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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZED

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Bethlehem, 216:admission into paradise was a two-fold one. He recognized the divinity of Christ. "Lord," he said.Bethlehem, 220:can the very center of spiritual life he recognized as stable and eternal. It was in thisBethlehem, 233:to see the fact of immortality universally recognized is evident from their writings and theirBethlehem, 246:experience, and that which he has of value being recognized by God as worth while, he is then, andBethlehem, 262:objectives for all mankind, and are generally so recognized, even when their ChristianBethlehem, 262:living, the result of which would deserve to be recognized as the kingdom of God? How shall weBethlehem, 262:its way to great and vital events is generally recognized. We have in the past progressed throughBethlehem, 262:God in the past. God transcendent has been both recognized and denied. God immanent is on the vergeBethlehem, 266:into that outward unity which is based upon a recognized inner relationship. Bethlehem, 267:and our separative attitudes. We have recognized Christ as the great Server of the race, and haveBethlehem, 282:and send some Savior (Who would probably not be recognized any more than Christ was), the time hasDestiny, 6:itself through a new world of beauty and of recognized divine expression; through the outer form,Destiny, 8:nations when occupied with any infringement of recognized law. This is a fact of great significanceDestiny, 16:of the Hierarchy and this is a fact hitherto not recognized and never as yet referred to in theDestiny, 25:one stage of understanding to another and of recognized interrelation, the kingdom of God will beDestiny, 34:soul, but the Jewish people have never recognized the symbolic mission with which their race wasDestiny, 35:the Occident the realization that those [35] who recognized their essential divinity did soDestiny, 47:of all souls with the Oversoul. This will be recognized in the racial consciousness, as well as theDestiny, 57:This pattern-forming tendency is being recognized today by modern psychology in connection with theDestiny, 71:The simile of the human body with its definitely recognized areas of expression, and the organismsDestiny, 109:in the technical sense, which involves a recognized relation to the Hierarchy through the grades ofDestiny, 114:of instinct. This is followed by intelligently recognized desire and thus there is a steadyDestiny, 115:planes are being rapidly unfolded, organized and recognized and it is by means of these innerDestiny, 125:close. The service of the animal to man is well recognized and of ceaseless expression. The serviceDestiny, 127:implications and the universal nature of these recognized ideas. I am generalizing. There have beenDestiny, 134:fact and the centers - major and minor - are recognized as the foci of all energy as it expressesDestiny, 140:of the Aquarian Age. Venus is esoterically recognized as that mysterious force which is a blend ofDestiny, 148:Down through the ages, Christmas Day has been recognized and kept as a season of new beginnings, ofDestiny, 150:and for loving understanding. He will be recognized this time by all and in His Own Person willDiscipleship1choices but later I altered my point of view and recognized that a wiser mind than mine wasDiscipleship1, 4:and as handicaps; each of you has been recognized by his light and for his potentialities and withDiscipleship1, 5:ear and true humility of heart. If it is not recognized, time will pursue its onward course andDiscipleship1, 15:material has been eliminated, after being recognized for what it is: astralism, spurious claims andDiscipleship1, 31:that is being made by the Masters and have you recognized their plans taking shape before yourDiscipleship1, 32:New Age wherein five kingdoms in nature will be recognized as existing side by side upon earth. YouDiscipleship1, 53:the guidance - consciously or unconsciously recognized - of the Masters who are specificallyDiscipleship1, 57:in the very least. These reactions are simply recognized, lived through, tolerated and notDiscipleship1, 58:consciously established and consciously held and recognized for what they are by the conscious mindDiscipleship1, 79:be a personality reaction and, therefore, to be recognized, dealt with and finally subdued. Let usDiscipleship1, 88:these undesirable conditions; they must be then recognized for what they are, and evoke in you thatDiscipleship1, 123:You have suffered in many ways, known to you and recognized by me but by no one else. I have stoodDiscipleship1, 137:and the good points and the weaknesses must be recognized with equal readiness. Among those whom IDiscipleship1, 151:may pour in. These verses do not refer to your recognized lethargy - of that you are aware and withDiscipleship1, 151:deal with things basic and oft unrecognized. If recognized, they are not adequately appraised. HereDiscipleship1, 179:to duty as realized, and to responsibility as recognized, and not so much in devotion to persons orDiscipleship1, 180:two difficulties will be present and should be recognized: he influence of the ego or soul willDiscipleship1, 185:or "quality of effective auric contact" is recognized and evokes reaction upon the objective planeDiscipleship1, 202:two major physical plane problems which are well recognized by you and are known to me. Solve them,Discipleship1, 204:and interest for you. [204] A definite and recognized inclination towards all that concerns the NewDiscipleship1, 229:the inflow of love and light. They are mentally recognized crises of inclusiveness. These lead oneDiscipleship1, 235:perception. The need