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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZED

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Discipleship2, 115:a group effect. This fact must be most carefully recognized by each disciple. I would have youDiscipleship2, 116:be just between the shoulder blades. It must be recognized that the concentration of thought energyDiscipleship2, 117:The Soul. The Hierarchy. Humanity. These three recognized factors now constitute a definite andDiscipleship2, 157:sense; it is, at the same time, one easily recognized by the orthodox but offers no limitation toDiscipleship2, 164:The spread of the Christ consciousness and his recognized Presence with us is not yet attained. TheDiscipleship2, 165:of human responsibility, in order that the recognized evils of today which so distress and troubleDiscipleship2, 166:present. A new type of mystic is coming to be recognized; he differs from the mystics of the pastDiscipleship2, 168:aspects of divine life which are universally recognized - the mind of God, the love of God, and theDiscipleship2, 169:in human history this destiny can be publicly recognized and people can be swept increasingly andDiscipleship2, 171:end of the days." His Presence, however, is not recognized by the masses of men, and is only sensedDiscipleship2, 172:among men in a public manner; he can be publicly recognized and thus do his work on the outerDiscipleship2, 186:this "raincloud" will become more generally recognized; scientists will begin to realize that it isDiscipleship2, 186:nor have they truly shouldered their task or recognized its defined [187] importance. Their workDiscipleship2, 189:otherwise possible, he can [189] implement their recognized though unvoiced need, and he alsoDiscipleship2, 194:thought towards the sensed and theoretically recognized world of the Masters, of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 213:Science of Meditation, know to constitute its recognized stages, and note how each stage isDiscipleship2, 238:is no imposing authority. The only authority recognized is the truth as it emerges in the humanDiscipleship2, 238:or historical cycle. Today more truth is being recognized (and incidentally, repudiated) than atDiscipleship2, 259:and its effects is only symbolically enacted and recognized at the time of the fourth initiation,Discipleship2, 280:intelligence of mankind has registered and recognized and which the foremost thinkers of the raceDiscipleship2, 303:stage wherein the theme of meditation was recognized. Receptivity in attitude, so that the possibleDiscipleship2, 303:that the possible and esoteric teaching may be recognized and absorbed. The transmission of ideasDiscipleship2, 318:body of teaching. This teaching will only be recognized by a few of the foremost disciples in theDiscipleship2, 320:This form of presentation will be more easily recognized by the masses than such phrases asDiscipleship2, 331:the grade or stage of discipleship) are recognized. If, however, disciples act or react in a wayDiscipleship2, 331:brings attack upon the Ashram, that is naturally recognized, but these issues are fortunately veryDiscipleship2, 346:for all men everywhere is full of revelation, recognized or unrecognized; it might be said thatDiscipleship2, 350:upon the physical plane and a part of the recognized consciousness of humanity as a whole. This,Discipleship2, 352:being admitted [352] to initiation because of a recognized and sensed relationship which is notDiscipleship2, 361:when the pattern and a part of the program are recognized by the world thinkers in every nation,Discipleship2, 369:concerned, of two kinds: Those that have been recognized and perceived in the past andDiscipleship2, 380:Gospel symbolism than those which have been recognized or studied. I have here, however, thrownDiscipleship2, 391:the Masters feel should be presented to, and recognized by, everybody. The value to the ashram of aDiscipleship2, 413:in line, therefore, for ashramic training, was recognized as being now basically mental, with aDiscipleship2, 415:his own hint, based upon attained knowledge and recognized vision. He must then take action uponDiscipleship2, 416:will be distinguished by synthesis. It will be recognized as calling for the exercise of theDiscipleship2, 424:modern scientific discovery, for today it is recognized that everything that exists is essentiallyDiscipleship2, 431:and precipitation - are definite and recognized stages in every initiation, with the exception ofDiscipleship2, 445:souls. This is the kind of will-expression and recognized life purpose with which you must learn toDiscipleship2, 458:The words "The souls of men are one" will be recognized doctrine of every world faith. So go onDiscipleship2, 465:(a position which your co-disciples have ever recognized as yours), and I have shown you definitelyDiscipleship2, 500:my brother, with my aid and blessing go forward, recognized by us as one of our spiritual assets.Discipleship2, 506:both in Europe and South America - your two recognized fields of service. Only your second rayDiscipleship2, 510:have not turned back; this has been recorded and recognized by us. Praise and commendation is anDiscipleship2, 517:of real import to all of you. This A.A.B. has recognized. Several forces - inherent in your ownDiscipleship2, 558:to me to have you functioning again as a recognized member of my group of chelas. You and I knewDiscipleship2, 558:remember that when a karmic relation has been recognized upon the physical plane and the neededDiscipleship2, 559:each year and this you have yourself inwardly recognized. There is much that you can do to helpDiscipleship2, 584:heart of the Ashram and are now known there and recognized by the senior workers. This you haveDiscipleship2, 598:the service