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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZED

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Initiation, 10:discovery and experience, that which can be recognized by the five senses, and be correlated,Initiation, 21:of discrimination will demonstrate. This is recognized by scientists everywhere, and in thisInitiation, 32:of the Hierarchy was a similar, though less recognized development in all the kingdoms of nature.Initiation, 33:developed etheric vision its location will be recognized and its reality admitted. The developmentInitiation, 68:Secondly, we must remember that each of us is recognized by the brilliance of his light. This is anInitiation, 78:an acknowledged force in the world and is recognized as one who can be depended upon to serve. MenInitiation, 78:turn to him for assistance and help along his recognized line, and he begins to sound forth hisInitiation, 114:all the other stages must wait. That which is recognized differs at the different initiations, andInitiation, 129:symbolism of these various Rods. They are duly recognized as symbols of office and of power, but itInitiation, 165:are based upon nine symbols which are now recognized: - The cross in its varying forms. The lotus.Initiation, 169:Electrical phenomena are scientifically recognized as dual in nature, but the inherent triplicityInitiation, 180:subplane. Herein comes a point to be carefully recognized. A true Master of the Wisdom has not onlyInitiation, 182:must remember, upon a ray which is temporarily recognized as a major ray. A large number of theInitiation, 186:exoteric knowledge, and as the seven groups are recognized and known, schools of development forInitiation, 197:would eventuate. It must, of course, here be recognized that no hard or fast rules can ever be laidInitiation, 203:active manifestation of the macrocosm will be recognized. [204] Intellect, 28:knowledge and power put to right uses is clearly recognized by the most progressive educationalIntellect, 49:of which man is the expression have to be recognized, but the basic connection which holds himIntellect, 67:heart approach. Four degrees of prayer might be recognized: Prayer for material benefits, and forIntellect, 91:only just be noted, for they are universally recognized and are met in part by every beginner, orIntellect, 142:plane has always been aware of that which is now recognized. The difference lies in the fact thatIntellect, 142:brain and the guarantee of future achievement is recognized." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 149:physical plane of existence. This condition is recognized by all mystics, and by all writers uponIntellect, 161:biggest men in the field. The intuition is not recognized. We might define it as directIntellect, 161:or from the omniscient soul. It is immediately recognized as infallibly true and arouses noIntellect, 172:be with us when the fact of illumination may be recognized as a natural process, and the light inIntellect, 180:influencing the race, is now universally recognized. Whither do we go from this point? It has beenIntellect, 181:as that "High and Unknown Purpose" which can be recognized as the sumtotal of all forms whichIntellect, 219:the nadis, which underlie the nervous system as recognized in the West. Intellect, 242:of this can be given here, and one universally recognized. We are swept by anger or irritation.Magic, 11:the idea of subjection to an activity which is recognized as inexorable and undeviating, but whichMagic, 15:developed, focused, and open-minded can they be recognized, later understood, and finally adjustedMagic, 29:which makes the present 'Unknown God' a recognized reality. Let me illustrate. Magic, 32:hides truth and does not reveal it. If truth is recognized, it is because the investigating studentMagic, 34:every part of a form with every other part is recognized and known to be a fact in nature, theMagic, 39:tone or color. The infinitely small is recognized, the infinitely vast is assumed; but it remainsMagic, 46:study. Certain cosmic forces which, it will be recognized later, play upon and produce changes inMagic, 56:that he forces recognition of his fitness to be recognized as a worker in the plan of evolution, asMagic, 56:the subjective side of life, and along what are recognized by the conservative as the so-calledMagic, 61:rhythmic streams of energy, which streams are recognized by the man concerned as his "highMagic, 75:the three remain in silence. "When response is recognized as emanating from the three, the One, inMagic, 82:world of subjective consciousness is not recognized in a scientific sense. It is recognized [83]Magic, 82:is not recognized in a scientific sense. It is recognized [83] innately by those of mysticMagic, 146:revealer, whilst the Spirit aspect will later be recognized as sound. Complete light andMagic, 162:be said here with emphasis, even if it is a recognized truism, that people are frequently slain (inMagic, 170:come certain other recognitions. 