for fearlessness will be recognized by you in a different light if you studyDiscipleship1, 261:do what the soul requires, when registered and recognized by you as the next duty. Let not theDiscipleship1, 266:by that method. What you have done is known and recognized, brother of old, but for thanks you lookDiscipleship1, 269:the same general endeavor; this is consciously recognized as a new beginning. Unless such momentsDiscipleship1, 280:its life seems worth fostering. This you have recognized. You ask yourself, however, at times: "OfDiscipleship1, 289:for they are soul links and must at some time be recognized. It is the service, the responsibility,Discipleship1, 290:a fact that you should recognize and which, when recognized, negates the application of yourDiscipleship1, 300:The karmic opportunity was offered you, but you recognized it not. My definition of the type ofDiscipleship1, 307:embraces the world of inner relationships and of recognized subjective attitudes, but it alsoDiscipleship1, 325:they are ever difficult; their need is oft not recognized nor are they deemed necessary. The firstDiscipleship1, 362:I can, therefore, tell you that your work is recognized. [363] But you have much to do withinDiscipleship1, 367:undertaken and karmic relationships recognized cannot be lightly set aside and must ultimately beDiscipleship1, 396:immediate past, loneliness, pain and clouds of recognized glamor have sought to engulf him. TheyDiscipleship1, 424:tranquil center in your environment comes to be recognized by your associates. This, in the earlyDiscipleship1, 449:fact in your consciousness; only where glamor is recognized and seen for what it is, is it possibleDiscipleship1, 482:down and note also your reactions to them when recognized - a sunset of radiant color; a face orDiscipleship1, 484:I believe that you yourself will have recognized by now the wisdom of my suggestion and that,Discipleship1, 504:values which at present are not quickly recognized by you are for you the way of release. A deepDiscipleship1, 505:thought) are yours and these qualities are recognized. How else your inclusion in this group ofDiscipleship1, 511:found, then glamor is an inevitable result. When recognized, however, they can be handled and theDiscipleship1, 513:your achievement. Two years ago, you might have recognized theoretically the truth of what I say.Discipleship1, 518:is, curiously enough, usually the last to be recognized; [519] and action taken on that recognitionDiscipleship1, 534:time is near when the subtler person (known and recognized by one or two) will appear and make itsDiscipleship1, 554:for quiet reflection for the assimilation of the recognized truths, and for their incorporationDiscipleship1, 580:at your problem as it is: First, there must be recognized a crisis in the soul life when the energyDiscipleship1, 595:strong karmic link with me, which you have ever recognized and which you unduly emphasize. Second:Discipleship1, 596:have thus addressed you, for you would not have recognized the justice of my remarks. Your problemDiscipleship1, 614:I am not interested, but because, years ago, you recognized me and offered to help. You recognizedDiscipleship1, 614:ago, you recognized me and offered to help. You recognized some of my co-workers and offered yourDiscipleship1, 619:find your place in the work. This has been duly recognized by your brothers. They have known ofDiscipleship1, 624:at this time with your meditation but you have recognized that, in the press of work and for theDiscipleship1, 627:I spoke to you with frankness and you recognized the justice of that which I said and started toDiscipleship1, 663:and undesirable result of sacrifice and of a recognized high point of illumination. [664] For you,Discipleship1, 680:These are the accepted requirements and are recognized as present in all whom the Masters take inDiscipleship1, 680:into their groups for service. They are: The recognized need to tune in, as far as the individualDiscipleship1, 697:entire individual lives and activities in the recognized effort. Behind this effort stands theDiscipleship1, 707:where the nature of soul relationship is recognized and where the fusion of auras and theDiscipleship1, 710:that it is not easy to be what you are and to be recognized as a [711] spiritual being. The MasterDiscipleship1, 721:be non-critical. Their concentration is upon the recognized and basic need to be non-criticalDiscipleship1, 767:a direct line of energy or of life - sensed, recognized, active and utilized - between theDiscipleship2, 19:fact that they are hints. The disciple either recognized them for what they were and profitedDiscipleship2, 33:demand of their souls for reinstatement has been recognized by me and has evoked from me dueDiscipleship2, 43:disciples need to grasp more clearly is the well-recognized fact (and thus easily overlooked fromDiscipleship2, 52:that the light in the head - when seen and [52] recognized - passes usually through three stages ofDiscipleship2, 63:Logos directs them or withholds them to suit the recognized planetary needs of the period. Discipleship2, 82:and of personality faults have been exposed and recognized by truly earnest disciples; this hasDiscipleship2, 82:render excessive the weaknesses (if they are recognized for what they are) and will enhance theDiscipleship2, 86:School will die. The new truths are being fast recognized, but it is youth which is recognizingDiscipleship2, 87:The fundamental doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom, recognized all over the world and as expounded inDiscipleship2, 108:cannot. All we can do is to train aspirants in recognized group requirements. We must also point
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