which he has to do is already recognized by him and will provide a serious andDiscipleship2, 599:upon your way, remembering always to keep a recognized and conscious link with your Master. Discipleship2, 611:development. This is generally and often sadly recognized. But - paralleling the period of pain andDiscipleship2, 611:to become active in the life and to become a recognized factor in daily living is sacrifice.Discipleship2, 613:should be easy for you to apply that desired and recognized discipline - a discipline of such aDiscipleship2, 613:in relation to my work in the world is well recognized by you and I would have you remember thatDiscipleship2, 620:These tendencies, when evoked, registered and recognized for what they are and so handled rightlyDiscipleship2, 624:emotion, but the emotion is an astral condition recognized by the mind and later seen to be one ofDiscipleship2, 630:clarified perception, then endeavor to apply the recognized truth and the germ of the revelation toDiscipleship2, 636:and maybe a relinquishing of lesser goals. If recognized by you, it will mean that the "pillarsDiscipleship2, 653:your group brothers into your consciousness and recognized them as within the ashramic light, youDiscipleship2, 665:the Path of Discipleship. Have you found and recognized the three who await your guidance and yourDiscipleship2, 674:distress because you know that A.A.B. and I have recognized this glamor. We have, but may I assureDiscipleship2, 710:One other thing I would point out. It should be recognized by you that your entire ray equipment isDiscipleship2, 732:that connotes failure. But the failure is scarce recognized; the effort is made to register whatDiscipleship2, 756:Hierarchy there, is complete unity, based upon a recognized isolation of spirit from matter. [757]Education, 16:need. Until the fact of the higher mind is recognized, and the place which the lower concrete mindEducation, 16:fill as the servant of the higher is likewise recognized, we shall have the over-development of theEducation, 40:the sense of awe, the following blindly of some recognized "sensitive" of a higher order than theEducation, 44:see what are the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts) which have led man, step byEducation, 49:is in full flower, this will be the assured and recognized objective of the educators of that time.Education, 50:be remembered (and this is being more widely recognized) that the quality of the young children nowEducation, 69:man, and is at this time being more generally recognized as useful to, and consistent with, theEducation, 70:three minor rays (which meet in every man) are recognized and studied by the educator in connectionEducation, 72:and not held back; they will be occultly recognized, and therefore will not constitute a problem.Education, 72:their adequacy when in competition with other recognized educational systems. If a trueEducation, 77:the reasons and motives for his actions will be recognized, and that those who are his olderEducation, 77:with the group) gets overlaid and is not recognized for what it is. The many small and petty sins,Education, 85:factor for the future, will increasingly be recognized and thus great and needed changes will beEducation, 92:system. These two energy factors, which are recognized by human beings as life and knowledge, or asEducation, 114:What are the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts) which have led man, step byEducation, 127:(with the relationship at the same time recognized) from the animal. The state of consciousnessEducation, 130:and nation, thus establishing that new world of recognized corporate relationships [131] which willEducation, 140:and which constitutes a definite part of the recognized facts of daily life would, a few hundredEducation, 141:consciousness. These, when they are matured and recognized, will bring about the appearance of theExternalisation, 21:no longer be hidden and unknown, but will be recognized as present upon the physical plane. ThisExternalisation, 47:owing to the fact that education is today widely recognized as the major molding factor, next toExternalisation, 51:imposed upon the masses and are not immediately recognized and adopted by those masses; they evokeExternalisation, 51:problem of the type of authority which should be recognized by the peoples; and secondly, we haveExternalisation, 51:that they will evoke a generously rendered and recognized cooperation. Between these two ways ofExternalisation, 51:I - Introductory Remarks 1. Government by a recognized Spiritual Hierarchy. This Hierarchy will beExternalisation, 52:Government by an oligarchy of illumined minds, recognized as such by the massed thinkers, andExternalisation, 52:the objective form are functioning towards one recognized end. Today, such a thing as a trueExternalisation, 53:idealism of a more material kind - a generally recognized present idealism. They are not usuallyExternalisation, 86:and in nations, and this science will later be recognized. It is by means of this science that theExternalisation, 103:demonstrated through uniform thinking and a recognized unity of purpose. It is for this reason (aExternalisation, 112:every nation in modern times and have been recognized to some degree, and upon them historians haveExternalisation, 114:having served their purpose, are fast being recognized as inadequate to meet the need of theExternalisation, 119:the lines of cleavage, though present, were not recognized. The latent spark of mind served only toExternalisation, 124:remind you of one or two points which should be recognized as we approach this modern era in whichExternalisation, 149:depend also upon the karma or destiny of man recognized and considered, and the man will escape the
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