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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZED

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Rays, 134:which it will never recover, but which will be recognized some day as the "blow of release" and asRays, 161:at the fourth initiation and is one of the best recognized facts in the occult teaching. In theRays, 188:but now human beings were faced with them and recognized them; the great potency of intellectualRays, 193:to the three days in the tomb and one recognized by esotericists; it corresponds also to theRays, 197:imposed upon the candidate. This truth is recognized, though not truly interpreted, by the MasonicRays, 212:This is diversity in unity, consciously recognized [213] and utilized. A group is not composed ofRays, 226:life of form and the soul. Duality is no longer recognized. The stage of identification with theRays, 291:value to the disciple in training lies in the recognized and considered relationships. These rulesRays, 298:else. The practical nature of this truth is only recognized when the disciple attempts to do twoRays, 314:of centralization, is definitely and finally recognized. Students would do well to bear in mindRays, 316:an act of the will and because even the soul is recognized as a limitation by that which is neitherRays, 326:or levels of consciousness which had to be recognized: The three worlds of human evolution. TheRays, 360:upon and within the seven planes of our recognized planetary life is entirely conditioned by theRays, 365:apparent, where a joint goal will be unitedly recognized, where essential unity under diversity ofRays, 367:its seven centers, of which only three are yet recognized by the occult student: Shamballa, HisRays, 368:New Group of World Servers is organized and is recognized as a living organism, it will definitelyRays, 380:in mind, the whole hierarchical theme will be recognized and correctly interpreted by you. ThereRays, 398:of new and powerful energies, for it must be recognized that these energies reach us along PathsRays, 415:disciple. 5. This Sirian influence was not recognized, and little of it was definitely focused inRays, 417:conflict in far distant ages and which has been recognized in the present through the results ofRays, 418:divine attributes are realized as existing and recognized as aspects, it is not possible for theRays, 419:and out of manifested expression. It should be recognized that each ray Lord, whilst following HisRays, 433:subtler planes, must be correctly registered, recognized and interpreted simultaneously upon theRays, 447:and obedience to the Plan (which begins to be recognized as soon as the intuition and the mind areRays, 452:[452] These two energy factors, which are recognized by the human being as knowledge and life, orRays, 454:embody past and present experience and are so recognized by the aspirant. It is only upon the PathRays, 458:and of creativity - are being focused, recognized as energy streams, and utilized deliberately byRays, 462:to hundreds of thousands of people today. Its recognized appearance will later set the stage forRays, 468:which are dually motivated are seen and recognized as only the lower expression of the three divineRays, 470:at when the distinction is sharply defined and recognized between the integrated and potentRays, 470:truism to state that the aspirant is to be recognized by or triplicity; the disciple by orRays, 470:recognized by or triplicity; the disciple by or recognized duality and the initiate by or unity.Rays, 493:the higher levels of consciousness and he is recognized as "a point of invocative tension." ThisRays, 521:but the religion which He founded has never recognized this fact or considered what lay beyondRays, 536:Character is of major importance - of such recognized importance that it is not necessary to dwellRays, 550:in those energies - which have not hitherto been recognized. This creative crisis has been madeRays, 559:fifth root-race, only a small part of it being recognized as Aryan; the latter is simply a modernRays, 560:integrated personalities was for the first time recognized, and humanly recognized. Such anRays, 560:was for the first time recognized, and humanly recognized. Such an integration must ever precedeRays, 574:being upon the mental plane a widespread and recognized relation between the soul and the mind.Rays, 574:related and enter eventually into a conscious, recognized [575] on the astral plane; itRays, 601:control or connection. Progressive and recognized fusions have taken place as one initiation afterRays, 619:of Conflict in producing liberation is generally recognized. Thus the hearts of men, the heart ofRays, 622:and of right human relations, will some day be recognized as the true heroes. The factor that mustRays, 628:lifted on to the ideological level, and until a recognized idealism begins to sway the French mindRays, 639:the masses on the emotional plane. Through His recognized physical Presence upon Earth. CertainRays, 646:its manifestation; here I mean from the angle of recognized manifestation - and such is the case atRays, 665:underlying the phenomenal world (the only world recognized by the Lemurians) and - at the same timeRays, 667:is not yet the case. The relationships hitherto recognized, speaking generally, [668] have beenRays, 668:new relationships however, to be increasingly recognized, are subjective and may have but littleRays, 677:certain energies and divine aspects should be recognized