1. The event is recognized as fact past all controversy. No doubtMagic, 170:remains in the disciple's mind. 2. There is recognized an inhibition on the disciple's part toMagic, 170:mention it, and then only to those who are also recognized as disciples or to some fellow worker,Magic, 170:Master's relation to the disciple, are gradually recognized and begin increasingly to govern theMagic, 225:which play their part and are more easily recognized by the average man. Light and darknessMagic, 236:the light in the head shines forth, sometimes recognized and sometimes unrecognized by theMagic, 250:of the intelligent loving soul. These are recognized by the brain and are [251] photographed uponMagic, 260:organization and to cooperate with them when so recognized. This is no easy thing to do. ItMagic, 301:for those left behind or the non-fulfilment of a recognized and urgent duty holds the good andMagic, 305:into a condition of real agony. This should be recognized by those who care for the sick and stepsMagic, 317:The two impacts upon the sentient body must be recognized as different. The question has to beMagic, 326:Even the most ignorant of savage races have recognized a Power and have attempted to define theirMagic, 328:that non-essentials and essentials will be recognized for what they are, and fundamental ideas soMagic, 332:from that of matter itself. The atom has been recognized as an energy unit, but as yet the energyMagic, 333:principle, the builder of the forms is studied, recognized and in its turn investigated. This isMagic, 334:capacities of old souls, and young souls will be recognized, thereby re-establishing on earth theMagic, 336:walk in the light, for it will be a world of recognized inner radiance, wherein the work of theMagic, 338:or environal awareness. This has been recognized by the man in the street as a sense ofMagic, 340:racial concept, and the laws of the soul will be recognized as superseding, though not abrogatingMagic, 340:direct investigation of the soul. That which is recognized and admitted, even if not understood, isMagic, 373:exists, and in the course of centuries will be recognized. By the play of certain astral forces onMagic, 406:the work of these seven groups of thinkers be recognized as part of the hierarchical program,Magic, 414:whether they know it or not. They will be thus recognized by their fellow group members whenMagic, 419:truth. Modes of approach to reality will be recognized and each will be free to choose his own. NoMagic, 426:an idea; falsity, impurity and weakness will be recognized for what they are, but when noted willMagic, 427:contribution and note of each group will be recognized and where a need exists for just thatMagic, 451:which makes the present "Unknown God" a recognized Reality. Let me illustrate: Man knows himself toMagic, 475:into all lands and their note is internationally recognized. Hundreds of such names are easilyMagic, 506:but only when the fact of the soul is recognized and its relation to the body has beenMagic, 512:mark of manifested existence has to be recognized. One of the things which every disciple has toMagic, 534:and not by that of Limitation. Death is only recognized as a factor to be dealt with byMagic, 541:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Quaternaries to be Recognized RULE THIRTEEN The magician must recognizeMagic, 541:four become the seven. The Quaternaries to be Recognized This rule is for me one of the mostMagic, 543:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Quaternaries to be Recognized In dealing with the subject ofMagic, 545:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Quaternaries to be Recognized The clue to the requirements of a moreMagic, 548:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Quaternaries to be Recognized Third, the white magician must recognizeMagic, 551:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Quaternaries to be Recognized The consideration of these variousMagic, 553:the truths of the Ageless Wisdom are universally recognized. The laws of thought are the laws ofMagic, 555:Trinity. These Three, in due course, will be recognized as responsive to the thought of the OneMagic, 582:clothe it, which give a man the right to be a recognized worker with the plan (recognized by theMagic, 582:right to be a recognized worker with the plan (recognized by the Great Ones, if not recognized byMagic, 582:the plan (recognized by the Great Ones, if not recognized by the world); it is the achievement ofMagic, 589:humanity from its true expression are known and recognized and there is consequently a steady driveMagic, 595:body underlying the nervous system must be recognized by the world at large, and when the nature ofMagic, 602:the point of evolution (which may be truthfully recognized as lying ahead of that of the averageMagic, 603:matter which will enable them to be more easily recognized in the world of ordinary everydayMagic, 607:the new group, and though they may be therefore recognized as teachers, writers and workers, laterMagic, 608:not the least whether these liberated souls are recognized as Elder Brethren of the race, asMagic, 611:In the formation of a solar system, this is recognized as a preliminary period and can be seenMagic, 618:First of all, the immediate goal must be well recognized, if lost effort is to be avoided and realMagic, 621:has been expressed in words - a purpose which is recognized by many all over the world and which isMagic, 623:and love of power, even if only partially recognized or not recognized at all. He is under strainMagic, 623:power, even if only partially recognized or not recognized at all. He is under strain naturally,Magic, 631:world into a synthesis and the production of a recognized brotherhood of souls) only by those whoMeditation, 3:mental plane. This is a point not sufficiently recognized. Ponder on it. Real abstract thought
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