, 14:distrusts and hatreds, fear and a refusal to recognize the facts produced disunity. Had all nationsProblems, 16:the general interest, to face up to our past, to recognize the new trends, to renounce the old waysProblems, 18:altered. Their main psychological problem is to recognize their relation to all other peoples onProblems, 20:of the world and lead other nations to recognize the existent justice and the good intentions ofProblems, 28:successfully lived through if each nation will recognize its own internal defects and will handleProblems, 29:one spirit and the nations have each to learn to recognize that spirit within themselves and withinProblems, 30:the past and which breeds a growing hatred, and recognize that all nations are made up of humanProblems, 34:educators to prevent this. Let us be willing to recognize that those countries in which the oldProblems, 35:base our optimism upon humanity itself. Let us recognize the self-proven fact that there is aProblems, 36:investigation - is revealed. It is the power to recognize the beautiful, the true and the good andProblems, 52:Capacity wisely to handle relationships and to recognize and assume responsibility. The power toProblems, 57:directed along right lines; he will be taught to recognize himself as the one who acts, who feelsProblems, 83:future, but the members of this kingdom recognize neither rich nor poor, neither high nor low,Problems, 86:which the racial minority labors. They fail to recognize that the minority itself is not free fromProblems, 94:working towards an inevitable unification; they recognize the problems of the nations, great andProblems, 95:be the story of humanity. All we can do is to recognize that they have a case to be presented and aProblems, 97:thinking which, again, the occidental fails to recognize and for which he makes no allowance; theProblems, 97:organized Westerner (a cave-dweller) fails to recognize. They are also the product of their need,Problems, 102:nations for their miseries; they fail always to recognize any conditions on their own side whichProblems, 103:must condition all parties. The Jew needs to recognize his share in bringing about the dislikeProblems, 107:natural and understandable antagonism, should recognize them as a debt he owes to the aggressiveProblems, 122:to a full and true life on earth. We can recognize the timelessness of faith and the witness of theProblems, 123:The Opportunity of the Churches. Do they recognize it? The Essential Truths which Humanity needsProblems, 125:with agonizing humanity and who, therefore, recognize in an acute sense the need for theProblems, 128:knew nothing. Christ cared only that men should recognize that God is love, that all men are theProblems, 128:is with us. This the orthodox churches refuse to recognize. Truth is essentially non-controversial;Problems, 131:refusal of the revolutionary party in Russia to recognize this corrupt church was wise andProblems, 136:religions and the churches throughout the world recognize the opportunity and respond to the appealProblems, 140:of brotherhood and of human relations; they will recognize divine sonship and will seek unitedly toProblems, 142:churches in the West have refused officially to recognize the Law of Rebirth and have therebyProblems, 145:today; it will produce a humanity which will recognize the divine in all men, at varying stages ofProblems, 146:ruling, working and loving; but men will come to recognize the signs of His activities and of HisProblems, 146:surely come in three ways. He will come as men recognize that He is truly here as He has been everProblems, 150:which, as time went by, would enable him to recognize himself as a son of God and eventually toProblems, 154:hope because of the promptness with which they recognize truth wherever it is to be found (in theProblems, 173:of that public to face life as it is and to recognize the facts for what they are. The mass of menProblems, 179:group. Public opinion will be forced to recognize the potency of the movement; eventually theProblems, 180:men and women of goodwill in the world who will recognize these principles as their personalPsychology1, xviii:be developed that these books have been written. Recognize clearly that you personally do not
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