by him as now playing a part in hisRays, 682:is determined; also national glamor is well recognized by onlookers, though seldom yet by theRays, 683:three aspects of evolutionary unfoldment must be recognized by every aspirant; their existenceRays, 708:way with greater clarity. Their wisdom will be recognized as well as their compassion, but theyRays, 710:higher spiritual energies have hitherto been recognized by him through their effects; now he has toRays, 737:final initiation, the Great Lodge on Sirius has recognized Him, and with the Black Lodge of AdeptsRays, 743:by them in orthodox (so-called) terms or in recognized or spiritual terms. Perhaps a clearRays, 751:The majority of the existent cleavages are now recognized; the delay comes in the task of bridgingReappearance, 10:of Avatars The Avatars most easily known and recognized are the Buddha in the East and the ChristReappearance, 17:and the Sadducees were not the ones who recognized Him when He came before. They feared Him. And itReappearance, 20:light. Countless millions down the ages have recognized the Buddha as the Light Bearer from onReappearance, 24:synchronization led to a basic decision, must be recognized by us. It is not easy for the averageReappearance, 24:one and has, also, the benefit of the many recognized translations and a precise science. We areReappearance, 30:of promise if the reappearance of the Christ is recognized and preparation for His coming isReappearance, 31:time of the Full Moon of June, 1945, which is recognized as the Full Moon of the Christ, just asReappearance, 32:of human responsibility in order that the recognized evils of today - which so distress and [33]Reappearance, 33:helpful. A new type of mystic is coming to be recognized; he differs from the mystics of the pastReappearance, 36:inclusive than His created world, is universally recognized and has been generally emphasized; allReappearance, 46:is the physical Presence upon our planet of such recognized spiritual figures as the Lord of theReappearance, 51:Christ. On this innate divinity, upon this recognized [52] Sonship, is the brotherhood of all menReappearance, 53:been known in the Father's House; it had been recognized and adapted to world need by the SpiritualReappearance, 74:and the inevitability of His activity will be recognized. His work will demonstrate in two ways -Reappearance, 79:very apt to overlook the fact that though Christ recognized His function as Teacher and spiritualReappearance, 79:which is so rapidly drawing to a close, He also recognized the work which He would do when that ageReappearance, 88:coming work of Christ, the three divine aspects, recognized by all the world religions (includingReappearance, 94:(through understanding and intent) towards a recognized and desired end, overcoming all obstaclesReappearance, 103:of reality (at any given time), and what recognized divine truth has in it the seeds of a livingReappearance, 105:proven; they are, however, known and recognized as truths today by such countless millions and byReappearance, 112:to be regarded as the only sin, for it will be recognized that all the sins - as listed and nowReappearance, 115:it helpful to reflect upon what are the factors recognized in submission and acquiescence. InReappearance, 121:be restored, the ancient landmarks will again be recognized - those landmarks which Masonry has soReappearance, 153:and interpretation. Yet the churches have ever recognized this and the Bible has testified to it.Reappearance, 155:Hierarchy, which He guides and directs, will be recognized and the nature of God's love will beReappearance, 155:spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognized. On this Festival for two thousand yearsReappearance, 156:will constitute lesser festivals but will be recognized to be also of vital importance. They willReappearance, 157:on the basis of the fundamental truth already recognized the new world religion will be built. TheReappearance, 163:come; then the Kingdom of God will be publicly recognized and will no longer be a thing of dreamsReappearance, 163:be different? You may ask why would He not be recognized? Because men's eyes are blinded with theReappearance, 170:activity upon the physical plane. They are not recognized for what They are, but They go about theReappearance, 184:of brotherhood. The unity of the human family is recognized by man, but before that unity can takeSoul, 18:truths will stand: old misconceptions may be recognized as misleading, but reality will radiateSoul, 50:effects, both physical and psychical, are well recognized and much studied, and this study, largelySoul, 60:Thus it can be argued from the above that Newton recognized the facts of the etheric body,Soul, 93:value also. The danger of this science is well recognized by those who know anything about it. ItSoul, 105:which they describe, though the heart is also recognized as a seat of the Jivatma, or embodiedSoul, 143:the results may have a basis in the fact, now recognized by science, that light is matter, andSoul, 152:love, wisdom and intelligence. Science has even recognized this ultimate possibility and noted thatSoul, 157:not premature the outcome is along the line of recognized creative work, literature, the drama,Telepathy, 4:idea or some new revelation of truth is suddenly recognized by many and finds expressionTelepathy, 5:unity of thought which is powerful enough to be recognized by the brain. Here we have a law
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